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Kick Start


Episode 1
June 9, 2007 (8pm, SBS)

Broke and unemployed, performer Miki takes refuge with her parents, Takis and Dora, on working-class Hope Street. Wannabe entrepreneur Hoa is planning a karaoke spectacular. Uni student Layla fences against Jackie and it's love at first sight. Teenagers Tatiana and Taghred try to enlist Ozzie's help in getting to the soccer trials. Finally, after the police visit Miki's house, her no-nonsense mother, Dora, forces Miki to apply for a job as a receptionist with the local GP, conservative, 30-something Joe. Neither Joe nor Miki seriously think Miki can do the job but there's a spark between them and she gets it.

With: Jim Koutsoukos as Police Officer, Katherine Tonkin as Police Officer #2, Katherine Boyles as Layla Fencing Double, Alison Lancaster as Jackie Fencing Double

You Can't Stop The Music


Episode 2
June 16, 2007

Miki's receptionist style proves too eccentric for Dr Joe, and he replaces her. She's devastated. Tatiana's prospects at the soccer trials are ruined by Osama's angry reaction to racist taunts. So, with Miki as manager, Tatiana forms her own soccer team — the Hoperoos. Layla reluctantly breaks a date with Jackie. Snatching triumph from the jaws of disaster, Hoa stages his karaoke spectacular in Hope Street park. Layla and Amen perform a dance routine and Tatiana, Taghred and Suong sing but Miki is the headline act. Impressed, Joe decides Miki is the receptionist he needs.

With: Irini Pappas as Mrs Stamboulakis, Jim Koutsoukos as Police Officer, Katherine Tonkin as Police Officer #2, Jenny Schwinghammer as Demi, Gemma Purdy as Jet Girl, Esben Storm as Jeff Abbott, Verity Charlton as Chantelle, Majid Shokor as Iraqi Man, Francisco Dos Santos as Kofi Tengende, Ben Schumann as Marco, Remzi Dermele as Issiaka Tengende

Note: series creator / producer / director Esben Storm appears as the soccer referee

I Feel A Tingle


Episode 3
June 23, 2007

Miki wants to land the part of a hooker in a TV commercial. Plus, she's holding down her receptionist job and organising the Hoperoos. Joe is fed up with Miki's unreliability, and Jan's home renovation obsession and her disinterest in sex its driving him to therapy. Meanwhile, Layla goes deeper into Jackie's world and Ozzie's frustration with his mother is resolved. Tatiana's loyalty to soccer is challenged when she's offered a gig as lead singer of Dead Fish, while Hoa believes he's on to a sure thing with talented young chef, Jana. Finally Miki gets offended by the commercial director's ethnic stereotyping and storms out of her audition.

With: Ben Schumann as Marco, John Orcsik as Bokor, Kristyna Hessova as Jana, Stig Wemyss as Music Teacher, Craig Stott as Kris, Jim Daly as Lorenzo, Jenny Loncaric as Fencing Coach, Gary Files as Dennis Ruddock, Paul Jon Pontian as Junkie, Robynne Kelly as Trish, Louise Spargo as Paula, Abby Meates as Gorgeous Actor, Lou Mitchell as Casting Director, Simon Maiden as Commercials Director, Katherine Boyles as Layla Fencing Double, Alison Lancaster as Jackie Fencing Double



Episode 4
June 30, 2007

Miki's tirade against the TV director attracts the interest of handsome, suave, Nico. Joe however, unamused by Mikis work attitude, fires her again. Layla is torn between Sharif, her fiancé, and Jackie. Hoas plans to makeover an old-fashioned restaurant are ruined by the drunken Jana but he and Lien end up having an evening out together. Tatiana has doubts about the Dead Fish music but it's ultimately Osama who steers her back to soccer. Nico makes Miki an offer she can't refuse and, undaunted by being fired, she hatches a strategy to re-ingratiate herself with Joe.

With: Deidre Rubenstein as Reva Feinmann, Ben Schumann as Marco, Kerry Walker as Mrs Ertgun, Kristyna Hessova as Jana, Jim Daly as Lorenzo, Craig Stott as Kris, Heidi Arena as Miki's Agent

Note: the camera crew can be seen in the reflection of the rear passenger side window of Miki's car when she pulls away from the train crossing

Get It While You Can


Episode 5
July 07, 2007

Anxious to prove to Joe that she has an active sex life, Miki sets up a date with Nico. Joe retaliates by arranging an evening out with Jan. Hoa ignores Lien and Suong's warnings about his business partnership with shifty Amen, and Tatiana rebels when she's undemocratically appointed captain of the Hoperoos by her father. Layla and Jackie are frustrated in their attempts to be alone together, and Ozzie is arrested on an underage driving charge. Miki pretends to Joe that she and Nico enjoyed a night of passion. Joe, whose sex-life with Jan is non-existent, is very jealous. Then Joe is thrilled to discovers what really happened, or didn't happen, between Nico and Miki.

With: Ben Schumann as Marco, Remzi Dermele as Issiaka Tengende, Kerry Walker as Mrs Ertegun, Margaret Mills as Lecturer, Jim Koutsoukos as Police Officer, Katherine Tonkin as Police Officer #2, Travis Cotton as John, Danny Ball as Tone Paciullo, Bruno Stepnell as Al Paciullo

Love The One You're With


Episode 6
July 14, 2007

There's big time chemistry between Miki and Ravi — Joe's tearaway younger brother. Joe is irked and jealous and refuses to attend a party which Ravi has arranged in the Mangeshkar backyard. Jackie meets the Salim family, and Layla is terrified her cover will be blown. When Hoas plans are appropriated by a crooked businessman, he thinks Amen has betrayed him. Tatiana tries to form a breakaway soccer team but, with Ozzie's help, the Hoperoos are reunited. After the wild party, Joe is certain that Miki and Ravi have had a one-night-stand. Miki isn't telling. She's shocked to find out that Ravi is expecting his sixth child.

With: Craig Meneaud as Ravi Mangeshkar, Ben Schuman as Marco, Remzi Dermele as Issiaka Tengende, Francisco Dos Santos as Kofi Tengende, Jenny Loncaric as Fencing Coach, Rebecca Asha as Real Estate Receptionist, Tony Nikoloapoulos as Hakim

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