It's a Date: episode guide

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Do Set-Up Dates Work?


Episode 2.01
Thu, October 16, 2014
621,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Peter Helliar and Celia Pacquola
Directed by Peter Helliar

Single mum Jen is unimpressed when her set-up date turns out to be the much older, voucher-loving Graham. But, despite his age, it just may be that Graham can offer Jen exactly what she needs.

Meanwhile, after being roped into an on-air dating gag, assistant radio producer Cynthia offhandedly chooses agreeable pastry delivery guy George to be her date. Dismissing any chance of a connection, Cynthia is surprised when George offers her something real.

Starring: Kat Stewart as Jen, Roy Billing as Graham, Celia Pacquola as Cynthia, Matt Okine as George

With: Lisa McCune as Em, Peter Helliar as Greg, Lawrence Mooney as The Pig, Tommy Little as Simon, Denise Scott as Gwen, Ted Wilson as Restaurant Waiter, Geraldine Hickey as Beth, Rebecca Jo Hanbury as Twattsie, Tommy Dassalo as Mraz Far, John Wonnacott as Newspaper Man, Hayman Kent as Female Thunder FM Employee, Liz Perry as Newspaper Woman, Natalie Medlock as Karen, Rohan Mirchandaney as Male Thunder FM Employee, Bobby Fox as Darren, Annabella Dickson as Belly Dancer, Dean Wilson as Male Stripper, Shane Luther as John

Note: we saw Lisa McCune and Peter Helliar on a date in episode 1.1 while the radio crew appeared variously in eps 1.02 and 1.07

Is It Ok To Date A Friend's Ex?


Episode 2.02
Thu, October 23, 2014
506,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Lawrence Mooney
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Declan receives the go ahead from Hungarian Dracula performer Roland to date his ex-lover Tess. But Declan is faced with the prospect that it might not be over between them when Roland's true intentions are publicly revealed.

Elsewhere, Sue pretends to have Gin's blessing when she asks out Kane, but is left questioning his sexuality and her own sense of loyalty when a date to the cinema proves all too revealing.

Starring: Rove McManus as Declan, Adrienne Pickering as Tess, Shaun Micallef as Roland, Veronica Milsom as Sue, Dan Wyllie as Kane

With: Jess Harris as Virginia, Dion Mills as Johann, Justin Kennedy as Ghoul, Idelson Mabjaia as Cinema Bartender, Shane Nagle as Man in denim shorts, Anthony Guilbert as Doctor, Alain Mus as Jean Claude, Heather Christie as Older Lady, Tristan Barr as Toby, Alan Claridge as Toby's Dad, Gail Miller as Toby's Mum, John Van Putten as Tennis Club Manager

What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen On A Date?


Episode 2.03
Thu, October 30, 2014
464,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Peter Helliar and Phil Lloyd
Directed by Erin White

Physiotherapist Amy finally agrees to date her client Brad. But after a less than fulfilling dinner date, Brad's hunger-fuelled antics get him into a disastrously "shitty" position.

Meanwhile, for their one-year anniversary, Manda books a camping trip for her and her reluctant, indoor, lego-loving boyfriend Winston. But when the ridiculously good-looking ranger is hired to guide them, things go from bad to worse.

Starring: Emily Taheny as Manda, Ronny Chieng as Winston, Phil Lloyd as Brad, Justine Clarke as Amy

With: Ryan O'Kane as Ranger Tom, Peter Helliar as Greg, Mel Buttle as Mon, Richard Askin as Mourner, Ray Martin as Himself, Andrew Broadbent as Hungry Guy 2, Suzy Cato as Aunty Joan, Oliver Clark as Gustav, Naomi Rukavina as Physio, Mike Frencham as Hungry Guy 1, Oscar Helliar as Kid, Yang Li as Cleaner, Kim King as Mum (Service Station), Dinesh Mathew as Convenience Store Clerk, Miles O'Neil as Hunter 2, Nicholas Phillips as Camping Store Staff, Broden Kelly as Hunter 1, Keir Saltmarsh as Hungry Guy 3

Note: Manda and Winston first appeared in episode 1.05

How Much Research Should You Do Before Dating?


Episode 2.04
Thu, November 06, 2014
451,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Peter Helliar, Magda Szubanski and Ryan Shelton
Directed by Erin White

Desperate for a child, but lacking the means, Mary-Angela spots an opportunity when she runs into old crush Rory. Despite appearing washed up and wasting his life stripping, Mary-Angela suspects there's more to his story than meets the eye.

Across town, Juzzy caves in on his plan to avoid the world of Facebook dating when a blonde bombshell asks him out online. But when pizza delivery girl and childhood neighbour Abby unexpectedly shows up, it might just be that old-fashioned romance is sitting right under his nose.

Starring: Magda Szubanski as Mary-Angela, Lachy Hulme as Rory, Tegan Higginbotham as Abby, Steen Raskopoulos as Juzzy

With: Jade Albany as Katie, Ben Schumann as Tonka, Peta Brady as Max, Priscilla Bonnet as The Hen, George Kapiniaris as Tony, Joe Petruzzi as Policeman, Ben Chisholm as Policeman, Vivienne Gorman as Mother Hen, Akira Bradley as Japanese Businessman, Kentaro Hara as Japanese Businessman, Amanda Simons as Bridesmaid, Emily Taylor as Tash, Dean Wilson as Stefan The Stud, Liam Helliar as Beach Boy, Joshua Gallea as Injured Waiter, Christian Simon as Beach Dad, Jennifer Lopresi as Young Woman

Should You Date Outside Your Comfort Zone?


Episode 2.05
Thu, November 13, 2014
512,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Ryan Shelton
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Suspecting her husband has secretly joined a swingers' club, Jocelyn dupes her promotion-hopeful employee, Craig, into a plan to catch him in the act.

Meanwhile, Paulina's revealing secret threatens to upset her first conjugal visit with Ray.

Starring: Susie Porter as Jocelyn, Rhys Darby as Craig, Tasma Walton as Paulina, Sam Simmons as Ray

With: Francis Greenslade as Guard, Dave Eastgate as Nick, Ian Bliss as Alan, Heidi Arena as Antoinette, Damian Callinan as Clive, Belinda Reid as Female Guard, Adam Morgan as Kenny Dodsworthy, Maureen Andrew as Carmel, Richard Bligh as Bald Man, Janine Dozzi as Swinger 1, Shane Mohan as Swinger 2

Should You Date On Impulse?


Episode 2.06
Thu, November 20, 2014
Ratings: ? (<20th)
Written by Peter Helliar, Luke McGregor and Eddie Perfect
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Aspiring graphic novelist Joanne takes a chance on saviour Terry, only later to discover that her hero wears a disguise.

Meanwhile, a seemingly spontaneous date leads Jeremy and Swedish backpacker Freja on a rescue mission to find Jeremy's dog. But both get a taste of their own medicine when a case of double-deception leaves them exposed.

Starring: Jimeoin as Terry, Deborah Mailman as Joanne, Eddie Perfect as Jeremy, Amber Clayton as Freja

With: Stephen Clements as MC, Anthony Lehmann as Flasher, Alicia Beckhurst as Renee, Scott Edgar as Busker, Martin Blum as Andrew Gacke, Petra Glieson as Nurse, Matthew King as Keith, Sum Park as Minsuh, Nakyung Kim as Jiwoo, Madeleine Dyer as Megan, John Holdsworth as Guy in Lionel Messi Strip

Should You Re-connect With An Old Flame?


Episode 2.07
Thu, November 27, 2014
Ratings: ? (<20th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Roz Hammond
Directed by Peter Helliar

When one-time music video star and novelty candle maker Sharna is talked into making a booty call, she finds herself rekindling with her ageing cover-band rocker ex, Harry. But when she helps steer his career toward original compositions, Sharna soon realises that Harry can't quite get his head out of the covers.

Meanwhile, Lizzie is surprised when her estranged ex-flame Matt shows up transformed as the peace-loving monk 'Arjuna'. Though she is convinced he's hiding something, nothing can prepare her when the elephant in the room is revealed.

Starring: Bridie Carter as Sharna, Vince Colosimo as Harry, Aaron Pedersen as Matt, Roz Hammond as Lizzie

With: Brian Nanlervis as Ronnie, Adam Rozenbachs as Nick, Brian Mannix as Trevy, Caitlin Adams as Beccy, James Saunders as Ross, Laura McIntosh as Amy, Marita Wilcox as Toula, Alexia Brinsley as Sandy, Simon Burton as Older Man

Should You Take A Date To A Wedding?


Episode 2.08
Thu, December 04, 2014
Ratings: ? (<20th)
Written by Peter Helliar and Steven Gates
Directed by Peter Helliar

Siblings Mark and Natalie are forced to go out on a limb when they make a deal with each other to bring a date to their brother's wedding. But when newly outed Mark courageously asks nursing home receptionist Tom along, he is given a lesson or two on the etiquette of first dates.

Meanwhile, Natalie's date with left-wing activist Nathan takes a turn for the worse when his secret agenda reveals he is not quite who she thinks he is.

Starring: Tom Ballard as Mark, Joel Creasey as Tom, Malorie O'Neill as Natalie, Toby Wallace as Nathan

With: HaiHa Le as Ava, Dylan Watson as Dean, Ron Jacobson as Doug, Peter hardy as Bruce, Susie Dee as Maureen, Mei Fang as Mia's Mum, Ferdinand Hoang as Charlie, Iris Pang as Shu, Stuart Daulman as Jacob, Robert Pham as James, Peter Rowley as Uncle Roy, Josephine Eberhard as Celebrant, Lina Cao as Donna, Charlotte Fox as Jess