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When Should You Abandon a Date?


Episode 1.01
Thu, August 15, 2013 (ABC1, 9:00)
Ratings: 877,000 viewers (9th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Phil Lloyd
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Things go awry for Em and Greg when her sexual forwardness is not matched by his receptiveness.

Patrick's attempts to engineer a proposal to girlfriend Jasmine at a mini-golf course go wrong when he runs over a neighbour's rabbit.

Starring: Lisa McCune as Em, Peter Helliar as Greg, Dave Lawson as Patrick, Poh Ling Yeow as Jasmine

With: Brendan Bacon as Window Washer, HaiHa Le as Ava, Dennis Coard as Neil, Debra Lawrence as Bron, Linda Chin as Lian, Sarah Roberts as Mexigogos Waitress, Peter Noble as Toothy Man, Michael Workman as Benji, Malorie O'Neil as Natalie

Note: be sure to listen to Peter Helliar's excellent podcast for the series

How Important Is Honesty on a First Date?


Episode 1.02
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Ratings: 773,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Ryan Shelton
Directed by Peter Helliar

Radio producer Imogen is shocked to find Kevin, the African American windsurfer she has been getting to know on the internet, is actually a socially awkward redhead. Will Kevin's dishonesty ruin any chance of continuing the connection they have shared on-line?

Twice-married Gwen gets matched up with the twice-divorced Rex, a primary school principal. Gwen decides that she and Rex should be one hundred percent honest with each other about their past. Will too much honesty too early help or hinder a date?

Starring: Denise Scott as Gwen, John Wood as Rex, Sibylla Budd as Imogen, Luke McGregor as Kevin

With: Brent Hill as Sazzario's Waiter, Alec Gilbert as Maitre D, Ed Kavalee as Brent, Dilruk Jayasinha as Man, Cal Wilson as Narelle, Jason Geary as Woody, Lewis Boyle as James, Paula Gardner as Milly, Ferdinand Hoang as Charlie, Celia Pacquola as Cynthia [uncredited]

Note: this was the first episode written for the series

How Important Is a Sense of Humour on a Date?


Episode 1.03
Thursday, August 29, 2013
Ratings: 744,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Justin Hamilton
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Verity's boss, Jason, springs a surprise that fails to create the impression he was hoping for.

Student Richard hosts a dinner for two with his crush, Lucy. It could be the perfect night if only his family don't interfere.

Starring: Asher Keddie as Verity, Stephen Curry as Jason, Louis Corbett as Richard, Eva Lazzaro as Lucy

With: Harley Breen as MC #1, Anthony Lehman as MC #2, Anne Edmonds as Gab, Zach Sengstock as Young Stand Up, Ross Buchanan as Punter, Wil Anderson as Himself, Adam Rozenbachs as Stand Up Comedian, Nikki Coghill as Pauline, Ash Williams as Brendan, Francesca Bianchi as Pip, Andrew Bayly as Pat, Gloria Ajenstat as Jan, Sam Howard as Jordan, Paul Herbert as Tapas Waiter

Do Opposites Attract?


Episode 1.04
Thursday, September 05, 2013
Ratings: 722,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Kate Langbroek
Directed by Jonathan Brough

A chance meeting following an incident on a bus allows country girl and massage entrepreneur Jessica to spend some time with Sri Lankan Muslim and IT guru Ashraf. They discover they have much more in common than they would ever have guessed after Ashraf invites Jessica into his family home.

Meanwhile, happy-go-lucky Zara, a nurse, and Eve, a strong minded barista, struggle to find common ground after their gym junkie mate sets them up on a blind date. A surprising admission may lead to the connection they've been hoping for.

Starring: Nazeem Hussain as Ashraf, Kate McLennan as Jessica, Kate Ritchie as Zara, Nadine Garner as Eve

With: Ellis Ebell as Anishka, Kane Felsinger as Saabir, Sonya Suares as Raaida, Rathna Gurusinghe as Babi, Sacha Joseph as Mala, Beverley Killick as Bus Driver, Tim Potter as Errol, Meg Spencer as Girl, Hanah Scott as Girl, Cindy Waddingham as Mel, Jehan Ratnatunga and Sanushka Ranasinghe as Kandi Boys

Should You Date on the Rebound?


Episode 1.05
Thursday, September 12, 2013
Ratings: 584,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Peter Helliar, Tony Moclair & Steve Gates
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Single father Hugo reluctantly agrees to a blind date with his sister's nanny, the carefree and breezy Camilla.

Shopping centre workers Winston and Manda may or may not be ready to move on from their previous relationships.

Starring: Pia Miranda as Camilla, Shane Jacobson as Hugo, Emily Taheny as Manda, Ronny Chieng as Winston

With: Dave Quirk as DJ Biz EE / Dr Slee-Z, Sheena Geary as Margo, Joshua Shipton as Annoying Child, Own Wahrenberger as Biff, Eve Von Bibra as Karen, Christopher Brown as Royce, Courtney Banks-Smith as Mercedes, Slavko Zwirn as Bouncer, Wilhelmina Stracke as Woman, Vish Vadivelu as Massage Man, Billy Loh as Ken, Iain Pirret as Raffle Man, Steve Gates as Brett, Laura Hughes as Charlize, Sharon Davis as Female Worker, Gary Adams as Elderly Customer

How Much Do First Impressions Count?


Episode 1.06
Thursday, September 19, 2013
Ratings: na (<20th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Jess Harris
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Wallflower Vicky finally lands a date with her work crush, the extremely confident Ben. Health fanatic Virginia takes a chance with an extrovert and life of the party, Kane.

Starring: Jess Harris as Virginia, Dan Wyllie as Kane, Sophie Lowe as Vicky, Ryan Shelton as Ben

With: Whitney Boyd as Penny, Dom Phelan as Dino, Jimmy Eaton as Man in the street, Michelle Nussey as Jane, Tim Bell as Ned, Oliver Cole as Hip Waiter, Angus Gibbs as Hipster Man

Note: this episode's original casting featured comedians Claudia O'Doherty and Sam Simmins in roles later taken on by Sophie Lowe and Dan Wyllie

Should You Have Sex on a First Date?


Episode 1.07
Thursday, September 26, 2013
Ratings: 522,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Peter Helliar & Lawrence Mooney
Directed by Peter Helliar

Radio jock The Pig gets a shock when he meets a young fan; and octogenarian Josie offers fellow retirement home resident Doug an unexpected proposition.

Starring: Lawrence Mooney as The Pig, Sally-Ann Upton as Brenda, Sophie Cusworth as Sam, Jackie Kelleher as Josie, Ron Jacobson as Doug

With: Joel Creasey as Tom, Terry Gill as Stan, Brenda Palmer as Mona, Joy Westmore as June, Olivia Nyman as Olivia, Anny Nyman as Ally, Rebecca Jo Hanbury as Twattsie, Tommy Little as Simon, Sibylla Budd as Imogen, Taylor Ferguson as Servo Girl, Sancia Robinson as Rachel

Notes: this episode's timeline meshes with that of episode 2 with appearances by both John Wood and Sybilla Budd. Also, near the end of the episode, when The Pig is on stage with the short microphone, you can see a sandwich board on the stage advertising a (cancelled) appearance by comedian Wheels McGee, an episode 3 reference. The two girls at the end of the episode are the nieces of series creator Peter Helliar.

Does Age Matter?


Episode 1.08
Thursday, October 03, 2013
Ratings: 498,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Peter Helliar, Tony Moclair & Ross Noble
Michael and Alison story by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Idealistic med student Alison tries to keep her expectations in check when her mum lets slip that her boyfriend, fellow med student Michael, popped by during the week to seek permission to marry her. A dramatic twist in the night demands Alison adjusts her expectations.

Meanwhile, in a country town, Englishman and smooth talker John finds Don, a much older widower, on gay app Grindr in a bowling alley. Will their age spoil any chance they have of anything meaningful?

Starring: Ross Noble as John, Ian Smith as Don, Heidi Valkenburg as Alison, Peter Rowsthorn as Michael

With: Emma Powell as Diner Waitress, Greg Pandelides as Taxi Driver, Patricia Pitney as Alsion's Mum, Shane McNamara as Alison's Dad, Rik Brown as Alfonso, Antonio Baxevanides as Old Alfonso, Donna Pope as Kate