Executive Producer: Amanda Higgs
Producers: David Fedirchuk, Rob Macdonald
Writer: Josh Mapleston
Directed by: Rob Macdonald

Aired: May - June 2010 (ABC2)

An eight-part, half-hour, drama/comedy about an indie rock band trying to make it big on the Australian music scene. The tightly plotted stories abound in sex, lies and loads of great original pub rock before culminating in an outrageous climax. Leader of the band and the series' central character, Nash Taylor is an engaging mix of swagger and arrogance hiding a nerdish vulnerability as he attempts to claw his way to the top of the rock & roll heap.
Josh MaplestonNash Taylor
Mark PoundJasper Taylor
Ashley FitzgeraldComet
Alison BellJane Humphries
Jeremy KeastLuke Miller
Pat OmmundsonVal Dracar
Kate ShermanCara Killjoy

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