I Rock: episode guide

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


Episode 1.01
Monday, May 03, 2010 (9pm, ABC2)
Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Rob Macdonald

This eight-part, half-hour, dramatic-comedy series charts the path of struggling indie rock outfit, Boy Crazy Stacey (BCS), a band trying to take over the world… one disaster at a time.

Frontman Nash Taylor is a swaggering wannabe rock god desperately trying to hide his inner nerd. Armed with big ambitions and even bigger insecurities, Nash loves being part of the uber-hip indie music scene, even if it doesn't always love him back.

Like every musician, Nash dreams big but it's the lifestyle, the feeling of belonging and self-worth that comes from being part of a community of 'cool' which drives him. Now, after too many supports and not enough headliners, it's time to take the band to the next level. But with no money, no label and his do-gooder younger brother managing the band, Nash has his work cut out for him. And he's soon about to suffer a blow that may undo all his grand schemes… Nash Taylor is about to fall in love…

Tonight, Nash develops a big crush on super-cute bass player, Comet, and asks her to join his band. Problem is, he's already got a bass player — his little brother Jasper.
Meanwhile, Nash's ex-girlfriend Jane writes a less than flattering review of Boy Crazy Stacey and Nash's angst is compounded when lead guitarist Val sleeps with Jane.

With: Tim Rogers as Himself, Ashlee McMillan as Hannah, Anna Martin as Melody, Matt Minto as Jarrod

The Clash


Episode 1.02
Monday, May 10, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston & David Fedirchuk
Directed by Rob Macdonald

Wannabe rock god, Nash Taylor, enters his band, Boy Crazy Stacey, in a local band competition, with a spot at the Splendour in the Grass festival up for grabs. Also vying for a festival spot are Cara's electro-pop band, The Little Ponies, and folk duo Akimbo — Nash's former guitarist Val and Nash's ex-girlfriend Jane. Everyone is annoyed with Nash — Boy Crazy Stacey entered the comp unsuccessfully two years ago and he should really be giving the newer bands a chance.But with Val and Jane in a relationship and Comet falling for Cara, Nash isn't listening to anyone.After Jane uses her contacts to get BCS disqualified for submitting an old song, Nash is forced to come up with a new track.His severe case of writer's block is only cured when he drunkenly overhears Jasper playing a song, then rips it off, though he's convinced it's his own work.Not wanting to humiliate his big brother, Jasper stays quiet about the theft.When all three bands get through to the final performance round, Jasper is forced to admit that the new song was stolen not once but twice — he ripped it off a Laura Imbruglia track — and Laura's there as a judge!

With: Laura Imbruglia as herself; Scott Dooley as himself; Tom Richards, Rupert Perry and Jack Freeman as The Wanton Boys; Debra Ades as Abigail; Ashlee McMillan as Hannah; Anna Martin as Melody

Highway To Hell


Episode 1.03
Monday, May 17, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston & Rob Macdonald
Directed by Rob Macdonald

When a former high school classmate of Nash's, Todd, offers Boy Crazy Stacey a gig at a relatively unknown festival, the Resurrocktion, Nash grabs the chance with both hands, only to find on the day that it's a Christian event.

After being given inspiration from a most unlikely source, Nash decides he's going to teach these goody-goodies a thing or two about the Devil's music. First, however, Nash needs to convince the punters to come see Boy Crazy Stacey rather than the religious Iona Passion Play, and Nash's people skills have never been his strong point. The ever-charming Comet comes to Nash's aid, but their bonding time is spoiled by the arrival of Todd who claims he wants to help out. Only when fans of Todd's Christian supergroup Goodspeed start to swarm do his motivations seem a little suspect — he seems intent on overshadowing Nash rather than spreading the good word about Boy Crazy Stacey.

Meanwhile, BCS drummer, Luke's quest to deflower virgins takes a detour when he picks up ex-alcoholic born-again, Michelle. And Nash's brother, Jasper encounters some less than liberal opinions from Goodspeed bass-player Clint and subsequently urges Nash not to play any offensive songs onstage for fear of turning the audience. Nash is forced to choose between the safe path of popularity and the Highway to Hell.

With: Alexander Manojlovic as Todd, Justin Cotta as Cool Minister, Brett Dowson as Clint, Kate Hankin as Michelle, Natasha Bassett as Timpani, Megan Reilly as Terahna, Nicholas McKenzie as Ethan, Thomas Macken as Burning Bush Fan, Auusta Miller as Jacinta, Lloyd Harvey as Brad

Band On The Run


Episode 1.04
Monday, May 24, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Rob Macdonald

No band is complete without a music video and being the control freak that he is, Nash decides to direct and star in a clip for the Boy Crazy Stacey track 'Catch and Kiss'. It's a fairly literal interpretation, featuring the boys chasing Comet through various city locations until, surprise surprise, Nash catches her… and kisses her. Luke and Cara think the whole exercise is dodgy on many levels but decide to go along with it.

On the day of the shoot, it turns out Jasper has asked Val to be the cinematographer, much to Nash's dismay. But Nash should be more worried about his running style, which is the most uncoordinated thing anyone has ever seen. Wanting to spare big brother any humiliation, Jasper urges everyone not to mention it.

The clip hits another speed-bump when Jane shows up with an MTV crew; apparently Akimbo has an interview to do. His thunder completely stolen, Nash is furious with Jane and Val but in an awkward encounter involving a sex tape, he makes a rare show of nobility. With Comet suddenly more eager to kiss him, Nash seems certain to make it to first base until his 'film set' gets a few unexpected visitors — Cara and her Roller-Derby team.

With: Maz Compton as herself, Richard Kingsmill as himself, Cassette Kids (Katerina Noorbergen, Daniel Schober, Daniel Deitz, Jacob Read-Harber), David Fedirchuk as X, Augusta Miller as Jacinta, Tom Oakley as Kyle, Martin Hankin as Detective Banks, Rob Macdonald as Detective Freeman

Fun House


Episode 1.05
Monday, May 31, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston & David Fedirchuk
Directed by Rob Macdonald

Boy Crazy Stacey winds up supporting next-big-thing Akimbo, but Nash manages to turn his case of sour grapes into a great gig.

Boy Crazy Stacey is approached by an erratic, aging rocker, Andy Bang, who talks up his independent record label. Everyone's a bit dubious but Andy lures the band back to his studio with the offer of some cheeky substance abuse. To the surprise of all, Andy's studio is amazing and it's not long before high-as-a-kite Nash promises to sign on the dotted line.

Heading back to the hotel to continue partying, Nash faces one major problem — he still has to convince the rest of the band. Comet seems keen as the drugs bring her and Nash closer than ever, but Luke's more concerned with getting smashed than record deals. BCS's conscientious manager Jasper, abstaining from the drug-taking, doesn't trust Andy at all.

Meanwhile, Jane and Val, who suffered through a mediocre headline gig, have mixed feelings about BCS's imminent record deal. Jane's old feelings for Nash are stirred up, and she offers to help him find the right label. That makes Val jealous as hell and keen on payback. Finally, Nash realises there's only one way to get Jasper to sign the contract… he needs to get him wasted.

With: Peter Kowitz as Andy Bang, Andy McPhee as Ian Miller, Matthew Gillett as Matt Rule, Joe Tareha as Petro, Ashlee McMillan as Hannah, Anna Martin as Melody

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Episode 1.06
Monday, June 07, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Rob Macdonald

An increasingly erratic Nash writes a love song, but no-one understands what it means, least of all the person he's written it for — Comet.

Nash pours all of his seemingly unrequited longing for Comet into a love song and visits Andy Bang's studio to record it. Deeply impressed, Andy offers to sell the song to an advertising company, promising big bucks. Poor love-sick Nash turns it down — he's no sell-out.

Later, when Jane finds Nash in his bedroom looking like death, she takes him to the doctor, where he finds he's not just love-sick… he's got a highly unusual medical condition. Even with his medical bills piling up, it's only when Comet pays him a visit and completely misses the point of the new song that Nash decides to sell it. He has little time for self-pity however, Boy Crazy Stacey have a gig with the Lovetones coming up and a chance to grab a spot on their tour.

Unfortunately, when Jasper suffers a huge personal blow, Nash alienates everyone with his lack of sympathy and winds up doing the gig alone. The vague lyrics in Nash's new song create yet more confusion — Val thinks the song's about him and Jane thinks it's about her. Jane corners Nash and makes a move. And after so many false starts with Comet, Nash finds himself seriously tempted to get back with his ex.

With: The Lovetones (Matt Tow, Matt Sigley, Daniel Poulter, Chris Cobb), Peter Kowitz as Andy Bang, Debra Ades as Abigal, Nola Bartola as Social Worker, Matthew Gillett as Matt Rule, David Lee as Doctor, James Belfrage as Dentist, Emma Swift as TV Newsreader, Piers Burbook de Vere as Pro Forestry Voice



Episode 1.07
Monday, June 14, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston & Rob Macdonald
Directed by Rob Macdonald

With Boy Crazy Stacey on the rocks, poverty-stricken Nash accepts a job as a mail boy for Jasper's employers, Bourke and Laing Insurance. Nash immediately loathes the job, despite the support of the mail room boss, who gets a bit of a vicarious thrill from having a rock star under his tutelage.

Meanwhile, Luke has moved out of the band's share house and found some construction work. Comet seems to be making of go of things with Cara and Nash and Jane are resuming life as a couple as she tries to help kick-start Nash's solo career. Nash assumes everyone's moving on, but finds out that Jasper and Luke are catching up with Comet at a Little Ponies gig.

Feeling left out, Nash decides to crash the party. On the night he overhears Cara and Comet trashing Boy Crazy Staceyand he finally has the blow-out with Cara that's been looming for months. It's clear Nash is taking the break-up of his band harder than he's letting on. And things are about to get even worse. At work the next day, Nash finds that someone has put the film clip for 'Catch and Kiss' on Youtube, and Nash's ridiculous running style is the star of the show. Having binned the original footage himself, Nash realises it could only be the work of one person — Val.

With: Sean Ray aka Snob Scrilla as Himself, Miles Readman as Himself, Ardie Worsley as Himself, Steve Rogers as Gary Worsley, Bianca Bradley as Jennifer, Brennan Muhoberac as James, Matt Okine as Greg, Rebecca Harkness as Training Video Girl, Gary Mitchell as Training Video Guy, Lucy Qian as Japanese Girl, Bel Delia as Open Mic Girl, Simon Olsen as Mandolin Guy, Steve Crombie as Open Mic Punter, Ashlee McMillan as Hannah, Anna Martin as Melody

Beggar's Banquet


Episode 1.08
Monday, June 21, 2010
Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Rob Macdonald

The boys of Boy Crazy Stacey throw an impromptu party celebrating their ARIA nomination for best video clip. It's only when a maudlin Cara shows up that everyone finds out what Nash already knew — Comet has left town. With no bass player and the band required to play at the ARIAs, Nash is horrified to realise he needs to ask Val back into the band.

The big day rolls around and having received no word from Comet, Jasper admits that her departure may have been all his fault. The brothers have a huge blue but at least Nash's feelings for Comet are finally out in the open. Nash promises Jasper he will tell Jane everything, but somehow he fails to achieve this before she shows up and treats him to some rock star treatment in the male toilets.

The awards night kicks off and Boy Crazy Stacey's big moment in the spotlight looms. Moments before they're due onstage however, Nash's anguish over Comet and Jane gets the better of him and he freaks out, refusing to go onstage. As the boys contemplate their front man flushing their big break down the toilet, they remain unaware that a late arrival is about to throw a big spanner in the works...

With: Rob Carlton as Himself, Jason Whalley as Himself, Underlights (Jack Friels, Darius Navidzadeh, Thomas O'Dell, John Took), Cassette Kids (Katerina Noorbergen, Daniel Schober, Daniel Deitz, Jacob Read-Harber), Steve Rogers as Gary Herbert, Brennan Muhoberac as James, Ali Mutch as Teri, Molly Knight as Kylie, Dani Swan as Sasha, The Nashettes (Ashleigh Seymour, Brooke Coslovich, Katerina McLardy, Kaisey Johnston, Prue Smurthwaite), Nathan Gooley as Assistant Director, DAvid Fedirchuk as X