A More Sauce production in coproduction with CanalPlay

Creators: Luke Eve, Glen Dolman
Executive Producers: Gina Carter, Stephen Fry
Producer: Adam Dolman, Luke Eve
Writer: Glen Dolman
Director: Luke Eve

Aired: April 13, 2017 (9Go/9Now)

Genevieve, a very sensible, creative and overachieving 17-year-old student in a respectable, middle class family, seems to be having the perfect ride, until her sanity spectacularly unravels in her first manic episode of Bipolar Disorder. (6x9min or 1x56min)
Odessa YoungGenevieve Barrett
Benson Jack AnthonyBenjamin Turner
Brendan DonoghuePaul Webster
Paul GleesonAndrew Barrett
Olivia PigeotLiz Barrett
Milly AlcockIsabella Barrett
Madeleine MaddenHolly McMahon
Luke PeglerLennon
Anita HeghMaggie Turner
cast photo

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