High Life: episode guide

The Ascent

Episode 1
April 13th 2017 (10:15pm, 9GO)

Overwhelmed by her brilliant ideas, Genevieve impulsively stands up during her school jazz band rehearsal. Her friend Ben is concerned and joins her on an impulsive trip to an ice cream shop where her playful antics go too far.

Series Cast: Odessa Young as Genevieve Barrett, Benson Jack Anthony as Benjamin Turner, Brendan Donoghue as Paul Webster, Paul Gleeson as Andrew Barrett, Olivia Pigeot as Liz Barrett, Milly Alcock as Isabella Barrett, Madeleine Madden as Holly McMahon, Luke Pegler as Lennon, Anita Hegh as Maggie Turner

Catherine Farrah as Leena, Kamil Ellis as Mark, Linda Ngo as Qing, Ivy Mak as Conductor, Ezekiel Simat as Oran, Di Adams as Music Examiner, Harry Rempt as Crying Boy, James Buckingham as Ice Cream Server, Jessica Wren as Mum, Luca Donoghue as Toddler, Ariel Donoghue as Kid, Hollie Colquhoun as Volleyball Girl, Lilly Hatwell as Volleyball Girl, Jordan Dussek as Holly's Friend, Callum McManis as Annoying Boy, Brenden Dodds as Office Man, Sarah Armanious as Office Woman, Tahnee Stroet as Female Teacher, Anthony Newton as Indigenous Artist; Jack Bennett, Toby Brown, Ben Deuries, Hinano Fujisaki, Samir Mosahebi, Yelson Qian as Jazz Ensemble; James Archer as Lennon Leg Double Julia Robinson as Gen Body Double

The Rush

Episode 2

Gen has a dream where she lashes out at Hollys negative social-media critique. Meanwhile, Ben gives Gen a good luck toy gorilla following her surprisingly atypical piano exam.

The Twist

Episode 3

Revolted by the thought of her adored teacher getting together with her former best friend, Gen has a chance encounter with Ben's hunky gardener and impulsively flashes him.

The Pinnacle

Episode 4

Gen interrupts her mothers speech at her art gallery opening before racing out to explore the seedy city streets, leading her to a second encounter with the potentially dangerous gardener.

The Fall

Episode 5

Though Gen assumes that they're heading to the beach to surf, Lennon drives Gen deep into the forest. Gen's reaction to Lennon's prosthetic leg puts her in great danger.

The Return

Episode 6

Ben, alarmed by Gen's social media status, tries to find her at her mother's gallery. He sees a manic Gen running off before receiving her muddled text. He then calls on his mother's help to find her.