Hiding: characters

Troy Quigg/Lincoln Swift (James Stewart)

Troy's a man. Old-school, grew up rough, bare-bones education. He's had few opportunities in life, and he's survived to his late-thirties with a combination of strength, toughness and black humour. He's a straight-talker, a good father, and he'll do what it takes to protect his family. But now that he's thrown into a totally unfamiliar world, he's forced to reinvent himself completely — or die trying.

Maree Quigg/Bec Swift (Kate Jenkinson)

Maree's sharp. She's a mum and she goes at it with ferocity, like a lioness. She doesn't ask too many questions of her husband, so long as the family is protected. But then the bust, and the move, and the new life as Bec Swift. Waking up shell-shocked in a new city with no friends and no extended family. Feeling betrayed by her husband, but all the while knowing she was complicit. Bec will do what Bec does best: she'll pick herself up and get on with it.

Mitchell Quigg/Mitchell Swift (Lincoln Younes)

Handsome, dry, laid-back surfer-boy. Mitch is the funny one — the one who can be trusted to call it as he sees it. His needs are simple: the sea, some tunes, a few good mates. His girlfriend Kelly. That's pretty much the entire catalogue of Mitchell Quigg wants needs and desires — until his world is rearranged, and every single thing is ripped away from him. Mitch is in shock. Pulverized, at sixteen, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Shaneen Quigg/Tara Swift (Olivia DeJonge)

Fifteen, whip-smart. Curious about the world. Shaneen has a certain power all her own, but she doesn't understand the full extent of it. Nobody does. She's a complex, clever, loveable kid with a pretty good heart — most days. But she's unpredictable, and deep down slightly disturbed, and she possesses a fiery streak of rage that might one day burn out of control.

John Pinder (Stephen Curry)

Federal cop, attached to the FCU, the Federal Crime Unit. Pinder's abrasive, paranoid, obsessed with secrecy. He's useless at paperwork. But he's not stupid; in fact he's thoughtful, brave and honest. And all he really wants to do is bust some people he believes are despicable.

Kosta "Koz" Krilich (Nathan Page)

Maree's brother, Troy's best mate. Thirties, fit, energetic, driven. Koz is sharp. Charming, on occasion, but restless, always on the move, always looking for the angle. He really is the quintessential Australian — the perfect example of the aspirational society we've worked so hard to create. And no amount of money, fame or material success will ever be enough.

Warwick Darmody (Kim Gyngell)

Shabby-drunk and mostly nuts, Warwick's on the skids. He's over this life and his one grand plan is to hole up and drink himself to death. So far it's working out well. Until Lincoln, Bec and the kids come hurtling into his life and give Warwick something he hasn't had for years: a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham)

Nils has a certain style. Direct. Heavy. Hands-on. In control. He likes to micro-manage. He appears without warning — anywhere, anytime, like a hawk or a god. He doesn't queue. Not for anything, or anyone. Nils reaches out, and takes. With his bare hands.

Ferdine Lamay (Jacqueline McKenzie)

Head Of School in the Department of Psychology, at Hawkins University. Fifty-ish, but it's hard to tell. She's well-preserved, attractive. Hard-working, competent. She's young for Head Of School, and she got to that position with a combination of brains, social savvy and sheer bloody hard work. She's been married twice — once when she was twenty-one, to a visiting psychology professor from Spain. The marriage lasted about as long as his working-holiday. And then a few years later in the line of duty she met a cop named John Pinder — younger than herself, smart, driven, slightly eccentric, with innate curiosity, a terrific record collection and a love of red wine. She married him. That union didn't last either; they were both work-obsessed, and not much given to compromise. But once the dust settled, they became great friends, and stayed that way for ever after. Ferdine's the one that Pinder turns to when he's in a jam with Lincoln and the Swift family. Pinder's asked Ferdine to help provide a place to hide. Every cell in her brain says don't do it. But then, it's for Pinder...