Heartbreak High: episode guide

Episode 7.01 (171)

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Thursday, July 15, 1999 (ABC)
Written by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Steve Mann

New girl Jet arrives in town. She's feisty and quick-witted and inevitably attracts the attention of Drazic. Jet plays hard to get, but the attraction is clearly mutual. She picks Draz up for an impromptu date and he is impressed with her set of wheels — he's even more impressed when she lets him take the car for a spin. But when Draz sees the cops crawling all over the car the following day, he is shocked to learn that it was stolen. He confronts Jet and she reveals her background — she's just finished a sentence in a juvenile detention centre. Draz's anger dissolves as his infatuation with this new bad girl grows.

After all the trouble school has given him lately, Kurt has decided it's time to try life on the outside and has his heart set on a career in the Armed Forces. Ox has the same idea. His weight problem has him worried but Kurt offers to help him train for the physical test. Kurt's optimism is infectious and Ox's confidence builds the more he trains. Both pass the physical and Ox is ecstatic when the army recruitment officer informs him he's been accepted. But Kurt's hopes are shattered. The army has learnt of his recent assault of a teacher and his application has been rejected. Kurt is devastated, but his resolve not to go back to school is stronger than ever.

Hartley needs a new school captain, and who better for the job than Sarah Livingstone? With a campaign manager like Ryan, it's gotta be Lee Delaine. And as far as the class is concerned, Lee's policies are far more attractive than the conservative ones Sarah is dishing out. When the election results are tied, Nat is confused — there's an odd number of students in the class, which means someone hasn't voted. Ryan concedes it was him, and tentatively hands in the deciding vote.

Starring: Callan Mulvey as Drazic, Rel Hunt as Ryan, Putu Winchester as Dennis, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Kurt, Nathalie Roy as Sarah, Mario Gamma as D'espo, Lara Cox as Anita, Marcel Bracks as Lee, Morna Seres as Jill, John Walton as Nat, Andrea Moor as Di Barnett

Guest Cast: Leanna Walsman as Jet, Jenny Gelland as Deakin, Lewis Williams as Ox, Alan David Lee as Army Officer, David Hatherly as Dobson, Jack Peacock as Chris

Note: We last saw Lewis Williams as Ox in episode 5.27

Episode 7.02 (172)

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A graffiti artist is on the loose at Hartley and Di is not impressed. Only Draz knows the identity of the culprit and he's in full support of her artistic expression.

It looks like Kurt will be joining the ranks of the unemployed when his search for a job proves much harder than he'd anticipated. But when all seems lost, he secures a job at the local supermarket — hunting down lost and missing trolleys.

When Nat gives a talk on careers, Sarah expresses her desire to be a high school teacher. She cops the inevitable abuse from her classmates but it doesn't stop her from accepting Nat's offer to take over the class. She eventually discovers that just being herself is the key to successful teaching.

Guest Cast: Leanna Walsman as Jet, Daniel Taylor as Mitch, Martin Loevendie as Gavin, Lloyd Darling as Luke, Mark Slocum as Officer Manager

Episode 7.03 (173)

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In an attempt to boost the Shark Pool's takings and help pay off his debts, D'espo invests in a foosball table and plays host to a mini World Cup. D'espo's venture brings in the customers but when the Shark Pool is vandalised, Drazic has to decide whether or not to turn in the culprit.

When Kurt returns to school he finds himself the victim of an unlikely bully. Lee is out for blood — determined to fight the battle his father refused to when he let Kurt off the hook for assaulting him. Lee realises he has taken things too far when he badgers Kurt until he is forced to agree to fight him.

Concerned her relationship with Ryan is purely physical, Sarah revives her love of ice skating and hopes Ryan will want to share it. However, Ryan's skating prowess leaves a lot to be desired and it's obvious to both of them that it's really not his thing. With Ryan out of the picture, Sarah has an opportunity to meet someone who shares her interests.

Guest Cast: Leanna Walsman as Jet, Andrew Hill as Jarrod, Justin Lepani as Justin, Chris Maxfield as Policeman, Mark Bastow as Jarrod Double

Episode 7.04 (174)

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Anita is worried about Drazic's involvement with Jet but love is blind and Draz is smitten. Jet resents Anita's interference and warns her to stay away from Draz. Barnett has had it with Jet's disruptive influence as well and warns her that she's on her last chance — if she doesn't get her act together, she's done at Hartley.

D'espo's financial problems are getting him down. If he can't raise five hundred bucks in a few days to pacify the bank, he's history. So when he makes a mistake on an order at the canteen, he's ropeable. How's he going to shift three hundred meat pies? Ryan comes up with a plan — a pie-eating competition. However, to make the venture pay off, D'espo has to step up to the plate.

Sarah finds herself fighting Jarrod's charm when she agrees to partner him in a skating competition. Practice has them spending a lot of time together and while Sarah is momentarily swept away by the romanticism of it all, her conscience ultimately sees her stick by Ryan.

Guest Cast: Leanna Walsman as Jet, Andrew Hill as Jarrod, Justin Lepani as Justin, Jacqueline Morcos as Cashier, Mike Miller as Shop Owner, Nick Meenaham as Delivery Man, Mark Bastow as Jarrod Double

Episode 7.05 (175)

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Thania succeeds in baiting Sarah when she challenges her religious beliefs. The animosity comes to a head when Thania unveils her artwork which offends Sarah, a reaction Thania welcomes — she wants her art to shock people. Sarah's frustration boils over when Thania's sculpture is selected for public exhibition at a local gallery. When the piece goes missing, Sarah becomes the prime suspect.

Barnett warns the boys against the dangers of slam-dunking on the school basketball court but her warning goes unheeded and Draz ends up injured. But is Draz suffering a legitimate injury, or is he just stringing everyone along? While Ryan waits on Drazic hand and foot, Barnett is the first to call Draz's bluff by launching an official investigation.

When Lee can't get tickets to see his guitar-toting idol, Tommy Emmanuel, in concert, he recruits Dennis to help him find a way to meet the man himself.

Guest Cast: Tommy Emmanuel as himself, Andrew James as Mr Jones, Robert Ellis as Security Guard, Sophia Martin as Jade, Robert Davis as Michael McCarthy

Note: Tasneem Roc joins the cast as Thania Saya

Episode 7.06 (176)

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The antagonism between Sarah and Thania escalates when Ryan becomes the model for Thania's life drawing assignment.

Patriotism has come to Hartley Heights but not everyone salutes to the Australian flag — somebody keeps stealing it and Barnett appoints Dennis and Kurt to nab the culprit.

Lee wants to be a biker to get the babes. He thinks he's a bit of a hell raiser in his leather jacket but as Draz points out — the image is incomplete without a motorbike.

Guest Cast: Bradley Byguar as David, Dan Smith as Dirty Phil, Bianca Nacson as Debbie, Tamaryne Dickens as Zoe, Ben Johnson as Rimmo

Note: Bianca Nacson becomes the latest actor to appear in a guest role prior to joining the main cast. She will star as Gem Whitley in episodes 187-209. Dennis' surname was previously established as Yenovski (144) but is now mentioned as being Klinsmann.

Episode 7.07 (177)

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Anita becomes concerned when she finds out that a lot of seniors at Hartley are relying on over-the counter drugs to get them through their stressful final year.

Lee once again finds himself an outsider and the rejection is starting to get to him. He thinks if he can prove his masculinity with a tattoo, the boys' club will have to accept him — but Kurt, Dennis and the guys aren't easily persuaded.

Ryan finds himself stuck with opera tickets he purchased when he and Sarah were still together.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, David Barnes as Gus, Taline Kalaidjan as Zelli, Manny Castro Diel as Muz, Scott Brandon as Tatooist, Amy Bransgrove as Hannah

Episode 7.08 (178)

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Sarah has all the classic symptoms of morning sickness and confirms her greatest fear — she's pregnant. Sarah is undecided about what she is going to do, but if there's one thing she doesn't want, it's Ryan's involvement.

Thania's mum, Isobel, is giving yoga classes at the school and suggests to Kurt that some massage and yoga might be just the trick to treat his sore back. Thania has her eye on Kurt and when he inquires her about her mother's lessons, she takes the opportunity to try to get to know him a bit better.

It seems there are a few spiders on the loose at Hartley and while most of the students are happy to co-exist, Lee, coaxed along by Drazic, takes it upon himself to make the school a safe place once again.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Bill Conn as Reverend Harris, Taline Kalaidjan as Zelli, Martyn Robinson as Spider Handler

Episode 7.09 (179)

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Sarah offers to baby-sit the kids at her mothers' class so all the mums can have a night out. She gets annoyed when Ryan turns up with a gift for her baby believing he's trying to push his way back into her life. But Ryan's presence is a blessing when one of the mother's violent ex-husband turns up and threatens to take his child.

Things between Thania and Isobel have been strained and it doesn't look like their relationship is going to improve any time soon. Thania is eager to inject some fun into her life and talks Anita into going to the pub where they have a great time. But Anita starts to worry when Thania seems to be developing a rather excessive drinking habit.

Dennis takes a close look at his love life and realises he doesn't have one. He hones his eye on spunky chicklet Spike but she's not interested — Dennis isn't really her type. So in the quest to be her 'type', Dennis decides to change his image.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Belinda Cotterill as Spike, Penni Gray as Lyn, Michelle Wright as Bren, Pete Walters as Roger, Joel McIlroy as Brad, Stuart Fenton as Bouncer

Episode 7.10 (180)

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Ryan tries out for the combined highschool cricket team but is put off his game when a team member sledges him. He is mortified to have missed selection and resolves to toughen up. His efforts come at the expense of his friends' feelings but when Nat gives him a taste of his own medicine, Ryan — armed with some compromising information — sets out to take his teacher down.

Thania and Draz are assigned to the task of designing the yearbook and Thania has heaps of ideas and a stack of student photos she's snapped during the year. Draz, who only volunteered to get out of the odd class, thinks they're boring so Thania challenges him to come up with something better. The pair work together to capture a series of candid photos of their friends and produce a yearbook to remember.

Nat and Jill don't seem to be getting along. Lee is concerned and plays marriage counsellor in an attempt to get them back to the same old loving parents they used to be.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Donovan Couch as Darcy

Episode 7.11 (181)

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End of year Muck Up is upon us and it threatens to be the Muck Up to end all. Di warns the kids not to take it too far and bans Draz from participating. But while he's not allowed to get his hands dirty, it doesn't mean he can't be Head Organiser of the great event!

Dennis and Lee take advantage of the non-compulsory study classes to hit the beach for the day. But what Lee discovers there he might wish he'd never seen — it's his father, with Isobel, and they're looking suspiciously cosy.

Draz is getting stingy and decides that Sarah's spending way too much time at the shed not to be paying her own way. Draz issues Ryan with a fee schedule and demands they pay up.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel

Episode 7.12 (182)

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Lee is deeply hurt by Nat's affair with Isobel but now that it's out in the open, he hopes there is a chance that his folks will be able to sort it out and life will resume as normal. But things don't look too promising, particularly when Nat comes out with a packed suitcase and says he's leaving.

Exams are looming and panic is rising. Anita is not coping too well with the stress which is only made worse when Dennis decides to latch on as her study partner. With the library all out of study texts, the pair decide to surf the net and by a stroke of fate, they come across an exam cheat site. Anita is reluctant but allows Dennis to persuade her that it's the only option if they're going to pass their exams.

Kurt, Ryan and Draz scoff at all the swotters freaking out and cramming for the exams. They decide to make a pact — no study, no stress, no way. Barnett points out that cramming can improve results but the boys are resolved — it's time for some serious leisure.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Johnny Boxer, et al

Episode 7.13 (183)

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Nat and Jill's break up takes one step further as they fight over who gets what. Lee gets caught in the middle, angry at both his parents for their self-centred behaviour.

Anita's been a bit of a stress-head during the weeks leading up to exams, but she finally feels she's got it together — especially when she flies through the first exam with not a worry. But her luck changes when she accidentally breaks a mirror at the Shark Pool.

Draz has cultivated a very bad habit and his timing couldn't be worse. He can't seem to stop himself from sleeping in and gets off to a poor start in the exams.

Dennis' attempts to humiliate Sarah publicly about her inability to handle pre-exam nerves hit the spot but he pulls his head in when Sarah tells him the real reason she's sick.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Mario Gamma as D'espo, Franca Rubiu as Madame Orsini, Haren Sthalekari as Examiner

Note: no longer in the opening credits, Mario Gamma has been downgraded to a guest credit

Episode 7.14 (184)

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Ryan has lined up a classy venue for the end of year formal but his plans fall through and he finds himself on D'espo's doorstep, begging for ideas. D'espo takes over the reigns and assures Ryan he'll organise the formal to end all formals. And he'd probably deliver — if every decent and half-decent venue wasn't booked out. D'espo leaves it to Ryan to tell his friends their formal will be held in a tent at the school — in the afternoon.

Anita's feeling a bit down about the formal — it's been a hard year and she doesn't really feel like celebrating it. Lee can sympathise, but he's determined to have a good time and wants to lift Anita's spirits. But when Anita finds out Draz isn't going to the formal, she takes another dive. It looks like it's going to be a real drag, until Lee pulls a rabbit out of his hat — a couple of feel-good pills for the occasion. Anita's reluctant but agrees with Lee — they deserve to have a good time for once. But things turn horribly wrong when Anita reacts badly to the drugs and the paramedics must be called.

Thania and Kurt decide to give the formal a go after originally planning not to go. Thania closes the distance between herself and her mother and starts a new relationship with Kurt.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Isobel, Mario Gamma as D'espo, Jamie Happell as Jamie, Gaby Massoud as Guy, Nick Jones as Dave, Sophia Martin as Jade, Tamaryn Dickens as Zoe, Peter Elmaloglou as Musician

Episode 7.15 (185)

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With summer school beginning, Di has her students write their CVs and apply for jobs. Friendship is tested when Sarah and Anita apply for the receptionist job at a local marketing firm. Anita is disappointed when Sarah gets the job but is noble enough to feel happy for her friend. But Sarah's success is short-lived when Elaine fires her on her second day.

It's Lee's eighteenth birthday and to celebrate the occasion Jill wants him to invite his close friends for a special dinner. Sarah, Ryan and Anita are on the guest list and the night looks set to be peacefully enjoyable — until a gatecrasher turns up.

Kurt, Draz, and Dennis are bored and broke. In searching for a way to make money, Kurt suggests they start up their own lawn-mowing business. Only one problem — no mower.

Guest Cast: Suzanne Dudley as Elaine, Ron Haddrick as Arthur, Dan O'Sullivan as Fred

Note: John Walton's last episode

Episode 7.16 (186)

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It's HSC results time and there are mixed emotions among the ex-Hartley students. Ryan and Sarah open theirs together and are rapt to have passed with flying colours. Not that any of that really matters — what's important now is setting up for life with a baby — until tragedy occurs. Sarah has a miscarriage.

Ryan has been asked to chaperone a group of cricket legends on an international tour. Sarah urges him to go — losing the baby means he has no real reason to stay. But Ryan loves Sarah and he's torn. Sarah sees how much the job means to him and makes the decision for him. True love is, after all, about sacrifice. And with any luck, theirs will endure the separation.

The year has been a tough one for Lee and his HSC results reflect just how disruptive the family break up has been. Jill feels responsible and is mortified when Lee says he's not going back to school to give it a proper go next year. He's so unmotivated he won't leave the house and insists on ordering pizza rather than going out for a meal. But the pizza deliveries turn out to be a blessing in disguise — thanks to attractive delivery girl, Gem, who soon puts the spark back into Lee.

Kurt is over the moon about his HSC results and he wants to thank Barnett for helping him over the past year by arranging a special lunch for her. Thania is celebrating her results too, and is invited along. Dennis sees opportunity for a free feed and agrees to play waiter. The lunch brings both some expected and unexpected news. Kurt is saying good-bye, he's been accepted into a marine biology course in Northern Queensland. Thania deals with her disappointment — their relationship hardly had a chance to get off the ground. Dennis finally opens his results and confirms the worst — he flunked dismally and will be seeing Barnett at school next year… or maybe not. Di has scored a new job as principal at a bigger school, and won't be going back to Hartley.

Draz bombed out big time but there's no way he's going back to the Hartley Hell Hole. Anita is annoyed when her results go AWOL. She's really looking forward to enrolling in a fashion design course and she only needs a fair result. Draz buys Anita a congratulatory gift to herald her entrance into the glamorous world of fashion but the gift turns out to be a slap in the face for Anita. She didn't get the marks she expected and the fashion course is out of the question.

Guest Cast: Greg Chappell as Greg Chappell, Bianza Nacson as Gem, John Howard as Tony Moss, Terry Bader as Kelvin Sykes, Brendan Higgins as Politician, Don Richardson as Dick Gravell, Kurtis Giitsidis as Head Waiter, Ben Gale as Speedy, David Gubbay as Clerk

Note: Bianca Nacson joins the starring cast (but is also in the guest credits) while Rel Hunt, Nathalie Roy, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Andrea Moor all make their final appearances.

Episode 7.17 (187)

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Alan Carson, the new school principal (and the English and History teacher), has arrived at Hartley and he's full of new rules. The first of which is no kissing in the school yard, soon followed by the segregation of boys and girls in the classroom. Lee and Gem incite the others to unite against Carson, but Lee wimps out and loses Gem's respect. He does find a way to win it back when a Shakespeare class gives him an idea of how to throw Carson's segregation rule back in his face.

Now that Drazic is out in the real world, he wants to increase his income but is not pleased when D'espo refuses to reward him with more hours and a pay rise. Draz finds himself hitting the sidewalk in search of a better job but just when it looks like there's no hope of Draz ever finding a job, Undercurrent reporter Katherine Baker turns up with a film crew wanting to follow Draz's search for employment. When Draz's story goes to air, D'espo is vilified while Drazic is painted as the struggling Hero of Hard Times causing the job offers to start flowing in.

Meanwhile, Thania makes a surprise return to school with a new ambition — to study hard and get good enough marks to do psychology at uni. Jackie Kassis, the new Science teacher, has arrived to find her class is way too big. Jackie is determined to do a good job of teaching and the class size bothers her — especially when she learns that several students haven't even enrolled — including Thania and new student Zac. Jackie can take only one more student and decides that a test will have to determine who wins the place.

Starring: Callan Mulvey as Drazic, Lara Cox as Anita, Marcel Bracks as Lee, Putu Winchester as Dennis, Bianca Nacson as Gem, Luke Jacobz as Zac, Tasneem Roc as Thania, Morna Seres as Jill, Elena Carapetis as Jackie, John Gregg as Alan

Guest Cast: Mario Gamma as D'espo, Alexandra Fowler as Katherine, Luke Carroll as Mo, Christine Gonsalves as Lettie

Note: Luke Jacobz, Elena Carapetis, and John Gregg join the main cast. Khristina Totos replaces Andrea Moor as the Drama Tutor

Episode 7.18 (188)

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Thanks to Undercurrent reporter Katherine Baker, Draz has lined up an interview for a job at a classy hotel. Draz's future in the hospitality industry looks set and he buys Anita a present to mark his future wealth and success. The Undercurrent crew continue to film his progress and are present at the interview when Draz is told he's landed the job. But things take a turn when the manager asks Draz to take his eyebrow ring out for the job. The media jump on Drazic's refusal and he is quickly transformed from a media darling to a poster boy for the unemployed.

Lee implores Dennis to show some respect when he finds him leering at Gem from across the yard. When Dennis suggests that neither of them has a chance with Gem anyway, Lee refuses to entertain the thought that Dennis might be right. When rumours begins to spread about Lee and Gem, Lee enlists Dennis's help to make a public apology.

Meanwhile, Carson has brought out the stocks in history class to demonstrate medieval forms of punishment, and no one questions his capability of introducing them to control the kids.

D'espo's advertising for a new canteen assistant and Thania is the perfect candidate — in more ways than one. D'espo is being excessively charming and Zac tries to convince Thania that it's not only the customers D'espo expects her to serve.

Guest Cast: Mario Gamma as D'espo, Alexandra Fowler as Katherine Luke Carroll as Mo, Christine Gonsalves as Lettie, Bartholomew John as Mr Cross, Trevor Murphy as Shopkeeper

Episode 7.19 (189)

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Zac's old man, Owen, is working him pretty hard at his stone masonry workshop. As far as Owen is concerned, keeping the family business afloat is more important than Zac going to school. Lee enlists Zac to help him operate his four-track recording machine — he could use someone who's good with sound. Zac gives Lee a hand after school but gets a blast from his father when he gets back late to the workshop. Zac lies to his father, telling him he was late because got a detention for turning up late to school. Owen visits Carson the following day to discuss whether or not to pull his son out of school — after all, why waste the time when there's a secure job waiting for Zac at the stone masonry?

Draz is doing it tough in the financial department but he's too proud to accept money from Anita. Life gets worse when the cops pull him up on the street and make him their number one suspect for a bag-snatch that happened in the area. After his run-in with the police, Anita encourages Draz to return to school.

Dennis is being his usual underachieving, insubordinate self and Carson is not impressed. Carson gets an idea of how to control Dennis' wild behaviour and suggests he might benefit from becoming a student representative — a little responsibility might just turn Dennis around. Dennis is reluctant to take on the role but the power quickly goes to his head.

Guest Cast: Harold Hopkins as Owen, Dominic Purcell as Todd Gillispie, Ramsay Everingham as Policeman, Elizabeth Williams as Jan

Episode 7.20 (190)

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Zac's trying his hardest to give stone masonry a go but his heart's not in it. When he can't take it anymore, Zac tells his father he's going back to school. Owen begs him to stay but when Zac refuses, Owen gives him an ultimatum — if Zac won't work for the business, then Owen won't support him.

A police liaison officer has been appointed to the school in an attempt to forge stronger links between the police service and the students. Draz can't believe his eyes when he sees who it is — Constable Todd Gillespie, the cop who tried to nab him for a bag-snatch he didn't do. When Drazic sees Gillespie making friends with the Hartley students, he decides to take him down a notch by stealing his hat.

Jackie's science classes have become more boring than any lesson any other teacher has dished out during the entire history of Hartley Heights. In attempt to make things interesting, Jackie sets up an experiment but she's so nervous she ends up almost setting fire to the classroom.

Guest Cast: Harold Hopkins as Owen, Dominic Purcell as Todd Gillispie

Episode 7.21 (191)

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Lee's delight that Gem agreed to go out with him is short-lived when she stands him up. When the only reason she'll give is "family problems," Lee angrily accuses her of not having the guts to tell him to his face that she didn't want to go out with him. He later calls at her home to apologise and meets her paraplegic sister, Carly.

Todd announces that he's holding self-defence classes after school, but few are interested — except Anita. After the first lesson, the other girls drop out, but Todd is happy to continue even though Anita's the only one in the class. He teaches her a few basic moves, and the proximity generates a chemistry between them which both recognise. Todd however is determined to keep the relationship strictly professional.

A new arrival to the school, Marco, is a soccer whiz. Zac and some others are so impressed with his ability, they are lured away from playing basketball.

Guest Cast: Dominic Purcell as Todd Gillispie, Rose Byrne as Carly Whitely, Hanna Hassan as Bernie

Note: Danny Raco joins the cast

Episode 7.22 (192)

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Anita and Todd's relationship is growing and neither can deny that it's too late to turn back now. Todd resigns from his position as police liaison officer at Hartley and now there's only one problem stopping them from getting on with their relationship — Drazic.

Lee tries to push Gem for information about Carly's accident but Gem doesn't want to talk about it. He goes to Carly to see if she can shed any light about why Gem's freezing him out. Carly tells Lee about Gem's involvement in her accident and they bond, but Carly misinterprets Lee's interest and develops a crush on him.

Marco turns up to school wearing a pair of rare alligator skin boots and Thania goes ballistic. She can't believe fashion is more important to him than saving a species from extinction.

Zac's finding adapting to life at the Delaine's a somewhat new experience. He didn't learn much about domestic living growing up with his father.

Guest Cast: Dominic Purcell as Todd Gillispie, Rose Byrne as Carly Whitely

Episode 7.23 (193)

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Gem struggles with the decision of telling Carly that her horse, Prince, is desperately ill and may have to be put down. Believing Carly deserves to know the truth, Lee decides to tell her. Carly thinks it's time she and Gem led separate lives, free from the guilt that was holding them together, and shocks Gem by announcing that she's moving back to the farm to live with their parents. Gem and Carly share a teary farewell.

Marco has scored a hot new girlfriend and Dennis wants some action too. Marco agrees to set him up with one of Angie's friends but when the guys turn up to the Shark Pool for their double date, Dennis is horrified when he sees he's been set up with none other than Sophie the heiffer. When Marco later questions him about the date, Dennis can't admit he actually likes Sophie and joins in on the fat jokes that the guys are hurling around. Sophie overhears him and is distraught. Meanwhile, Angie has heard about Marco's involvement in the whole thing and has given him his marching orders.

Thania is mortified when D'espo tells her the canteen can't pay her wages any more and if she wants to keep her job, she'll have to come up with a way to rake in the money.

Draz is not coping well with his break up with Anita. A well-meaning Carson tries to get him to talk about it but Draz is uncommunicative.

Guest Cast: Mario Gamma as D'espo, Rose Byrne as Carly Whitely, Jenny Churchill as Vet, Katrina Baltar as Angie, Nancy Gould as Sophie, Loren Piefke as Daphne, Luke Carroll as Mo

Episode 7.24 (194)

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Marco wins Angie back after he plays up his Italian heritage. When interest in the school soccer team that Marco has set up starts to wane, it's Angie who suggests that Marco can get Roberto, an ex-Italian International player who's coaching a city team, to come out and spark up the team. After all, both Marco and Roberto come from the same village! Don't they?

Lee pens and sings a song that Zac records. They're both keen to enter it into a song writing competition but don't believe Lee's voice does the work justice. The boys hold auditions for another singer but strike out — until they hear Gem sing — and she's a knockout.

Dennis and his first real girlfriend, Sophie, hit a rocky path when Sophie reckons that Dennis keeps looking at other girls. She goes on a crash diet to compete even though Dennis tells her he likes her just the way she is.

Drazic is still depressed about Anita leaving town and resists everyone's efforts to cheer him up. Thania decides unconventional action is called for and arrives home with a piglet. Drazic initially tries to pretend he doesn't like it but secretly bonds with it and eventually causes mayhem when he takes it to school.

Guest Cast: Andrew Pelizzari as Roberto, Katrina Baltar as Angie, Nancy Gould as Sophie, Luke Carroll as Mo, Andrew Parcell as Tim, Jillian Bichara as Cindy, Mario Gamma as D'espo (uncredited)

Episode 7.25 (195)

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Lee is suspicious of Zac's relationship with Gem and feels left out of the celebratory mood occasioned by their winning a recording of his song but Zac reassures him there's nothing going down between them. When Zac reveals that Lee's song of unrequited love is about Gem, she is put off singing the song whenever Lee is present. On the night of the recording, Zac and Gem use a diversionary tactic to try and get Lee away when the track is put down. Lee arrives back early to find the couple holding hands. Though the recording is a success, this adds little to Lee's happiness.

Petra, deaf and an alleged student, arrives at Hartley. She is confronted by two main types of attitude: those who treat her like an idiot (Drazic and Dennis) and those who bend over backwards being kind (Thania). Having done her undercover research, Petra reveals herself to be a teacher with an important lesson for the kids.

Drazic, down on his luck, finds an expensive jacket in a charity clothing bin and wears it to school only to find that it's an old one of Marco's. Marco gives him hell for robbing the poor box which embarrasses Drazic to no end.

Dennis wants his friendship ring back from Sophie and she only relents when she's convinced that it belongs to Dennis' grandmother. When she finds him giving the ring to another girl, she gets mad and throws the ring down a drain.

Guest Cast: Nancy Gould as Sophie, Maria Compton as Janet, Annalise Phillips as Petra, Talia Johnson as Louise, Kelly Dick as Petra's Friend, Blaise Cooper as Producer, Denis Tordoff as Derro

Episode 7.26 (196)

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An English exchange student turns up on the Delaines' doorstep, much to their surprise. And with a name like Clare Grant, a posh pommie accent, a proper school uniform, and an interest in ballet, she quickly becomes the latest object of ridicule at Hartley Heights High. The situation only gets worse when Clare accuses the Hartley students of stealing her things.

Zac has moved into the shed and Thania is pleased there will be another person to share the rent. Money's tight and Draz has been slack. But Zac reveals that he's skint too and Thania gives the boys an ultimatum — get a job, or get out. Desperate for money, the guys accept jobs soliciting donations on the street dressed as koalas.

Marc is slacking off in science and Jackie is coming down hard. Carson appoints Jackie as the new junior softball coach, much to her despair, and she finds herself begging her senior students for some tips on the game. No one knows anything. Except for Marc, and he sees an opportunity to get something in return — more time for his science assignments.

Guest Cast: Stephanie Bursill as Clare Grant, Alan Lock as Jerry, Jessica Williams as Christine, Lesley Taylor as Rhiannon, Richard Cass as Rogue Koala

Note: exchange student Clare is played by Stephanie Bursill, the daughter of Tina Bursill who we saw in series 5 and 6 playing Hilary Scheppers

Episode 7.27 (197)

img capture

Marco's interest in Jackie has grown and he's starting to look at her as more than just his teacher. He uses their private tutorials to try to get to know Jackie on a more personal level.

Gem and Zac are working on another song and Draz is tempted to wear ear plugs around the shed so he doesn't have to listen to it anymore. But the recording takes a back seat when Gem joins an a-cappella group at school and starts taking singing lessons. Hartley's music teacher, Miss Rigby, convinces Gem that her technique needs a lot of work, and if she keeps singing the way she has been she could do some serious damage to her voice.

Lee is not impressed when Jill invites her boss over to the house for dinner. As far as Lee's concerned, Warwick's a boring old sleaze and the last thing he wants to think about is Jill playing social butterfly with a guy like him. In fact, Lee would rather that his mother abstain from seeing any man, period.

Guest Cast: Stephanie Bursill as Clare Grant, Terence Donovan as Warwick, Avigail Herman as Miss Rigby/Accappella Coach; Accapella Singers: Tamaryne Dickens, Amy Huntington, Emma Pratt, Ingrid Racz, Lieselle Racz, Tahlia Racz

Episode 7.28 (198)

img capture

When Jackie gives a class on the effects of marijuana, she hints that she may have had some practical experience. She is shocked when she finds a joint left as a present on her desk and doesn't quite know what to do.

Carson wants to update student records but Gem and Dennis take offence to the personal nature of the questionnaire he expects them to fill out. They decide that the only way to make it fair is to examine Carson's personal life and embark on a journey to find out what kind of man he really is. Believing they've uncovered Carson's secret, they post the information around the school for everyone to see.

Now that Lee has embraced Jill's new relationship, he and Warwick are getting on like old pals. But Jill is tiring of Warwick and the party life but she keeps it to herself because she doesn't want to disappoint Lee. Lee finds out that Jill and Warwick have split when he goes to the car yard to see her and finds out she's lost her job. Lee is furious and confronts Warwick but the old codger tells him he sacked Jill because her sales figures have been consistently bad for some time. Jill begins the search for a new job, and mother and son leave Warwick behind them.

A spark seems to be developing between Zac and Clare but Zac is hesitant to make a move because he's not sure where things stand with Gem.

Guest Cast: Stephanie Bursill as Clare Grant, Terence Donovan as Warwick, Jamie Happell as Hamma, Christopher Maxfield as Constable Ross, Demo Simin as Salesman, Pat Loria as Videoman

Episode 7.29 (199)

img capture

Marc and Thania are at odds with each other but both consider studying old facts in Carson's history class a waste of time. Carson puts the two rebels together on a history project to trace back past students to draw the comparison as to whether the old students have benefited from their studies.

Gem and Clare are given the opportunity to audition for a scholarship to a performing arts school in Canberra. They bluff each other at first as to whether either is going up for it. Gem, in a ruse to split up Zac and Clare, drops out of the audition thus ensuring that Clare wins the scholarship and leaves Hartley.

Jill is worried about finding work and applies for the vacant position as Carson's secretary/staff co-ordinator. Lee is at first glad that his mother has finally found work but then becomes worried that she is getting in his way at school.

Guest Cast: Stephanie Bursill as Clare Grant, Lisa Bailey as Georgina, Lisa Stone as Beatrice, Richard Lindsell as Andrew, Loren Piefke as Daphne, Stan Edwards as Mr Donald, Stephen Yates as Wrong Andrew, Peter McRedie as Examiner, David Gubbay as Postie

Episode 7.30 (200)

img capture

Draz has only three days to go before his probation period is finally up and he can start life again with a clean slate. Zac suggests a party to celebrate but Draz doesn't want to tempt fate. Zac twists his arm — it'll be a small party, no wild behaviour, fully in control — if they keep the party low-key, the cops will never know. But a noise complaint sees a cop turn up to the party, and Draz is sure he's headed for the slammer.

When Jackie comes down hard on Lee for slacking off in class it only serves to push Lee further away from his responisbilities as a student. A staffroom altercation leaves Jill wondering if Jackie is intentionally victimising Lee because of Jill's new position as administrator at the school. Jill finally realises that Lee's problems are deep and suggests a fresh start at a new school. The idea of putting the past behind him and starting again appeals to Lee. All he has to do now is tie up the loose ends with his friends.

Thania is looking for volunteers for a psychological survey but her recruits aren't too impressed with the results. When the test labels Gem as bossy, controlling and bad-tempered, Marc is hesitant to offer himself as a volunteer — he's not into public humiliation.

Guest Cast: Rodney Samuel as Murray, Hamish McDonald as Gibbo, Ramsey Everingham as Constable Thompson

Note: the final episode for Morna Seres and Marcel Bracks.

Episode 7.31 (201)

img capture

A man turns up at the shed claiming to be Dragan Drazic — Drazic's father. When Zac mentions it at school, Draz tells him he doesn't have a dad. Drazic refuses to have anything to do with his father which puts Zac in the role of peacemaker.

Tess Mason, a spooky gothic chick, arrives at Hartley to a cool reception. Dennis enjoys bagging her out, and scoffs when she puts a spell on him. But when he turns up to school with a rash, and strange things start happening, he starts to believe she really is a witch. When the school yard taunting gets worse and the kids decide it's time to "burn the witch", Carson realises something has to be done and suggests a trial so Tess can defend herself against the accusations.

Marc and Thania lock horns over the issue of which sex is more important to survival. Jackie suggests a competition to try and prove one way or another. It all starts out in good faith but as Marc and Thania grow more competitive their relationship starts to suffer.

Guest Cast: Serge Lazareff as Dragon, Nicholas Bishop as Louie

Note: despite appearing in the opening credits of the previous episode, this is the first appearance for Katherine Hicks and Mark Owen-Taylor

Episode 7.32 (202)

img capture

Drazic confronts his father when the rent money for the shack disappears. His father's frank admission only confirms Drazic's belief that he doesn't want his father in his life. When Dragon lands in hospital after Drazic hits him, Drazic makes a startling discovery — his father is dying from cancer. Given the little time he has left, Thania encourages Drazic to patch things up with his father.

Tim encourages Tess to get out of the house and meet new people. Her father's Thai Chi class isn't exactly her idea of an afternoon out, although she does meet one familiar face there — Dennis. The unlikely pair become quick friends leaving Tim to wonder what he has created.

It is love at first sight for Zac when he meets Gina, a year eleven student with a locker near his. There's just one problem however, she's Marc's cousin, and Marc insists she is strickly off limits.

Guest Cast: Serge Lazareff as Dragon, Nicholas Bishop as Louie, Claudia Ventimiglia as Gina, David Downer as Registrar, Jeremy Johnson as Customer

Episode 7.33 (203)

img capture

Drazic is trying to deal with his father's death when Anita comes back to town hoping to help him through the ordeal.

Thania circulates a petition in hopes of combating government cuts to public education. Her fellow students don't share her enthusiasm and the Minister won't even see her prompting Thania to take her protest to the school roof. Thania's growing movement attracts the attention of the media and puts Carson in a difficult position.

Gem shows a talent for bullying when she sets out on a mission to make life hell for Tess. Her actions earn both girls detention but Gem's manipulation of Miss Kassis and continued bullying push Tess to the breaking point but provides an opportunity for the tables to be turned.

Guest Cast: Lara Cox as Anita [uncredited], Luke Carroll as Mo, Nancy Goold as Sophie, Stuart Campbell as Administrator, Desan Padayachee as Securirty Guard, Stuart Katzen as Reporter #1, Catherine Pym as Reporter #2

Episode 7.34 (204)

img capture

Draz has inherited his father's auto repair business and is stoked when he learns it could sell for a hundred grand. Drazic's excitement at the idea of a quick sale is quickly tempered when he finds himself the target of a slimy real estate agent and a volatile loan shark.

Tess wants to go to the Effigy concert but Tim puts his foot down — those concerts are dangerous and attract the wrong crowd! Dennis has a word to Tess's father on her behalf and convinces Tim to allow Tess to attend on the condition that she goes with Dennis who promises to look after her.

Carson's lesson on propaganda is met with disinterest from his students who believe that in the modern, information rich society, people's beliefs can't be manipulated as easily as they were in the past. Carson proves them wrong using Thania as a subject in a social experiment.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Lara Cox as Anita [uncredited], David Gibson as Heath, Nicholas Bishop as Louie, Christian Edwards as Anton, Andrew Marshall as Vince, Troy Carlson as Harrow, Dominic Bianco as Arthur, Nancy Goold as Sophie

Episode 7.35 (205)

img capture

Anita returns to Hartley Heights but finds herself struggling to catch up in her classes. Draz is determined to fill his dad's shoes in the running of the business and spends every spare moment he has working to get everything done. Adding to his troubles, he discovers a homeless kid hanging around the garage. Anita makes an effort to get to know the boy but Drazic is unsympathetic despite their similar background.

The students audition for a production of Cyrano de Bergerac. Dennis is content to sit back and mock the entire effort but with Tess showing a strong interest in auditioning, Dennis goes all out to win the role of the leading man.

D'espo is hounded by a rogue taco vendor seemingly out for revenge.

Guest Cast: Mario Gamma as D'espo, Nicholas Papademetriou as Carlos, John Casell as Brett, Dion as The Dog

Note: Lara Cox is returned to the opening credits

Episode 7.36 (206)

img capture

Life imitates art in the school production of Cyrano de Bergerac as Dennis takes on his role of Cyarno with great gusto and suggests to his leading lady, Tess, that they get to know one another better for the sake of the play.

Marc and Drazic are suspicious when they notice a guy taking photographs of them from the school gates. The man is searching for a model for an ad campaign and both guys want the job but there can only be one winner... or perhaps even less than that.

When the school suffers a bout of food poisoning, Thania immediately suspects D'espo's canteen due to his questionable hygiene practices. D'espo tries to shift the blame onto Thania but a health inspection uncovers the truth and shuts him down.

Guest Cast: Mario Gamma as D'espo, Simon Bossell as Peter, James Bean as Brereton, Nancy Gould as Sophie, Taline Kalaidjan as Girl Friday

Note: look carefully at the photos in Peter's portfolio and you will see a familar face from Hartley's past — Alex Dimitraides

Episode 7.37 (207)

img capture

Carson is appalled when half the class fails to hand in their assignments because watching television took priority over doing homework. When Carson suggests the kids are addicted to TV, Anita challenges Dennis and Draz to take a bet on who can go the longest without watching television. Anita is confident she can cruise to an easy victory but the temptation of her favourite soap opera proves too great... much to the delight of the guys who must face their own weaknesses.

Chip Harvey, a computer game developer and friend of her father, enters Tess's life. He wants to use her as a model for his latest game but Zac is concerned Chip's interest in Tess is more than professional. Unfortunately for Tess, Zac is right. But can she bring herself to tell her father who is on the verge of landing a lucrative job with Chip?

Gemma has her eye on a new guy but after he knocks her back, Gem creates an imaginary boyfriend to keep from being the constant third wheel to Marc and Thania. Unfortunately ,she does such a good job of describing him that her friends can't wait to meet him. Needless to say, she is humiliated when she is caught out.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Nancy Gould as Sophie, Gerald Diel as Gordon, Christopher Stollery as Chip, Paul Benson as Clubber Guy, Ben Read as Flower Delivery Man

Episode 7.38 (208)

img capture

Gemma decides to split Marc and Thania up when their seemingly perfect relationship continually grates on her nerves. Gem starts a rumour that Miss Kassis is involved with one of her students and guides Thania towards making the conclusion that Marc is that student. Marc denies anything has happened between them but Thania isn't able to accept his explanation and ends their relationship.

Zak and Tess skip school to spend the day together cruising on the harbour. The day ends badly when Zak is attacked by a group od bullies. She tries to tell him that he did the right thing by not fighting back but it is not what Zac wants to hear after such a public humiliation. He returns to school with a new-found aggressiveness but loses Tess when he seizes on an opportunity to exacts his revenge.

Anita is keen to sell some t-shirts she has designed but is having little success. Dennis volunteers to help but his knack for provocative slogans results in Carson banning the t-shirts and ignites the school uniform debate.©tzuk

Guest Cast: Nancy Gould as Sophie, Debbit Angus as Ms Bonner, Mitchell McMahon as Baker, Vic Mauro as Tyson, Tim Valka as Thug, Luke Carroll as Mo

Episode 7.39 (209)

img capture

Marc tries to mend his broken relationship with Thania but she's resolved that it's over. Gemma flirts with Marc but when he rejects her advances, she exacts her revenge by accusing Marc of sexual assault. Marc emphatically denies the allegation and Carson brings in the police to investigate. Gemma's story quickly unravels and she is expelled.

Carson gives his begrudging support when Drazic decides to leave Hartley to dedicate himself to working at the garage. The police hound Draz about stolen car parts but he keeps his mouth firmly shut.

Dennis and Tim's growing friendship isn't sitting easy with Tess now that she is going out with Zac. Dennis and Zac face off in a climbing competition.

Guest Cast: Nancy Gould as Sophie, Nicholas Bishop as Louie, Dominic Purcell as Todd, John McNeill as Detective Sergeant Steele, Rona McLeod as Detective Del

Note: Bianca Nacson's last episode (although she is still credited in episode 210)

Episode 7.40 (210)

img capture

The students are amused when they discover Carson is practising lawn bowls on the roof of the school. When Marc, an experienced bocce player, shows an interest, Carson gives him lessons so they can compete against Carson's arch rival. Marc's aggressive style clashes with Carson's more cautious approach but the final shot allows an old dog to learn a new trick.

Tess takes offence when Zac makes fun of her belief in the existence of ghosts. The topic prompts Zac to open up to Tess about his mother's death and he reluctantly agrees to participate in her séance. Dennis manipulates the event spooking Zac and causing him to re-evaluate his relationship with Tess.

Anita appeals to Detective Gillespie to look deeper into Drazic's case to uncover the man he's protecting by not talking. With limited options before him, Draz finally decides to co-operate with the police to save himself a prison sentence. With his future now wide open, Drazic has a question for Anita...

Guest Cast: Dominic Purcell as Todd, John McNeill as Detective Sergeant Steele, Nicholas Bishop as Louie, Bryce Youngman as Terry Simms, Dominic Bianco as Arthur, Peter McBride as Mr McCauley

Note: everybody's last episode :(

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