Guinevere Jones: characters

Tamara Hope as Gwen Jones

Tamara Hope

Gwen is an independent, passionate and temperamental fourteen-year-old living in a strange world. She learns that she is the reincarnation of Guinevere, who betrayed King Arthur and brought Camelot to ruin. Reluctantly, she takes on the role of the hero, fighting dark magic, mentored by Merlin.

Greta Larkins as Tasha Meyers

Greta Larkins

Tasha is Gwen's intelligent and wacky best friend. She doesn't care about fitting in and shops at thrift stores, not always by choice, but that's how it is when money's a little tight. She's a loyal sidekick to Gwen and with her knowledge of magic, she helps Gwen battle evil.

Damien Bodie as Josh Meyers

Damien Bodie

Josh-the utter opposite of his younger sister, Tasha. He's clean cut, responsible, and a hopeless romantic who's smitten with Gwen. He's suspicious of the magic world, but when faced with competition for Gwen's attention, he decides to support Gwen and protect her, even though she doesn't want protection.

Yani Gellman as Michael Medina

Yani Gellman

Dark, intense, mysterious--Michael is the bad risk that most girls find irresistible. He's a loner who spends as little time around school as he can get away with. Like Gwen, he's a misfit and an outside, and he confides in her about the miseries of his home life. Gwen agrees to help Tasha win Michael's heart, while secretly harbouring her own feelings.

Ted Hamilton as Merlin

Ted Hamilton

The wise wizard from the past who guides Gwen in the crusade to shine light into the darkness of human affairs. He and Gwen butt heads frequently, but he has affection and pride in Gwen.

Mercia Deane-Johns as Morgana La Fay

Mercia Deane-Johns

The queen of darkness whose purpose is to steer mankind towards the ignorance and conflict that feeds evil and her power. She rivals Merlin in magical skills; however, she is still mortal and will one day die.

Don Halbert as Patrick O'Leary


Mr. O'Leary just seemed to show up one day after a teacher mysteriously falls ill. He's up to something and whenever Gwen turns around, he's there.