a Canadian-Australian Co-production

Created by: Elizabeth Stewart
Executive Producers: Bruce Gordon, Tom Parkinson, Elizabeth Stewart, Kim Todd
Producers: Lynn Bayonas, Tim Williams

Aired: 2002 (26 x 30 min)

Imagine a world lousy with betrayal and intrigue, where survival depends on allegiance to tribe—where happiness is an unexpected luxury and the future is clouded by chaos and barbarism. Sound like the Dark Ages of Arthurian legend? Try a typical high school, at the dawning of the twenty-first century.

It's a world where, at fourteen, Gwen Jones doesn't fit in—doesn't want to fit in. Years of living on the run have taught Gwen to trust only her mother. But now her mother's ill, and Gwen's world has been turned upside down. She's living with strangers in a strange country, a strange town, going to a strange school. Gwen doesn't know it yet, but things are about to get a lot stranger.
canadianTamara HopeGwen Jones
 Greta LarkinsTasha Meyers
 Damien BodieJosh Meyers
canadianYani GellmanMichael Medina
 Ted HamiltonMerlin
 Aljin AbellaSpencer
 Briony BehetsLouise Rosen
 Dennis CoardHarve Rosen
 Trudy HellierKaren Jones
 Madeline PageKatie Dawson
 Mercia Deane-JohnsMorgana Le Fay
 Don HalbertPatrick O'Leary
 Ian DixonGadowain
canadianBridget NevalReine Davidson
 Katie CampbellWinifred "Wind" Winters
 Vanessa ElliottFrances "Fire" Bromsky
 Nigel RodriguezPrincipal Parker
 Chris HemsworthKing Arthur
cast photo

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