Glad Rags: episode guide


Episode 1
July 03, 1995

Lizzie is responsible for the headmaster of an exclusive girls' school being arrested, mistaking him for a bank robber. When the mistake is revealed Lizzie makes herself scarce as the police and her mother try to find her. Meanwhile, crooked property developer Graeme M Marsden and his dim-witted assistant, Lance, discuss plans for the new Cafe L.A. to be built on the Glad Rags site.

Oh Baby

Episode 2
July 04, 1995

Lizzie jumps to the conclusion that a scruffy man is stealing a baby outside Glad Rags. Dressed in a frog costume, she gives chase. Lizzie manages to grab the pram in a shopping arcade and race off with it with the scruffy man in hot pursuit. Lizzie gets back to Glad Rags and all is revealed as everyone arrives, including the police.


Episode 3
July 05, 1995

Trish and Lizzie discuss Lizzie's concern for justice and how it sometimes brings her unstuck. Marsden arrives at Glad Rags and presents his written proposal for the take over of Glad Rags to Trish. He tells them he already has bought Ambino Photography and Healthee Bodeez and just needs their shop to make his development dream come true. Marsden is stunned when Trish and Lizzie reject his offer. While Trish is alone in Glad Rags, three young punks enter and rob her. Trish is devastated. When Lizzie returns she is furious. The next day she enlists Brendan, Gino, Rohan and Diz to help her find the punks and hold them up until the police arrive to arrest them.

Lock Out

Episode 4
July 06, 1995

Trish, Fiorella and Gilbert discuss Marsden's attempt to buy them out. They seem to be wavering. Lizzie stings them into a defence of their homes while Lizzie tells the others about Marsden. Later Lizzie notices Marsden in the back lane measuring the properties. She gets Gino to dial Marden's mobile phone. The car horn starts sounding and Marsden climbs back over the locked fence to answer it, ripping his trousers as he does so. After Marsden leaves Lizzie and Gino discover his notebook. Lizzie calls her father for help and gives him Marsden's notebook.

Junk Heaven

Episode 5
July 10, 1995

Brendan persuades Lizzie to mind Healthee Bodeez for him while he slips out to eat a hamburger. While Lizzie is in the shop she receives a phone call from a radio station. She correctly answers the question asked and is told her mystery prize will be delivered to Healthee Bodeez. Later that day a truck backs up to Healthee Bodeez and unloads two thousand chocolate bars on the doorstep the prize Lizzie's won. Brendan is ecstatic and then panic-stricken that his mother will find out.

Charity Seagulls

Episode 6
July 11, 1995

At the local rubbish tip Warren Hamm tells his students how human waste has led to an explosion of seagulls and that they are nothing but "white rats". Later a collector for Save the Seagulls campaign receives a donation from Fiorella. At Glad Rags Lizzie becomes suspicious and is sure it's a scam. Lizzie phones the police and they arrive expecting to arrest a bogus collector. When everything is revealed, including Lizzie hiding in a seagull costume, Gilbert has a solution. Lizzie's penalty is to collect money for the campaigning dressed as a seagull.

on't Be Alarmed

Episode 7
July 12, 1995

Gilbert, who is no handyman, installs a new alarm system in Glad Rags to help Trish in the event of another robbery. It includes a "panic button" under the counter. In his office Marsden gives a presentation of the Cafe L.A. project to Rispoli who represents the investors. He lies about having control of all the sites. Later he contacts Griggs and organises a robbery of Ambino Photography. That same night Griggs enters Ambino's and begins to steal cameras. Lizzie gets up and goes to the toilet. Despite being turned off the alarm is activated. Gilbert and Gino wrestle the burglar who escapes only to be confronted by a huge dog. After the police take Griggs away Lizzie shows everyone how the alarm system is activated even though it was turned off.

Chief on a Hot Tin Roof

Episode 8
July 13, 1995

Using a disguise, Marsden goes to the local council and waylays the health inspector. He complains that he has seen rat droppings in Healthee Bodeez. He then asks Lance, his dim witted assistant to find a dead rat. Marsden throws it into Healthee Bodeez just as the health inspector arrives in the front door. Lizzie sees Marsden's car and smells a rat. She places some large green rubbish bins to block Marsden's exit. While Marsden removes them to drive out, Lizzie removes the rat from Healthee Bodeez and puts it in Marsden's car before he returns. While Marsden is driving his car phone rings, he drops it and feeling for it on the floor picks up the dead rat ... and crashes his car into a fire hydrant.

Tasmanian Blue

Episode 9
July 17, 1995

Warren Hamm takes his students on a visit to learn about homing pigeons buy Gino and Brendan stay away. Later Lizzie meets them after they have been conned into buying a pair of pigeons they claim are rare Tasmanian Blues. Meanwhile, Marsden is assuring Rispoli that the Cafe L.A. project will soon be resolved. Lizzie is unconvinced the pigeons are Tasmanian Blues and she checks and discovers there are no such pigeons as Tasmanian Blues. Meanwhile Brendan and Gino find the punk that sold them the pigeons. Lizzie confronts the punk who has been selling the pigeons and frightens him into admitting his guilt and returning Brendan and Gino's money.

Great Spotted Sapsucker

Episode 10
July 18, 1995

Warren Hamm reminds his students of the Insect Society meeting later that afternoon. At the insect society meeting Brendan, Rohan and Diz are bored stiff. Brendan accidentally frees a prize specimen: the Great Spotted Sapsucker. It flies into Lizzie's room and she accidentally kills it. The escape of the prize specimen brings all the members in to the street to hunt for it. Brendan, Rohan and Diz are asked by Lizzie what's going on and they go to her room to explain. While the adults are away the kids prepare for Marsden's next visit. Brendan watches the roof, Gino is hidden in a suit of armour and stands by the door in Glad Rags while Lizzie waits. At that moment Trish, Peabody and Fiorella arrive and realise what's been going on.

Foam Brick

Episode 11
July 19, 1995

While Warren Hamm raves on about the history of bricks on an excursion to a building site, Brendan, Gino, Rohan, Diz and Lizzie discuss Peabody. Diz tells them she knows where Marsden is and they decide to find out what he's up to. Hiding in some air conditioning ducts they see Marsden telling Lance do to something but can't hear what's being said. They decide to be prepared. While the adults are away they prepare for Marsden's next visit. When Marsden climbs down from the roof and reaches his car Brendan calls to him and throws a balloon filled with yoghurt and scores a direct hit! Marsden drives away in disgust. The kids have won again.

The Henderson's

Episode 12
July 20, 1995

Lizzie and the kids are at the art gallery trying to get inspiration for their leaflet. Peabody walks past with a group of students. He offers them the facilities to copy the leaflets. They then set off to deliver them across town. Trish receives a summons to appear in court and defend a charge by Marsden. Ranald is brought in to help. Mr Henderson, a tall amateur actor, hires a costume from Glad Rags. Brendan is asked to deliver the costumes but gets them mixed up. The costumes are delivered to the correct Henderson's and back at Glad Rags they all celebrate.

Court in the Act

Episode 13
July 21, 1995

Lizzie and Trish take delivery of a life-like gorilla suit. When they go to court they leave Rohan and Diz in charge of the shop. In a car park Marsden puts the finishing touches to a disguise for Lance... a prelude for a final assault on Glad Rags. In the rush to leave for court Brendan gets locked in Healthee Bodeez, with the foam brick, the key piece of evidence in the case. The judge for the case turns out to be Mr Henderson. In the court Ranald is brilliant in the defence of Glad Rags. He is put off, however, when it's discovered the foam brick and Brendan is missing. Peabody is despatched to retrieve Brendan and the foam brick and he sets off in a desperate bid to get him and back to Court in time. Meanwhile, Lance, in disguise, arrives at Glad Rags and plants a stink bomb. Rohan and Diz see through his disguise, get him into a gorilla suit and send him outside. They then return the stink bomb to Marsden's office. Lance is arrested in a shopping arcade, while Peabody gets Brendan back to court just in time. Marsden is found to be at fault and has to pay Glad Rags $50,000 compensation for harassment. There is much celebration later at Glad Rags where Peabody announces his engagement to Fiorella.