Produced by Nomad Films International

Executive Producer: Doug Stanley
Producers: Kate Faulkner
Creator/Writer: Trevor Todd
Director: Rob Stewart
Composer: Frank Strangio

Aired: July 3 -21, 1995 (13 x 30 min)

A half-hour children's drama series about 13-year-old Lizzie Forbes who lives with her mother above their costume hire shop "Glad Rags". When a crooked property developer tries to take over their building, Lizzie and her young neighbours outwit him at every turn.
Brooke 'Mikey' AdamsLizzie Forbes
Sarah ChadwickTrish Forbes
John MunachenGino Ambino
Luciano MartucciGilbert Ambino
Brett FerrisBrendan Punch
Carmel JohnsonFiorella Punch
Jerome EhlersGraeme M. Marsden

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