Producted by Film Australia in association with The Nine Network,
and The Australian Film Finance Corporation

Creators: Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson, Kathy Mueller
Executive Producer: Ron Saunders
Producer: Noel Price
Writers: Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson
Directors: Kathy Mueller, Noel Price

Aired: 1990, 1991 (Nine)

Alana, a teen-aged girl from the year 3000, finds herself trapped in 1990 with a criminal from the year 2500. Alone, and confused, she befriends a spirited girl named Jenny Kelly. Together they attempt to track down the time capsule which brought her there, while evading Silverthorn, the villain into whose hands it appears to have fallen.
Katharine CullenAlana
Melissa MarshallJenny Kelly
James FindleyPetey Kelly
Andrew ClarkeJames Rooney
Helen O'ConnorIrene Kelly
John HowardSilverthorn
Miles BuchananEddie
Jeremy ScrivenerNik (series 2)
Catherine McClementsLorien (series 2)
Marshall NapierDraco (series 2)
Paul SonkkilaVance (series 2)
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