A Katering and Guesswork Television production

Producer: Tamasin Simpkin
Creators/writers: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Executive Producers: Kevin Whyte, Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Executive Producers: Rick Kalowski, Brett Sleigh (ABC), Kelsey Balance, Evan Shapiro (Seeso)
Director: Hayden Guppy

Airing: Wed, August 30, 2017... (ABC, 9:30pm)

Having conquered the cutthroat world of satirical online cooking shows with The Katering Show, the two Kates are ready to take a Sassy Swipe at morning lifestyle television in Get Krack!n. Each morning the Kates will shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations, surly guests, underprepared experts and the over-lit decomposition of the duo's already rocky relationship. McLennan and McCartney will leave no cultural touchstone unturned, even though they are in no capacity qualified to speak on them, or on anything for that matter.

Kate McCartneyA version of herself
Kate McLennanA version of herself
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