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Episode 2.01 (9)

Wed, February 06, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

McCartney and McLennan are on the final stop of Get Krack!n's 'We Bloody Love Australia' tour. It has been a relentless, whistle-stop tour of Australia, courtesy of paid content from a range of regional towns that are looking to stamp themselves as the next foodie, holiday destination. But after 3 months of sharing dank motel rooms and sampling the parochial riches of what this wide, increasingly brown, land has to offer, McCartney and McLennan are well and truly ready to go home. They just need to get through one last broadcast before they can return to their loved ones and the private toilet situation that the Get Krack!n studio provides.

And so, The Kates find themselves aboard an historic paddle-steamer on the banks of the Mighty Murray River in the port town of Echuca Moama. It's here, at 7am on the roiling deck of the P.S. Gardnerella, that The Kates are first obligated to taste-test an array of sponsor-supplied river crustaceans, soft cheeses and acrid wines. Then the hosts disembark the boat to partake in a range of fun-filled activities specific to the historic border town, like making wine with their bare feet and mulesing a pen of unsuspecting sheep.

But when an unprecedented weather event begins to tear its way across the state, the outside broadcast, and McLennan and McCartney's hopes of making a swift exit, look set to be ruined.

Starring: Kate McCartney as A Version of Herself, Kate McLennan as A Version of Herself

With: Heidi Arena as Gayle, Anne Edmonds as Helen Bidou, Jason Marion as Jason, Isaiah Firebrace as Isaiah Firebrace, Michala Banas as Rose Bailey, Charlotte Nicdao as Scarlett Nicdao, Steven Gates as Man 1, Simon Hall as Man 2, Scott Edgar as Man 3, Justine Clarke as Justine Clarke, Denise Scott as Margaret, Fiona O'Loughlin as Robyn, Greg Larsen as Tim Duncan, Andrew Talbot as Boat Captain Neil, Amy Bennett as Keyboardist, Davey Thompson as PAHR Man, Michael Boyd as Whip Cracker, Giuseppe De Fazio as Police Officer, Daisy Berry as Paramedic, Isabel Angus as Holly, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Bec Petraitis as Anne

Episode 2.02 (10)

Wed, February 13, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

It's a new look show with a new look audience. McLennan, a veteran of the stage, falls back on her acting roots. Meanwhile, her introvert co-host, McCartney, is left to sweat through what is her genuine waking nightmare.

With: Tasia Zalar as Willow, Alicia Gardner as Kirsten/Kristen/Kirshen, Merrick Watts as Mark, Ash Flanders as Warm-Up Guy, Genevieve Morris as Marie Nash, Michelle Brasier as Saskia, Denis Moore as Geoff, Brenda Palmer as Nancy, Paul Kelly as Himself, Heath McIvor as Buzz Puppeteer, Adam Briggs as Bekjut, Björn Stewart as Michael Toddle, Isabel Angus as Holly, Kate Dehnert as Deanne/Kash Kock, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Gob as Breaker Dog

Episode 2.03 (11)

Wed, February 20, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

It’s Get Krack!n’s one-day-of-the-year thirty-minute ‘International Day of People Living with a Disability’ special and The Kates are determined to put disabled people front and centre. They claim to have done everything they possibly could to make their show more accessible; they’ve covered every square inch of their set in disability symbols to raise awareness about...disability symbols; they’ve hired an Auslan interpreter and installed a box of easy grip cutlery should anyone have an appetite for a pre-dawn meal.

They’ve also jam-packed the running order with a line-up of wonderful disabled talent. The Kates chat to a wellness krackspert who suffers from a chronic illness; a woman who McLennan & McCartney have never met but nonetheless deign to be a worthy recipient of their inaugural ‘Most Inspirink Person Award’; and a wheelchair racing Paralympian who is sure to make for a great interviewee should she be able to access the Get Krack!n set.

But when The Kates’ make a series of ableist blunders their ally reputation is called into question online. The hosts are therefore left with no choice but to drag McCartney’s new P.A., Matthew, onto the set to help reinstate their gold-star able-bodied ally reputation. However, The Kates’ misguided attempts at inclusivity are quickly usurped by an announcement out of Parliament, where everyone is presented with news that deeply effects McCartney’s P.A., Matthew almost as badly as McLennan is deeply affected by not having her own P.A.

With: Anna Seymour as Stella F, Alistair Baldwin as Matthew, Ashleigh Kedge as Stella B, Christie Dawes as Herself, Kate Mulvany as Skye, Emma J Hawkins as Tania Paul, Adam Hills as Joe Bigot, Teresa Paulet as Claudia, Kaitlyn Plyley as Delivery Person #1, Mitchell Pope as Delivery Person #2, Aimee Crathern as Sisters of Invention, Michelle Hall as Sisters of Invention, Caroline Hardy as Sisters of Invention, Annika Hooper as Sisters of Invention, Jackie Saunders as Sisters of Invention, Rhys Brister as NDIS Video Cast, Belinda Brister as NDIS Video Cast, Nicholas Foley as NDIS Video Cast, Doug Manson as NDIS Video Cast, Ryan Nunn as NDIS Video Cast, Kim Ozalp as NDIS Video Cast, Claudia Skipper as NDIS Video Cast, Aaron Webster as NDIS Video Cast, Ming-Zhu Hii as NDIS Voice Over, Lala Barlow as Katy Perry, Kate Dehnert as Deanne, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Katherine Clarke as Breaker Woman, Samantha Gandolfo as Breaker Woman, Nicole Smith as Breaker Woman, Cookie as Guide Dog Puppy

Episode 2.04 (12)

Wed, February 27, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

In yet another drive to bump up Get Krack!n’s audience share, Kontent producer Holly has filled today’s episode with easily digestible morning show fodder. And in the process, she is forcing The Kates to share details of their private lives for the viewers’ consumption, to make the duo seem more relatable. A reluctant McCartney serves up the bare minimum, but is left hanging when her usually over-sharing co-host refuses to dish up the goods.

The Kates’ struggle to not engage with Holly’s relentless onslaught of manipulative morning show gimmicks continues throughout the episode’s guest appearances; the charismatic “homo hack” Krackspert EJ Hayes, Helen Bidou spruiking the latest fitness craze, the Vibrathighz, Beauty Krackspert Penny Kwan chatting face masks with influencer Vina Lim, and a spooky, guest who joins them for a Kouch Khat.

But despite The Kates’ reluctance to endear themselves to the viewers, Holly is like a snake on a leg — she’s not going to let go of her precious running order without a fight.

With: Zoö Coombs Marr as EJ Hayes, Danielle Walker as Ranger Danny, Michelle Lim Davidson as Penny Kwan, Gaby Seow as Vina Lim, Bessie Holland as Astrid, Dalara Williams as Salote, Ra Chapman as Elise, Angella Dravid as Deborah Cromwell, Anne Edmonds as Helen Bidou, Jason Marion as Jason, Judith Lucy as Herself, Alistair Baldwin as Matthew, Isabel Angus as Holly, Kate Dehnert as Deanne/Stork, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Allan La as Drummer, Norine Ma as Drummer, Thai Thai Tran as Drummer, James Philipsen as Swing Dancer, Sarah Wheaton as Swing Dancer, Tamasin Simpkin as Breaker Woman, Jessica Anderson as Breaker Woman, Nash Anderson as Breaker Toddler, Shaun Micallef as Male Voice Over,

Episode 2.05 (13)

Wed, March 06, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

Due to a contractual oversight, The Kates are hosting a Saturday morning clip show called ‘Back Krack!n’, where they recap the highlights from the week that weres. Unlike the Kates, none of the regular staff are being made to work on their day off so the show is being crewed by McCartney’s P.A., Matthew, and his film-school mates who are unashamedly using the opportunity to film footage for showreels.

Struggling with their new roles as muse, McLennan and McCartney none-the-less back- krack to the start of their World Wide Environment Week, where they kicked off their hugely impactful Klimate Khangels Kampaign. As evidenced by the high energy recaps, it was a busy week full of kash giveaways, right-wing firebrands debating issues that in no way affect them and interviews with True Blue Battler Heroes about rescuing helpless women on the high seas. In fact, the World Wide Environment Week was so jam-packed, The Kates barely had time to address the environment at all.

With: Alistair Baldwin as Matthew, Emily Rowe as Georgie, Sun Park as Laura, Debra Lawrance as Tikki CHeeseman, John Howard as Bill Langham, David Quirk as Coby Boyle, Charlotte Nicdao as Scarlett Nicdao, Darren Gilshenan as Harry Buttle, Madeleine Sami as Amy Bryan, Rachel House as Sybilla Rigg, Piath Mathiang as Amal Kuwa, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Jessica Brouwer as Taptastic Kid, Clementine Daff as Taptastic Kid, Frances Murnane as Taptastic Kid, Lila Read as Taptastic Kid, Violet Round as Taptastic Kid, Adam Davis as Kash Kock Stunt Double, Ryan Nunn as Film School Student, Chase Kelso as Film School Student, Corey Ernsdoerfer as Film School Student, Mitchell Alexander as Dead Arm

Episode 2.06 (14)

Wed, March 13, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

A reluctant McCartney and McLennan are joined on the couch by TV's Brendan O'Hara, the new, and permanent, co-host of their fantastic female-led show.

With: Matt Day as Brendan O'Hara, Charlotte Nicdao as Scarlett Nicdao, Maria Angelico as Tashie, Fiona Choi as Professor Nancy Lee, Ayiana Ncube as Nesta Mapeza, Dave Thornton as Diggsy, Anthony Lehmann as The Nut, Dave Lawson as Tommy, Dane Simpson as Chambo, Nath Valvo as Marty, Sharnee Taylor as Maryska, Kate Dehnert as Deanne/Kash/Kock, Camilla Bassi as Chelsea, Isabel Angus as Holly, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Alistair Baldwin as Matthew; Jessica Anderson, Lily Anderson, Nash Anderson & Andrew Anderson as Breaker Family; Marcus McKenzie & Cory Corbett as Breaker Men; Hana V. Corbett as Breaker Woman

Episode 2.07 (15)

Wed, March 20, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

With numerous studio crew on a precautionary hiatus, the Kate's are left to fend for themselves. It's a jam-packed show, if only they could be bothered to host it.

With: Michelle Lim Davidson as Penny Kwan, Gaby Seow as Vina Lim, Wes Snelling as Kelvin Vyte, Anne Edmonds as Helen Bidou, Sam Campbell as Connor, Amy Lehpamer as Jane/Rachel, Joseph Sokia Rokoqo as Delivery Man, Ratu 'Cav' Cavuilati as Delivery Man, Cle Morgan as Selena, Zindzi Okenyo as Nekesa, Thando Sikwila as Anesu, Harvey Zielinski as Pharmabarn Rep, Taylor Fong as Alvin, Jason Marion as Jason, Frank Woodley as Bike Delivery Guy, Bianca McIntyre as Alex, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Kate Dehnert as Deanne, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Adam Briggs as Bekjut, Alistair Baldwin as Matthew, Tamasin Simpkin as Breaker Woman, Katherine Clarke as Breaker Woman, Students from Christine Ayres School of Irish Dancing as Emerald Legs

Episode 2.08 (16 - series finale)

Wed, March 27, 2019
Written by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Directed by Hayden Guppy

Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui return to promote the new season of their network show, The Blynde Spot. But when the Kates suddenly leave mid-interview, their guests are, once again, left to steer the leaky and rudderless boat that is Get Krack!n. Miranda, keen to diversify her skill-set so she stops getting confused for Deborah Mailman, embraces the opportunity to host the show. And eventually, she convinces a reluctant Nakkiah to stay and claim her role as ‘Australia’s Aboriginal Sonia Kruger’.

And so with new outfits, new hair, new makeup and their bodies squeezed into second-hand shapewear, Nakkiah and Miranda present a running order filled with segments on mudrooms, laundry detergents and and an all-white panel discussing whether or not racism is “a thing.” The only reprieve comes when they check in with intern Scarlett Nicdao who is reporting live from The Kates’ location. There The Kates negotiate both an unfolding situation and the handful of confused guests who were redirected to them.

Whilst the Kates keep on pushing through until their series contract allows them to stop, Nakkiah and Miranda valiantly set out to change the face of Australian morning TV, just by being faces on Australian morning TV.

With: Nakkiah Lui as A Version of Herself, Miranda Tapsell as A Version of Herself, Charlotte Nicdao as Scarlett Nicdao, Kate Jenkinson as Catherine Macleod, Ming-Zhu Hi as Elizabeth Jane, Elaine Crosbie as Eloise, Meshel Laurie as Felicity Hogg, Laura Wheelwright as Isla Bedford, Debra Lawrance as Tikki Cheeseman, John Howard as Bill Langham, David Quirk as Coby Boyle, Anne Edmonds as Helen Bidou, Lucy Durack as Herself, Penny Wong as Herself, Jonathan Schuster as Gary, Dallas Lee Webster as Nova Gina, John Ridgeway as Jojo Zaho, Isabel Angus as Holly, Claire Hooper as Donna, Andrea Powell as Jacqui, Tiama Martina as Sabrina, Alistair Baldwin as Matthew, Bec Petraitis as Anne, Kate Dehnert as Kash Kock, Vanessa Dickson as Optometrist Patient, Phillipa Anderson as Helen Bidou Stunt Double

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