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"Two months ago, three prominent people were appointed to the Logistics and Liaison Division for the Games.

"The Minister gave a documentary crew permission to film their every move."

The Press Conference


Episode 1.01
Australia: August 17, 1998 (ABC)
Canada: June 19, 2000 (CBC)
Writers: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
Director: Bruce Permezel

A political analyst is called in to assess the performance of members of the Logistics and Liaison Division after a disasterous press conference marred by a faulty Olympic handbook and questions from the media.

Starring: John Clarke, Bryan Dawe, Gina Riley

Special Guest: Barrie Cassidy as Political Analyst

Also Appearing: Ruben Gilles

Voice Over: Dean Banks

Athletics Schedule


Episode 1.02
Aus: August 24, 1998
Can: Mon, June 26, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

Discussions about financing, event scheduling and potential new Olympic sports (and whether any existing ones could be eliminated) bracket an unexpected visit by IOC chairman Juan Antonia Samaranch who has arrived to inspect the swimming and diving complex.

Special Guest: Ross Campbell [Ross Stevenson] as Albert Einstein (2SFM Morning Programme Host)

Also Appearing: Janine Com, Chris Banks, Serge De Nardo, David Lemmie

Voice Over: Dean Banks, Abbe Holmes, Nicholas Bell



Episode 1.03
Aus: August 31, 1998
Can: Mon, July 10, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

Gina tries to persuade John to conduct interviews with the press. John and Gina are called to a meeting with the Minister's Secretary at an advertising agency to review a promotional video. Bryan signs a lucrative sponsorship deal with a tobacco company.

Special Guests: Nicholas Bell as Secretary to the Minister for the Games, Andrew Curry as Kid Curry

Also Appearing: Ralph Marrison, Jarrod Carmen, Lillian Lewis

Voice Over: Ross Campbell [Ross Stevenson], Dean Banks, Vince D'Amico, Tim Harris

Robbo and the 100 Metres


Episode 1.04
Aus: September 07, 1998
Can: Mon, July 17, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

Quick action, or at the very least the assignment of blame, is needed when it is discovered that the track for the 100 Metres is only 94 metres long. Garry Robertson holds a press conference where he announces the environmental safeguards put in place for the games — the Nagano games.

Special Guests: Jim Daly as Jim Wilson, Denis Moore as Garry Robertson

Also Appearing: Louise Siverson as Jasmin Holt, Bernadette Schwerdt as Fran Hyett, Nicole Nabout as Nicole (Reporter), Matthew Green as Reporter, Craig Beamer, Lew Luton as Reporter, Richard Wiggan

Voice Over: Hamish Hughes

Past Sports Stars and Gender


Episode 1.05
Aus: September 14, 1998
Can: Mon, July 31, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

Gina monitors construction of the Olympic stadium while answering calls on a special Olympic Hotline set up for international callers — a task complicated by it only operating during Australian business hours. John and Bryan argue as to whether modern day athletes are superior to those of the past. Bryan meets with the Secretary to the Minister to discuss seating arrangements for a Regional Delegates meeting. The eligibility of a competitor who has had a sex change is argued.

Special Guests: Neil Pigot as David Pigot, Nicholas Bell as Secretary to the Minister for the Games

Also Appearing: Jonathon Kovac as Jonathan, Campbell Clerke as Pizza Delivery Boy

Voice Over: Ross Campbell [Ross Stevenson] as Albert Einstein, Alan Hopgood as Caller

Millennium Bug/FAQs


Episode 1.06
Aus: September 21, 1998
Can: did not air
W: John Clarke, Ross Stevenson, Bryan Dawe, Gary McCaffrie
D: Bruce Permezel

Gina's new voice recognition software promises new efficiencies while John and Bryan try to track down a wayward budget fax. Meanwhile, the Y2K Millennium Bug threatens to derail the entire games. With no fix in sight, avoiding responsibility is the new aim. John, Bryan and Gina participate in a live web chat.

Special Guests: Simon Palomares as Simon, Cristin Daniel as Jason Daniel

Also Appearing: Michelle Palmer, Ren De Haas as Ren

Dead Man


Episode 1.07
Aus: September 28, 1998
Can: did not air
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

Sydney's water quality is questioned. There is a backlash to the revised the swimming programme and event relocations. John and Gina are tasked with looking after a dead IOC delegate. Jasmine Holt raises her concerns about ambush marketing with Brian and the pair pick up some VIPs from the airport.

Special Guests: Nicholas Bell as Nicholas, Louise Siverson as Jasmin Holt

Also Appearing: Humphrey Bower as Graham Cousin, Geoff Paine as Brett Paine, Neil Pollock, Micky Tucker, Pamela Erskine-Fowler, Joan Brockenshire as Taxi Driver, Tommy Dysart as Taxi Driver, Mark Wickham

Rural and Environment


Episode 1.08
Aus: October 05, 1998
Can: Mon, August 14, 2000
W: John Clarke, Ross Stevenson, Linda Haggar, Fahey Younger, Tim Harris
D: Bruce Permezel

Plans for the reformatted swimming heats are revealed. John makes an appearance on Lateline where an official from the Spanish Athletics Association attacks Australia's position on the environment and requests athletes be given a lifetime indemnity against skin cancer, a dilemma John resolves by offering to move the hole in the ozone layer for the duration of the games. Representatives from the Federation of Rural Progress pitch their ideas for the opening ceremonies, a contract for which has already been given to a German firm.

Special Guests: Maxine McKew as Maxine McKew, Simon Palomares as Simon Palomares, Nicholas Bell as Nicholas, Linley Frame as Linley Frame, Linda Haggar as Mrs Dundas, Fahey Younger as Joyce

Also Appearing: Mick Bunworth, Michael Isaacs, Justin Stanforth, Shane Kruger, Jo Donahoe, Winston Galea



Episode 1.09
Aus: October 12, 1998
Can: Mon, August 21, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

John calls in Bob Hawke, or at least a reasonable facsimile of Bob Hawke, when he must find a way to deal with a troublesome journalist who uncovers some ugly truths. An infallible drug test is discovered but Gina is concerned that implementing it for the games may keep athletes and sponsors away. Workers cannot be found to build the new lacrosse centre.

Special Guests: Gerry Connolly as Himself, Nicholas Bell as Nicholas Bell, Matthew Quartermaine as Dermot O'Gorman, Matthew Parkinson as Hal Parkinson, Matthew Greene as Jack Hughes, Shauna McEwan as Shauna McEwan

Also Appearing: Serge De Nardo, Scott Snibson as Scott, Terry Brittingham, Ian Henderson as Newsreader

A Management Course


Episode 1.10
Aus: October 19, 1998
Can: Mon, August 28, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

John, Bryan, and Gina are sent to a training exercise at the Grand Vistas Conference Centre in the Blue Mountains where they are asked to solve hypothetical problems they might encounter during the Games. John utilises the "Athens Option" to deal with a petition asking that the gold medals be made of gold. The time has come to deal with the fact that no venue has been organised for fencing.

Special Guests: Nicholas Bell, Miki Oikawa, Katernia Katsonis

Also Appearing: Russell Allen

Voice Over: Marg Downey

A Conflict of Interest


Episode 1.11
Aus: October 26, 1998
Can: Mon, September 04, 2000
W: John Clarke/Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

John tries to keep a Sydney businessman from gaining a seat on SOCOG. Plans to sell Games venues to American interests trouble the crew. Gina suffers the aftereffects of conducting yet another tour for visiting dignitaries. The documentary film crew visits John at home on a Sunday morning.

Special Guests: Francis Greenslade as Emmanuel Murdoch, William Ten Eyck as William T. Eyck

Also Appearing: Andy McPhee, Fred Barker as Taxi Driver, Brian Goldberg

Voice Over: Ross Campbell [Ross Stevenson]

Horse and Dream Team


Episode 1.12
Aus: November 02, 1998
Can: Mon, September 04, 2000
W: John Clarke, Ross Stevenson, Alan Brough
D: Bruce Permezel

John plays hardball with the agent representing the American basketball "Dream Team" when the issue of special treatment is put forth. A Civility Awareness programme is proposed for the city's service industry to help make visiting Americans feel more at home. Bryan and John encounter a likable, animal-hating TV Vet when the eligibility of an equestrian team's genetically engineered horse is raised

Special Guest: Frank Woodley as Frank Woodley - TV Vet

Also Appearing: Andrew Curry, Chuck Fayne as Thomas Miller, Nicole Nabout, Eddy McShortall, Ren de Haas, Andrew Botham, Brenda Monaghan as Waitress, Hoyin Ng, "Rascal"



Episode 1.13
Aus: November 09, 1998
Can: did not air
W: John Clarke, Ross Stevenson
D: Bruce Permezel

John learns the diving pool at the aquatic centre is built in the wrong location. Bryan creates an innovative solution to diagnosing transportation problems but his job is in jeopardy when the Minister wants to bring in an outside consultant to redesign the transport infrastructure.

Special Guest: Sam Neill as Sam Neill - CityTrans CEO, Nicholas Bell as Nicholas, Dave Graney as Dave

Also Appearing: Cliff Ellen as Harry Gibbs, Tamara Saulwick as Bella Saulwick, Norma Brown as Daphne, Wayne Wilson

Voice Over: Greg Miles, Dean Banks