Original Concept: John Clarke and Ross Stevenson
Produced by: Beyond Productions in association with the ABC
Producers: Denise Eriksen (1998) and Mark Ruse (2000)

Aired: 1998, 2000 (ABC)

The Games takes a satirical look at the bureaucrats as they orchestrate the extravaganza that will be the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The series is set within the fictional Sydney Olympic Organizing Committee. From press conferences and protocol breaches to bungled boardroom meetings, The Games is a behind-the-scenes view of the Committee as the main event draws closer. Capturing the unfolding drama and decision making associated with the Games, this is an irreverent look at the planning behind the Olympics. (26x25min)
John ClarkeJohn Clarke, Head of Administration & Logistics
Bryan DaweBryan Dawe, Manager - Accounts, Budgeting and Finance
Gina RileyGina Riley, Manager - Marketing & Liaison
Nicholas BellNicholas Bell, Secretary to the Minister for the Games
Andrew CurryAndrew "Kid" Curry
Louise SiversenJasmin Holt, Marketing Division
Ross StevensonAlbert Einstein
Tim SchwerdtTim Schwerdt
Matthew GreenJack Hughes
cast photo

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