Produced by Pea Tree Productions

Creators/Executive Producer: Arden Pryor
Writers: Arden Pryor, Jack Savige, Dean Watson, Gordon Napier, Seon Williams
Directors: Arden Pryor, Jack Savige, Gordon Napier

Aired: June - July, 2016 (C31)

After a bad break-up, Jane goes to work as a sales agent at a building company run by her aunt, Anthea. Her new co-workers are colourful to say the least. Jane quickly learns that sometimes the people you work with, despite all your differences, become your closest friends.

Katharine InnesJane Keaton
Jennifer B. AshleyPrue Hughes
Asleen MauthoorNicki Gandolfini
Seon WilliamsMeadow Lee
Matthew CrowleyWill Hughes
Louise BremnerAnthea Brewster
cast photo

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