Fix Her Up: episode guide

Where There's a Will, There's a Jane

Episode 1
Mon, June 13, 2015
Written by Arden Pryor
Directed by Arden Pryor

Jane has a one night with an overzealous man who turns out to be a co-worker's brother. Meanwhile Nicki attempts to win a free honeymoon by passing off Prue as her same-sex partner.

Starring: Katharine Innes as Jane Keaton, Jennifer B. Ashley as Prue Hughes, Asleen Mauthoor as Nicki Gandolfini, Seon Williams as Meadow Lee, Matthew Crowley as Will Hughes, Louise Bremner as Anthea Brewster

Guest Starring: Donna Cleverley as Whisky Biggins, Ross Larkin as Travis, Paula Williams as Photographer

Nicki's Big Fat Italian Reno

Episode 2
Mon, June 20, 2015
Written by Arden Pryor
Directed by Gordon Napier

Nicki is fired from marketing and has to compete with Jane for the sales role. Meanwhile Prue and Will track down Meadow's biological Mother.

With: Rosa Nix as Rosa Gandolfini, Mayumi Nobetsu as Sophie

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Meadow

Episode 3
Mon, June 27, 2015
Written by Jack Savige, Dean Watson and Arden Pryor
Directed by Jack Savige

Meadow thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her and uses Nicki to honeytrap him. Meanwhile Jane tries to fix Prue up with Teddy, a handsome but dumb plumber.

With: Pat Moonie as Brandon Keaton, Issac Still as Teddy, Andy Balloch as Fred

Prue's Eye for the Straight Guy

Episode 4
Mon, July 04, 2015
Written by Arden Pryor and Jack Savige
Directed by Jack Savige

Jane's brother, Brandon, helps Prue audit their accounts and inadvertently sets off a rivalry between Prue and Nicki for his affections. Meanwhile Jane fires Karen the cleaning lady.

With: Pat Moonie as Brandon Keaton, Cas Yates as Karen

Anthea's Throwback Thursday

Episode 5
Mon, July 11, 2015
Written by Jack Savigem Gordon Napier, Seon Williams and Arden Pryor
Directed by Gordon Napier

The girls reminisce about their pasts — Jane talks about her radio breakdown, Nicki tells the story of how she met Meadow while online gaming, and Anthea takes the girls on a memory trip back to the 90s.

With: Donna Cleverley as Whisky Biggins, Damien Vosk as Kumquat, Arden Pryor as Rhonda Power, Paul Knox as Brewster, Dennis Manahan as Pete, Lloyd Bissell as John, Tommy Kay as Nick, Akira Bradley as Mirakin, Ashton Kaa as Restaurant Patron, Rob Stanfield as Anthea's Husband, Wallis Murphy-Munn as Anthea/Cybil