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1999-01-06 Oct 30, 1998 - Mar 31, 1999 (v1.0)
Original design with a green and gold motif representing both Australia and my home province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Various yellow and green background textures used. At launch, site covered just 20 series.
1999-07-09a April 01, 1999 - ??? (v2.0)
Background textures gone as is the yellow. A rare special edition main page shown here, was otherwise exactly the same as the one below. Start of the kangaroo icon phase. Blue was only used for main page, interior pages had a tan background.
1999-07-09b ??? - July 15, 1999 (v2.1)
A short lived variation with a rusty red replacing the green background in the list frame, otherwise the same.
1999-07-16 July 16, 1999 - Nov 11, 1999 (v2.5)
New kangaroo background image on the main page and my first use of the Southern Cross.
1999-12-22 Nov 12, 1999 - Jan 04, 2000 (v2.6)
Darker blue and a bigger constellation. Used several backgrounds in the list frame with this design.
2000-02-04 Jan 04, 2000 - Feb 10, 2000 (v2.7)
Switched the red and the blue and returned to using background textures. Short lived name change. Interior pages still tan but with a red left-side border to visually link to the list frame.
2000-02-04b Feb 11, 2000 - April 20, 2000 (v2.8)
An all blue theme, even the inside show pages were white text on a blue background. Originally just the Farscape page had the blue background but everything else was slowly changed over. Main page layout was same as below.
2000-05-05 April 21, 2000 - May 05, 2000 (v2.9)
Changed the background textures, more name juggling (I've never liked the wordiness of the site's name)
2000-07-29 May 06, 2000 - July 28, 2000 (v3.0)
A well deserved complete overhaul of the entire site, returning to a simpler design (despite adding another frame) with an easier to read white background. Kangaroo imagery is gone but the Southern Cross remains.
2000-09-08 July 29, 2000 - Oct 25, 2001 (v3.5)
Abandoned using the colour red as the list frame is changed to a more visually compatible blue/green colour.
2001-10-25 Oct 25, 2001 - Oct 03, 2002 (v3.6)
Again changed the colour used in the list frame, rearranged the main page (not very well though). A few variations on the list frame graphics used.
2003-04-15 Oct 03, 2002 - June 14, 2003 (v4.0)
A new look marks a new home ( and the 4 year anniversary. Theme uses a design template of the Australian flag (not really visible). A major code overhaul unifies the markup on all pages and markup changed from html to xhtml and css.
2003-06-14 June 14, 2003 - Nov 18, 2003 (v4.1)
The site's visual evolution (and simplification) continues with a lighter appearance for the supporting frames and text and a redesigned main page are the most obvious changes. There have been no visual changes to the internal pages since May 2000.
2003-11-19 Nov 19, 2003 - Jan 2004 (v5.0)
Latest variation on the flag motif. The first time one large background has been spread across all three frames (again hard to see). All pages now in xhtml with css for presentation.
2004-01-07 Jan 2004 - March 12, 2004 (v5.1)
Same graphics as previous version (99% of layout in CSS, including the new main page) but have moved site its to 4th host (1&1) and for the first time have a proper domain for the site (
2004-03-06 March 12, 2004 - April 30, 2004 (v6.0)
Biggest overhaul of the site since its inception as the frame-based layout is finally laid to rest. Layout of the content areas remains the same but a new header and sidebar are created using Server Side Includes to give consistant navigation. Main page is as below.
May 2004 May 01, 2004 - May 31, 2004 (v6.1)
No different from the version above other than the change in header imagery. New look is based on the flag of the Australian Capital Territory. Will continue with this theme and use the other state and territorial flags for the rest of the year.
New South Wales header June 2004 (v6.2)
New graphics based on the state flag of New South Wales (1788). Each flag motif will last one month, following the year of founding.
Tasmania header July 2004 (v6.3)
Tasmania (1825). Reworked top menu.
Western Australia design August 2004 (v6.4)
Western Australia (1829). Changed style switcher to offer a choice in the base font size.
Redesign / South Australia September 2004 (v7.0)
South Australia (1836). After nearly six years of having a left-hand sidebar, it is moved to the right. Header layout changed as are many of layouts used in the the interior pages, return to a non-white background color, sidebar uses same background color as content area. A favourite.
Victoria design October 2004 (v7.1)
Victoria (1851). No significant changes other than the backgrounds.
Queensland design November 2004 (v7.2)
Queensland (1859). Proposed flag flag used for inspiration.
Northern Territory design December 2004 (v7.3)
Northern Territory (1901). No significant changes other than the backgrounds. Lesson learned: stay with the blue.
Jan 2005 January 01 - Feb 09, 2005 (v7.4)
Returned to prefered blue colour scheme, kangaroo imagery last used in 2000 returns as well.
Feb 2005 Feb 09, 2005 - May 03, 2005 (v7.5)
First use of TV remote control images in the header. Variations are used for a while.
May 2005 May 04, 2005 - December 15, 2005 (v7.5.1)
Darker variation on the remote theme
2006 December 16, 2005 - July 30, 2006 (v8.0)
Complete code overhaul of site's structure. Sidebar widened to keep navigational elements together. Kept remote control imagery but header layout changed and margins added. Interior pages again remain largely unchanged. Site now covers over 400 series, telemovies and miniseries.
2006 July 31, 2006 - Feb 05, 2007 (v9.0)
A mix of previous designs sticking the old header style on the previous changed body style with page margins eliminated. More importantly, site regresses from a troublesome full-css layout back to a reliable, rock-solid table-based structure.
Feb 2007 Feb 06, 2007 - May 31, 2007 (v9.1)
A few weeks after an overhaul of the site markup comes a subtle visual update to the well used tv remote theme (header of v7.5 on body of v9.0)
June 2007 June 01, 2007 - Nov 14, 2007 (v10)
First implementation of a fixed width design to unify layouts across growing monitor resolutions. No changes to content layouts. Sydney Harbour Bridge image used in header, replacing 2+ year run of TV remote imagery (perhaps the start of a landmarks series).
Nov 2007 Nov 14, 2007 - May 13, 2008 (v10.1)
Identical to the above but changed the light blue background to a darker blue horizontal gradient
May 2008 May 14, 2008 - Feb 06, 2009 (v10.2)
Era of Sydney Opera House headers begins. Page layouts tweaked for the first time in several years, main page most noticeably different. Slightly wider fixed width.
Feb 2009 Feb 07, 2009 - Feb 05, 2010 (v10.3)
New colour scheme implemented. After years of using blue as a dominant colour, a change to a toned down blue-gray is a long-desired change. Page layouts are largely the same with a few tweaks for improved consistancy.
Feb 2010 Feb 06 - Sept 12, 2010 (v10.4)
Time for a new look after a year. Still monochromic gray but darker. Another Opera House header graphic. Search box moved into the header but content formatting is unchanged. All traces of the original basic episode guide format have been eliminated to improve consistency.
Sept 2010 Sept 13, 2010 - Dec 16, 2011 (v10.5)
Same as 10.4 but have returned to favoured blue hues. No other changes beyond a new header image (still using the Sydney Opera House)
Dec 2011 Dec 17, 2011 - Feb 28, 2013 (v10.6)
Variation on the Opera House header imagery but now in a bolder full-width black header. Grey replaces the blue page backgrounds. Content sections remain untouched save for some slight colour adjustments. A few background variations were used.
March 2013 March 01 - June 11, 2013 (v10.7)
A modification of the previous design that started out blue but ended up monochromatic. Header shrunk and vertical spacing tightened up pushing elements up the page. Some borders and underlines removed to clean up the look.
June 2013 June 11, 2013 - January 10, 2016 (v10.71)
A revision of the original blue version of the above. Drop shadow on the background removed creating a flatter appearance. NZ content pages continue to have a black header graphic.
January 2016 January 11, 2016 - May 22, 2018 (v10.72)
New backgrounds use full screen images with the same blue/grey theme (Sydney and Aukland Harbour Bridges are featured). NZ pages revert from black to blue for consistency. Trying a fixed background for (possibly) the first time. Interior pages continue in their usual formats evolving to use ever larger images.
May 2018 May 22, 2018... (v10.8)
A return to a flag motif reminiscent of the Nov 2003 design. All page types modified to provide a more consistent visual look to the various layouts. Text size increased. Line spacing of various menu elements adjusted to improved touch performance. Sidebar episode guide shortcut links removed. NZ content now under a unique site name in addition to having an appropriate background. Lots of other little changes.