Produced by Twenty 20 Pty Ltd

Creators: Deborah Cox, Roger Monk
Executive Producers: Miranda Dear, Fiona Eagger
Associate Producer: Roger Monk
Producers: Fiona Eagger, Deborah Cox
Writers: Deborah Cox, Roger Monk
Directors: Stuart McDonald, Matthew Saville

Aired: 2008, 2009 (ABC)

Art Watkins returns to the neglected resort of Broken Bay, the eastern-most point of Australia, when his mother dies. Art hopes his stay will be brief but the legacy from his mother binds him to his wayward younger brother and the teenage son he has hardly seen in ten years. The longer Art stays, the more he becomes enmeshed in the lives of the locals and the drifters who have found safe haven in Broken Bay. (13 x 55 min)
Richard RoxburghArt Watkins
Tom LongVance Watkins
Susie PorterEve Pritchard
Nick TateGerry Watkins (series 2)
Gia CaridesMelanie Freedman
Valerie BaderBev Flick
Kathryn BeckLizzy Dellora
Craig StottJosh Watkins
Steve BisleyTerry Adams
Imogen AnnesleySuzy
Tracey MannRosemary (series 2)
Mouche PhillipsSandy
Damien GarveyOwen
Glenn SheaEdgar
Errol O'NeillLen
Fletcher HumphrysJai
Tom BudgeDale

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