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Weather Man


Episode 2.01 (7)
Saturday, July 25, 2009 (ABC1)
Ratings: 0.794 million viewers (10th)
Written by Deb Cox
Directed by Stuart McDonald

Be careful what you wish for… Art Watkins wakes up one morning, five months on since he and his brother Vance re-opened their parents' 70s backpacker hostel — the Far Out East — lying next to Eve in a lovers' embrace, and counts his blessings. The brothers are getting on well, and business is finally starting to pick up.

His steady presence — along with his brother's practical skills — has ensured the Far Out East is surviving, if not thriving. His relationship with his teenage son, Josh, has continued to develop, and finally his long-awaited memoir, Gross National Happiness, is set to be launched at this year's Writers' Festival… what more could he hope for? Indeed everything is… PERFECT.

From the moment that word escapes from his lips, though, fate sets about delivering a series of obstacles to test Art's newfound fulfilment. Thunder claps and tempests brew as Art and Vance's fair-weather father — Gerry Watkins makes his way into town, shaking everything in his wake.

Vance, still heart-weary over the loss of ex-girlfriend Melanie, invests all of his energies into keeping the Far Out East running. Meanwhile Melanie has renounced her worldly life in favour of an austere atonement — all in the interests of winning back Vance's heart — or at least his body.

Eve has had enough of her living arrangements with Art; tired of overnight bags and backpackers. She's also exhausted with her job in council; and when her Conservation Act submission for the caravan park is overlooked for a potential sale, Eve's left feeling stagnated. The situation is exacerbated when Art sidesteps her invitation to move in with her… So when Carter Smith walks into the Writers' Festival and into Eve's life, she's more than a little tempted by his light green ideologies.

Guest Starring: Imogen Annesley as Suzy Burns, Helen O'Connor

And: Elise Greig as Woman Manager, Greg Skipper as Truck Driver Jim, Lisa Finkenauer as Yoga Teacher, Andrew Blaine as Mayor, James Mercy as Nick, Yvonne Stewart as Aunty, Dulcie Nicholls as Aunty, Andy Turnbull as Redneck Councillor, Lanie Loughlin as Yoga Student #1, Mat Burn as Youth, Brian Bolton as Foreman, Amelia Shankley as Woman Driver

Cumin Get It!


Episode 2.02 (8)
Saturday, August 01, 2009
Ratings: 0.749 million viewers (10th)
Written by Roger Monk
Directed by Stuart McDonald

The three-day cyclonic storm that blew Gerry into town finally departs, leaving in its wake some major damage to the Far Out East. Citing safety regulations, the council demands the resort be repaired by close of business — or forfeit its residency certificate — so Vance leads the charge to set things straight, mustering all hands on deck.

Art is dismayed when Gerry quickly ingratiates himself with Vance and his long-lost grandson — Josh — who takes a shine to his Pop and agrees to help him in the reconstruction of the rotunda. Gerry's belief in redistribution and the universe providing — by way of opportunistic theft — leaves Josh with some tricky moral choices. Art is frustrated to boiling point by the old man's tireless charm.

Things go from bad to worse for Art when it is revealed that a company takeover has seen his book dumped before publication. The fact that Eve hasn't even read Art's book puts further strain on their union as Gerry leaves a trail of chaos which leads to a brush with the law.

Meanwhile Eve's frustration with both her work and domestic situation increases as Carter Smith, the handsome, celebrity greenie, woos her with offers that make her position at council tenuous. When Art arrives to find Carter has crashed what was meant to be a romantic dinner with Eve, all goes awry and the night culminates in a messy confrontation between the fractious lovers.

Guest Starring: Helen O'Connor

And: Peter Marshall as Building Inspector, Michelle Cunningham as Volley Ball Girl, James Mercy as Nick, Laura Keneally as Midwife, Victoria Fitzgibbon as Single Mum, Hamish Fraser as Backpacker, Ben Clements as Maitre D'

The Golden Rule


Episode 2.03 (9)
Saturday, August 08, 2009
Ratings: 0.689 million viewers (10th)
Written by Deb Cox
Directed by Tony Tilse

The rules of love and intimacy continue to be re-modelled as Gerry appoints himself chief matchmaker and love-god to his grandson Josh — who has been left reeling after a crushing blow from his girlfriend, Rebecca. Gerry takes it upon himself to ensure that the female guests of the Far Out East assist Josh with his romantic recovery.

Vance also seeks solace from his ongoing frustrations with the female smorgasbord on offer at the Far Out East — while Melanie is distracted by a surprise visit from the supposedly-dead Terry Adams.

Art, still outraged over Eve's dislike of his book, decides on a perverse type of revenge — by shifting genres and writing a romance novel. To his amazement, he enjoys the cathartic opportunities presented by the process. Eve, on the back-foot following their fight, makes several attempts to make amends with Art — but by the time he reciprocates, his gestures are ill-timed and awry and he's outshone on all fronts by the smooth-talking Carter Smith.

Carter and Eve set about working on an eco-village plan — and Eve pitches Carter a potential site — the controversial piece of land she's been attempting to have zoned for conservation. Eve persuades Carter to propose a lease arrangement to protect the land from inevitable development and, as they join forces to front the local Council, their bond continues to develop.

When Dale makes a cradle for Lizzy's baby, she becomes more certain of his affection for her — but when she attempts to develop their intimacy, his resistance leaves her bewildered.

Melanie pays Vance a last desperate visit to beg for his love. Shattered by his response she makes a dramatic choice — which concludes their troubled relationship with devastating consequences.

And: Liana Cornell as Rebecca, Megan Fisk as Yoga Teacher, Richard Vinycomb as Council Worker, Lauren O'Rourke as Young Girl #1, Rio Holland as Young Girl #2, Misha Loye Grayson as Young Girl #3, Melanie Zanetti as Anna, Bernadette Pryde as Council Receptionist, Andrew Blain as Mayor, Dulcie Nicholls as Aunty, Therese Nicholls as Aunty

Secrets And Lies


Episode 2.04 (10)
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Ratings: 0.628 million viewers (10th)
Written by Roger Monk
Directed by Tony Tilse

In the wake of Melanie's final departure, and Eve's separation from Art, the boys' father Gerry suggests a family weekend away to reconsolidate emotionally and support Vance. Despite Art's reluctance, they leave later that day.

The men arrive at Bear Rock to find Gerry has tricked them into a men's weekend workshop, which includes a confessional outpouring in a sacred tepee convened by leader, Black Elk. Art is not impressed by a man who thinks he's a moose — especially when he confiscates his mobile phone! Men take turns revealing their deepest emotional issues and Vance finds himself unexpectedly connecting with Syd, the cross-dresser. The trip culminates in a confrontation between Art and Gerry about the 'pledge' Gerry made to his eldest son many years ago.

Finally revealing the truth of his sexuality, Dale makes the decision to leave the Far Out East in order to 'find' himself. Lizzy remains supportive despite her inward hurt — and as she continues to prepare for her baby, she feels limited by her options and her desire for something more.

Despite running into each other in town and being reminded once again why they fell for each other, Art and Eve can't seem to connect before Art is whisked away to the men's retreat. He's pleasantly compensated, though, when the first chapter of his romance novel raises interest with a publisher who suggests he could secure a lucrative writing contract.

When Carter announces that the CEO of Evagreen, Mitch, will fly into Broken Bay to consider Eve's proposal for an eco village on the Palm Valley site, Eve rises to the challenge, and when Carter makes it clear his feelings for Eve are more than just professional, Eve is tempted by the prospect of untroubled romance and an exciting future.

Guest Starring: Jerome Ehlers, Francis Greenslade, Lloyd Morris

And: DAvid Fadden as Aurelio, James Mercy as Nick; Nigel Stewart as Performer, Welcome To Country; Mick Kay as Dancer, Welcome To Country, Dulcie Nichols as Aunty, Yvonne Stewart as Aunty, Tallara Kay Thorpe as Aunty

Venus Rising


Episode 2.05 (11)
Saturday, August 22, 2009
Ratings: 0.615 million viewers (9th)
Written by Roger Monk
Directed by Tony Tilse

Following Dale's departure, Bev and Rosemary comfort Lizzy as her pre-birth nerves grow. Bev suggests that Lizzy move into Dale's bus and they get busy helping her to fix it up.

Meanwhile, Art's star begins to ascend when he receives word that his first book, Gross National Happiness, has become an online hit amongst young travellers.

Lizzy and Vance are increasingly drawn to each other, despite Vance vainly fighting to keep it platonic. After a hot curry lunch and some fumbling, Lizzy goes into an early labour with no-one around but Vance to support her.

Bev, Rosemary and Len kick off their 'bucket list' with a hot air balloon ride, however plans go awry when the balloon takes off leaving Len and Dirk, the balloon operator, on the ground and Bev and Rosemary alone as the balloon floats into the sky.

It's panic stations in the balloon, especially for Rosemary — but Bev takes the reins and her calm in the face of danger marks the beginning of a genuine friendship between the two women.

Meanwhile, Vance — unable to find Bev — steps up to the mark, transporting Lizzy to the Far Out East in a wheelbarrow. With help from Art and Gerry, Vance reassures Lizzy and offers her his arm to bite on! With the welcome assistance of Bev, who arrives at the eleventh hour, Lizzy gives birth to Tulip Dale, a beautiful baby girl.

Art and Eve's estrangement deepens as Art's attempts to warn her about Evagreen's possible motives are misinterpreted as petty jealousy.

And: James Mercy as Nick, Sophia Emberson-Bain as Mary, Richard Vinycomb as Council Worker, Bernadette Pryde as Council Receptionist, Hari Jago as Pimply Kid, Andrew Sinclair as Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Willow Fitzgibbon and Isaac Cohen as Baby Tulip Dale

Homeward Bound


Episode 2.06 (12)
Saturday, August 29, 2009
Ratings: 0.644 million viewers (10th)
Written by Deb Cox
Directed by Ian Watson

After a disturbing dream, Art sets about establishing some new 'tough love' ground rules for his son Josh.

Gerry, after angling unsuccessfully to stay at the Far Out East, only makes it as far as the beach — where he receives legal counsel from a wanderer called 'Rick', who looks suspiciously like Terry Adams .

When Eve is shunned around town because the council has put Palm Valley up for sale, Art attempts to comfort her. But he's derailed when he realises the extent of her relationship with Carter . Devastated, he ignores the advice he's just given his son, and decides the only thing to do is run. He heads bush — leaving the hung-over Josh in charge of the Far Out East.

With Eve in pursuit, Art hides, but when he's bitten by a potentially lethal snake, he screams for help. They spend the night lost in the bush, with Art drifting in and out of delirious and disturbing dreams.

At the hospital, Art's medical emergency is upstaged by his father's, with Gerry collapsing from septicaemia from sandfly bites. Unfortunately for Art, once the venom is tested and found to be harmless, Eve is unimpressed.

Lizzy and Vance realise they have feelings for each other, but neither is game to make a move. Meanwhile, Rosemary offers Bev full partnership of her dance academy — where Owen unexpectedly discovers the passion of the tango.

And: Richard Vinycomb as Council Worker Trevor, James Mercy as Nick, Willow Fitzgibbon and Isaac Cohen as Baby Tulip Dale, Remy Hii as Guest, Eliza Swan as Young Woman Backpacker, Christine Amor as Matron, Brooke Walters as Nurse Jacqui

Community Chest


Episode 2.07 (13)
Saturday, September 05, 2009
Ratings: 0.619 million viewers (10th)
Written by Roger Monk
Directed by Ian Watson

Terry Adams's lost 'nest-egg' continues washing up on Broken Bay's beaches and after a punch up in the surf, Art and Vance score some waterlogged cash.

Gerry feigns illness in order to stay in hospital — until Matron calls in Art and Vance who, given no choice, take him back. Vance reveals Gerry's claim on the Far Out East to Art, but an embarrassed Gerry embarks on a mission to redeem himself.

Eve is utterly devastated by her bad call with Carter, Evagreen, and the subsequent listing of the Palm Valley site as a residential sale. Now unemployed, and looking after the bookshop, Art comes to her rescue, helping her form a strategy using a loophole in conservation law.

Art — humiliating himself publicly in an ultimate act of love — joins Eve to stage their own demo outside of council, but they are soon joined by the entire crew lead by a nude Gerry. The Mayor is bamboozled into a pre-sale agreement for the town to buy the land.

With only a few days to raise the $300,000 deposit to secure the purchase of the land, Bev's brainchild is to stage a dance-athon — thus promoting the Poinciana Dance Academy and mobilising the community behind the Palm Valley cause. As the dancing begins, helped by a live broadcast on Bay FM, large sums of money people found in the surf start to appear in the form of donations.

Meanwhile, Gerry comes across a report in the local paper that his friend, Rick, is in fact the 'lost at sea' Terry Adams who suffered 'memory loss', but has now rejoined his family. Gerry, in his guise of Sadhu the holy man, pays Terry a visit in order to cleanse Terry's soul and get his hands on the remaining loot.

As the Mayor prepares to close down the dance-athon before the target is reached, Gerry arrives to save the day — thus cementing his acceptance as a permanent part of the Far Out East. As the lights go out with them all under the same roof once more, Gerry surprises them all with news of yet another estranged Watkins family member.

Guest Starring: Martin Sacks as Toby, Helen O'Connor

And: Mick Roughan as Surfie, Brooke Walters as Nurse Jacqui, Christine Amor as Matron, Willow Fitzgibbon and Isaac Cohen as Baby Tulip Dale, Andrew Blain as Mayor, Lauren Dillon as Sabrina, James Mercy as Nick; Danceathon Band: Marcus De Mello, Larry 'Sol' Farina, Mauricio Laratro, Alfredo Lopes, Hands Lovejoy