Eagle and Evans: episode guide

Episode 1

August 26, 2004

Craig Eagle and Dailan Evans are the warm-up guys and general dogsbodies on the Blaze da Silva Experience—Australia's most popular television variety show. Their job is to hype up the audience for Blaze, then they hang around in the green room trying to put off anyone they think might do a better comedy routine than them. What Craig and Dailan really want is for Blaze to give them a proper guest spot on the show. Every week we find them pitching their latest idea to him, only to have it rejected. Throughout the show, we leave the world of Blaze da Silva to find Eagle and Evans performing a series of absurdly playful sketches. Incorporating refreshing, unexpected character pieces, social satire and truly bizarre moments all the minutiae of life comes under the Eagle & Evans radar.

Episode 2

September 02, 2004

The boys are desperate to crack a real guest spot on Australia's favourite TV show — the Blaze da Silva Experience, and this week, they really think Blaze is going to go for their big pitch. From there it's a wild journey of hilarious skits involving car parking dramas, loser sportsmen, kindergarten open days, the trials of men cooking in the kitchen, IT professionals and singing telegrams. Plus June makes a welcome return. Back in the world of Blaze, it's a case of give and take as Craig and Dailan help out a guest (Bob Franklin) with tips on what not to talk to Blaze about, while taking Mrs da Silva's (Anita Punton) advice about her holistic therapist.

Episode 3

September 09, 2004

Backstage with Craig and Dailan, the talk is of lucky thumbs and reality tv concepts… while Eagle and Evans use sketch to tackle moments such as locking the keys in the car, plastic surgery, pick up lines at parties and transplant surgery, an IT guy complains about his lost mail and June makes another welcome return.

Episode 4

September 16, 2004

This week, they are absolutely sure their idea about competitive sport will set Blaze on fire. However, his attention seems to be elsewhere. Eagle and Evans then present a series of comic skits that focus on such areas as swimming finals, booking in for surgery, graduation day, trying to find a piece of music at the CD store, army undercover training and backyard mines. Gary the IT guy is under the hammer and Craig gets into the elevator from hell. Back in the world of Blaze da Silva, Mrs da Silva regales the boys with pictures of her recent holiday overseas, and Craig and Dailan discuss supplementing their income with extra study.

Episode 5

April 01, 2005

The competition is on tonight between Craig and Dailan. First, it's about who has the better relationship with Blaze, with each seeking to outdo the other with their 'Blaze' stories. Then later in the green room, they compete to make a time machine, before they join forces to take on a pair of comedians in secret handshakes. While in the sketch world of Eagle & Evans, they tackle joggers in the park, medieval role-playing, reminiscing about a favourite merry-go-round and the art of battle. And Craig gets the shock of his life when the police pull him up.

Episode 6

April 08, 2005

Tonight, the boys' warm up routine goes astray when they get sidetracked into arguing over embarrassing moments. In the green room, Dailan is driven to distraction by attempts to play a simple game of rock, paper, scissors, and Mrs da Silva seems to inspire a classic film noir moment. The sketch world of Eagle & Evans includes household robberies, romantic restaurant dining, student flatmates, wedding vows, the Knights of the round table, bird watching and we meet awards presenters Rosie and Cicely.

Episode 7

April 15, 2005

Tonight's episode of Eagle & Evans is all about body language. Blaze da Silva has hired two hitmen to recruit future acts, and their menacing body language will ensure he gets his own way with the show content. Later, Craig and Dailan are analysed by a professional body language expert, and Dailan teaches Craig a few lessons in diplomacy. Meanwhile, in the alter sketch-realm of Eagle & Evans, topics such as dance club dress-code, the struggle of Neanderthal man, live television crosses, and spicy Indian cuisine are on the menu.

Guest: Mark Mitchell

Episode 8

April 22, 2005

Craig and Dailan get nowhere with convincing Blaze to consider a skit set in an office, however they finally get their big break to close the show after Blaze gets mauled to death by a bear. Eagle and Evans present a string of skits covering a funeral, a wedding, aversion to change and, much to his horror, Craig is terrorised by a lollipop lady.