Production by ABC TV, Burberry Productions and Princess Pictures

Created by: Craig Eagle and Dailan Evans
Executive Producers: Ewan Burnett, Richard Fidler, Bruce Kane
Producer: Laura Waters
Director: Nick Bufalo
Writers: Tal Brott, Craig Eagle, Dailan Evans, Michael Flattely, Bob Franklin, Anita Punton, Nick Venus
Script Editor: Bob Franklin

Aired: 2004 (8 x 30 min)

Set within the fictional variety show “The Blaze da Silva Experience”, Eagle & Evans pushes the boundaries of the sketch comedy genre. The duo operate as the warm up act for the cantankerous, power-crazed and self-titled “most loved man on television”, Blaze da Silva. Their fear of their overbearing host is only matched by their distaste for unemployment. Each episode plays out in two areas: the sketch environment featuring the boys in varying characters, costumes and absurd scenarios; and the greenroom, a backstage area where we find them in reality—more or less. Here they take a breather between performances and the opportunity to provide us with their signature patter—a personal, witty and at times combative commentary on the show.
Craig Eagle
Dailan Evans
Tal Brott
Michael Flattely
Anita Punton
Nick Venus
cast photo

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