Producers: various
Directors: various
Writers: various

Airing: April 27 - June 01, 2016 (ABC)

Six comedy pilots commissioned by the ABC with viewers voting via iView for which of the series should go into production. Will it be Ronny Chieng sharing his experiences as an International Student; Eddie Perfect's absurd suburban life in The Future Is Expensive; Kate McLennan hitting rock bottom in life and love in her and Kate McCartney's Bleak; Lawrence Mooney discovering what it takes for a 40-something-year-old man to finally grow up in Moonman; the desperate attempts of a deadbeat weed dealer to win his new neighbour's affections in hot WA comedy team Mad Kids' The Legend of Gavin Tanner; or Alison Bell's struggles as a new mum in an oddball mothers' group in The Letdown..
Ronny Chieng
Alison Bell
Matt Lovkis
Eddie Perfect
Kate McLennan
Lawrence Mooney
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