Comedy Showroom: episode guide

Ronny Chieng International Student


Pilot 1
Wed, April 27, 2016 (ABC)
A Sticky Pictures Production
Created and written by Ronny Chieng & Declan Fay
Director: Jonathan Brough
Producer: Donna Andrews
Executive Producers: Donna Andrews and Stu Connolly
ABC TV Executive Producer: Andrew Gregory

Ronny is a Malaysian student who's come to Australia to study law. He's smart, driven and competitive, which would make him the perfect law student, if he actually wanted to be a lawyer. Blunt, barbed and not afraid to cut through the BS, it's not long before he is at odds with most people on campus; not to mention his mum. Ronny finds himself caught between his old life and his new life, between the international students and the local students, and between his mum's expectations and his own dreams, whatever the hell they may be.

Cast: Ronny Chieng as Ronny Chieng, Molly Daniels as Asher, Dave Eastgate as Mick, Hoa Xuande as Elvin, Anthony Morgan as Professor Dale, Laurence Boxhall as Daniel, Linda Schragger as Mrs. Chieng, Gareth Yuen as Denedict, Shuang Hu as Wei-Jun, Felicity Ward as Post Grad Student, Tim Potter as Librarian, Quin Ellery as Nicholas, Brenton Cosier as James, Daniel Di Giovanni as Alexander, Aaron Gocs as Streaker, John Campbell as Waiter, Ryder Jack as Hipster

The Letdown


Pilot 2
Wed, May 04, 2016
A Giant Dwarf production
Created by Sarah Scheller with Alison Bell
Written by Sarah Scheller & Alison Bell
Director Trent O'Donnell
Producers Julian Morrow and Martin Robertson
ABC TV Executive Producer Rebecca Anderson

The Letdown is a comedy about Audrey (Alison Bell), a struggling new mum, and the local support group she thinks she doesn't need. Determined not to be defined by her new role, Audrey's first encounter with the local Mothers Group is a disaster. She leaves humiliated with a quiet resolve never to return. But Audrey's attempt to reconnect with her old life (not least her sex life) is even more of a disaster and it's not long before Audrey realises she may be in the market for a new support team after all. Her sanity might just depend on it.

Cast: Alison Bell, Noni Hazlehurst, Celeste Barber, Lucy Durack, Leon Ford, Sacha Horler, Ewen Leslie, Taylor Ferguson, Leah Vandenberg, Patrick Brammall, Brendan Cowell, Gareth Davies, Rachel Gordon, Ming-Zhu Hii, Greg Larsen, Claire Lovering, Sarah Peirse, Georgia Scott, Kate Bookallil, Alice McCarthy, Al Morrow, Sarah Scheller, Henry O'Donnell, Indigo Marshall, Henry Stone, Jerusha Sutton, Eva Jay Davis, Polly Durack Horsey, Remy McCathy Brooks, Tommy Macguire

The Legend of Gavin Tanner


Pilot 3
Wed, May 11, 2016
A Mad Kids Production
Created by Matt Lovkis
Written and Directed by Henry Inglis and Matt Lovkis
Produced by Lauren Elliott
ABC TV Executive Producer Andrew Gregory

Gavin Tanner (Matt Lovkis) is Western Australia's crappiest weed dealer and wannabe hero, who's utterly convinced he's the biggest legend in his hometown of Balladeen. When Gavin meets his new neighbour Marshall (Adam Zwar), he believes they are destined to be best mates, even though they have nothing in common. But when Marshall befriends Gavin's girlfriend Trish (Emily Rose Brennan) instead, Gavin resolves to break the union and claim Marshall for himself.

Cast: Matt Lovkis as Gavin, Emily Rose Brennan as Trish, Adam Zwar as Marshall, Liam Graham as Damo, Eddie Baroo as Bullet, Tahlia Norrish as Caprice, Mandy McElhinney as Raelene, David Wenham as The Narrator, Vito De Francesco as Mongrel, Ben Russell as Dockers Supporter #1, Chad O'Brien as Dockers Supporter #2, StJohn Chocher as Dockers Supporter #3, Gary Dobbin as Ken, Suzanne Clark as Glynys, Georgina Isles as Alicia, Jack Barnes as Harry, Lee Burns as Ruffian #1, Vivienne Marshall as Ruffian #2, Shayne Dickson as Snotty, Elijah Jones as Caprice's Son, et al

The Future is Expensive


Pilot 4
Wed, May 18, 2016
A Goalpost Pictures Production
Created by Eddie Perfect
Written by Eddie Perfect
Directed by Matthew Saville
Produced by Rosemary Blight, Lauren Edwards and Eddie Perfect
ABC TV Executive Producer Andrew Gregory

While watching his daughter, Matilda, playing at the park, Eddie is confronted by a Mummy-Nazi who insists that Matilda has pooed in the middle of the jungle gym. In response to the Mummy's continued harassment, Eddie throws the offending poo at her face and makes a run for it. Parents and kids give chase on purpose-built, kid-friendly safety bicycles.

Thankfully Eddie and Matilda make it home in one piece. On her way out to work Sarah, Eddie's wife, reminds him that he's promised to build a deck. Grace and Elliot — friends who Eddie can't place for the life of him — are coming over tonight and she's anxious to make a good impression. Eddie also has to take his daughters to their classmate's party and buy a present en route. Eddie is more concerned with finding the remote control, but reluctantly agrees.

Cast: Eddie Perfect as Eddie, Leeanna Walsman as Sarah, Lilah Williams as Matilda, Maya Robinson as Bonnie, Ted Wilson as New Dad in Park, FIona Harris as Angry Mum, Paul Kelly as Himself, Luke McKenzie as Handsome Handyman, Marny Kennedy as Sales Assistant, Katherine Tonkin as Manic Party Mum, Ellie Arsana as Party Baby #2, Amanda LaBonte as Warm Party Mum, Hamish Wilson as Party Baby #1, Madeleine West as Judith, Keith Brockett as Anton, Lee Naimo as Glen, Rohan Nichol as Elliot, Ming-Zhu Hii as Grace, Harley Breen as Luke, Selina Harman as Angry Mum Double/Stunt Double, Colette Hardcastle Keyse as Stunt Park Mum, Cara McKleish as Stunt Park Mum, Mark Lee Campbell as Taco Van Driver/Angry Dad Double



Pilot 5
Wed, May 25, 2016
A Princess Pictures Production
Created and written by Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan
Directed by Kate McCartney
Produced by Laura Waters and Jessica Leslie
Co-Produced by Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney
ABC TV Executive Producer Brett Sleigh

Self-obsessed screw-up Anna O'Brien (Kate McLennan) loses her terrible boyfriend, her septic tank of a house and her dead-end job all in one day. With no friends, no money and nowhere to go, she crawls back to the warm embrace of her well-to-do family, only to be given a drink and then shown the door. Cast out onto the street, with both her life and her mental resolve disintegrating like old jocks, Anna stumbles upon an Open for Inspection at a nearby townhouse. And it's here, surrounded by empty cupboards and hire furniture, that the unhinged Anna O'Brien seeks to reinvent herself, and her luck.

Cast: Kate McLennan as Anna O'Brien, Jean Kittson as Noni O'Brien, Shane Bourne as John O'Brien, Gulliver McGrath as Michael O'Brien, Zahra Newman as Fran Wrigh, Kate McCartney as Nina, Dilruk Jayasinha a Graham, Dave Quirk as Simon, Phoebe Carlson as Serena, Ronald Boyter as Old Man, Marley Eshun as Ivy, Genevieve Morris as Wendy, Brooke Satchwell as Real Estate Agent, Toby Truslove as Matt, Joelene Howden [Joelene Crnogorac] as Jane, Charlotte Nicdao as Lucy, Sammy J as Nathan, Rod Mullnar as "Gates of Hell" Narrator



Pilot 6
Wed, June 01, 2016
A Renegade Films Production
Created and written by Scott Taylor
Directed by Clayton Jacobson
Produced by Jen Livingston, Joe Connor
ABC TV Executive Producer Brett Sleigh

What will it take to make a forty-something year old man grow up? Dirty Laundry Live host Lawrence Mooney stars as the fictional character Lawrence Mooney. Loosely based on his life, The Moonman is a normal bloke with a vice or two. He loves a party and his career as a late night DJ provides a great excuse for him to stay out late and sleep all day. But his long suffering girlfriend is about to turn his life upside down with massive news. Can this typical Aussie bloke keep his promise to be more responsible, or will his love of a big night out bring his whole life undone?

Cast: Lawrence Mooney as Moonman, Elise Jansen as Kate, Ian Smith as Ian, Blessing Mokgohloa as Jojo, Susan-Ann Walker as Shirley, Lee Beckhurst as Police Officer, Cassandra Magrath as Female Sergeant , Alice Ansara as Mum 1, Friena McKenna as Mum 2, Hugh Marchant as Bum, Dawn Klingberg as Elderly Woman, Nathan Amatneiks as Guy 1, Peter Flaherty as Guy 2, Ian Macleish as Retirement Manager, Chloe Pieris as Kid 1, Vincent Ng as Kid 2, Michael Laity as Police Receptionist, Bryce Hardy as Taxi Driver