Cloudstreet: episode guide

Part 2

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Written by Tim Winton and Ellen Fontana
Directed by Matthew Saville

Years have passed, but little has changed. The Lambs are still bustlers, the Pickles do little.

The Lambs have established a successful local store in the front room of their half of the house, while the Pickles are still blown by the winds of fate in their half. Both families have ups and downs but then good times seem to be there for both.

Rose's antipathy towards Dolly has grown — particularly when Dolly tells her she has to leave school and get a job. Rose's brother, cheeky little Ted (Dolly's favourite) is now a jockey and a hit with the girls. And Quick Lamb is still looking after his little brain-damaged brother Fish, and still feeling a sense of guilt over the fishing accident in which Fish nearly drowned.

Soon, the pressure of those feelings leads him to snap and he walks out of Cloudstreet — despite his mothers orders for him to stay.


  • Todd Lasance as Quick Lamb
  • Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Fish Lamb
  • Kerry Fox as Oriel Lamb
  • Siobhan Dow-Hall as Hat Lamb
  • Sarah McKellar as Elaine Lamb
  • Amanda Woodhams as Red Lamb
  • Shannon Lively as Chub Pickles
  • Adam Sollis as Lon Lamb
  • Geoff Morrell as Lester Lamb
  • Emma Booth as Rose Pickles
  • Greg McNeill as Trainer
  • Milly Haddrick as Trainer's Daughter
  • Ben Mortley as Gerry Clay
  • Sean Keenan as Ted Pickles
  • Essie Davis as Dolly Pickles
  • Angelique Malcolm as Housewife
  • Bruce Spence as Pig
  • Stephen Curry as Sam Pickles
  • Kelton Pell as Bob Crab
  • Shaquita Nannup as Florrie
  • Billie-Jean Hamlet as Ruby
  • Michelle Stanley as Mrs Johnson
  • Jodie Mead as Aboriginal Woman
  • Julia Moody as Mrs Tisborn
  • Anna Bauert as Alma
  • Sarah Louella as Darlene
  • Natalie Holmwood as Merle
  • Sean Walsh as Bloke
  • Matthew Elverd as Bloke
  • Melanie Munt as Mrs Clay
  • Oliver Ackland as Toby Raven
  • Ethan Thomas as Geoffrey Birch
  • Laura Fairclough as Lucy Wentworth
  • David Bowers as Earl Blunt
  • Helen Doig as May Blunt
  • Richard Adams as Spinner
  • John McKenzie as Sam's Hand Double
  • Ron Haddrick as Narration