Produced by Canal Road 1 Pty Ltd

Creators: Susan Bower, Louise Crane-Bowes, Jo Horsburgh
Executive Producer: Jo Horsburgh
Producer: Susan Bower
Directors: Kevin Carlin, Shawn Seet, Ian Watson
Writers: Sarah Smith, John Ridley and Dave Warner

Filmed: May 21 - August 17, 2007
Airing: April - December 2008 (Nine)

A thirteen-part that series centres on psychiatrist Spencer McKay, who, having been confronted by the killer of his wife and son, embarks on a destructive campaign of revenge. (13x45min)

(also exists as "Murder at Canal Road", 5x45min)
Paul LeydenSpencer McKay
Diana GlennOlivia Bates
Brooke SatchwellBridget Keenan
Patrick BrammallSteve Yunnane
Peta SergeantHolly Chong
Alyssa McClellandSkye Brady
Charlie ClausenTom Squires
Sam AndersonHenry Walter
Sibylla BuddDaina Connelly
Grant BowlerDet. Ray Driscoll
Klara LisyTanya

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