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Grant Bowler

Canal Road star Grant Bowler gets new role in US

GRANT Bowler is the latest Aussie to score a role on US TV, but the Canal Road star did well to fit it into his busy schedule.

He has managed the impressive feat of being in four shows that are all on air.

Tonight, Bowler is on television's most confusing tropical island in Channel 7's hit drama Lost.

He also has starring roles in Canal Road, which debuted on Channel 9 last night, and Outrageous Fortune on Foxtel.

On top of that, Bowler is the voice of Seven's Border Security.

The former Blue Heelers star said he just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get the part in the highly successful Lost.

"I was in the States last year shooting a series for HBO called 12 Miles of Bad Road and the Lost role just came up," Bowler said.

"It was a really nice period for four or five months, where I was on a horse in California three days a week and then in a boat off Hawaii for the rest of the week."

Bowler filmed two episodes of Lost before the writers' strike.

Last week he returned to the US to pick up where he left off -- although he is not making any long-term plans.

"You never know on Lost how many episodes you will do," Bowler said.

"I mean, if you watch the show, you know anything can happen -- a character even comes back to life."

April 17, 2008
Herald Sun