Produced by Big and Little Films

Created by: Rebel Wilson
Producers: Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres, Rebel Wilson
Director: Peter Templeman
Writer: Rebel Wilson

Airing: October 06, 2008... (SBS)

Bogan Pride is a musical comedy series written by and starring comedy actor, Rebel Wilson. Set in the fictional suburb of Boonelg, it is based on Rebel's own adolescence growing up in Sydney's western suburbs where money was thin but waistlines certainly weren't, where the public pool always gave you a tinea infection, and where people dreamt of their cats becoming cage fighters. The story revolves around teenage fugly Jennie Cragg and her quest to win $10,000 in a local dance battle for her mother's stomach stapling operation.
Rebel WilsonJennie Cragg
Sally Anne UptonBerenice Cragg
Lulu McClatchyCassandra
Fanny HanusinAmy Lee
Alice AnsaraNigella
Natasha CunninghamTracy
Kate JenkinsonTizzneen
Janine AtwillTessa
Ryan JonesNick
Caroline LeeErin
Wilhelmina StrackeGaylene

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