Bogan Pride: episode guide

The Fugly Fringe

Episode 1
October 06, 2008 (9pm)
376,000 viewers (35th)

It's summer in Boonelg, and just before school starts back, the hunk of Jennie's grade, Nick Lazzarri, returns from a juvenile detention facility. Jennie has always had a huge crush on Nick and decides that, as her last year at Boonelg High, this is the year she has to become more cool and make a move. She dyes her fringe blonde and buys a whole bain-marie of mini pizzas for Nick from the school canteen, but she is no match for the school's head skank, Tracy Hooker. Meanwhile, Jennie's Aunty Cassandra reunites with her sister Berenice after not speaking for three months. Berenice suspects something is up and is proved right when she discovers that Cassandra's husband Gary has left her to work on a gay cruise ship.

The Parachute of Healing

Episode 2
October 13, 2008
209,000 viewers (67th)

Jennie's mother, Berenice, has been chair-bound for weeks after a nasty spider bit her leg, but the doctor assesses that her main problem is her morbid obesity. Cassandra however, is more concerned with the well-being of her new cat Chinnie and exploiting the special needs adults she is supposed to be caring for. Jennie tries to help her mother lose weight, but after the Tummy Tumbler proves ineffective, she and her friends enlist the help of their GLS (God's Love Society) spiritual leaders, Miss La Mont and Miss Butcher, and they hold a cult-like intervention. The intervention goes terribly wrong though when Berenice is raised out of her chair and Cassandra's beloved cat becomes involved.

The Maths Olympiad

Episode 3
October 20, 2008

For Jennie and her joint best friends, Amy Lee and Nigella, the Maths Olympiad is the highlight of their academic calendar, but when it seems that Amy Lee has found a boyfriend on an opposing team Jennie becomes jealous and the girls' competitive natures are unleashed. Cassandra buries her cat Chinnie and then takes her charges to the cinemas in the up-market nearby suburb, Spooner Hill. When Cassandra is refused free refills at the cinema candy bar she is involved in an altercation with staff and is subsequently arrested. Back at the Maths Olympiad a cut-throat knockout final ensues and Amy Lee must exhibit her Christian kindness to forgive Jennie and then herself for acting like a 'slut.'

The Roller Skating Rink

Episode 4
October 27, 2008

The doctor has told Berenice that she will need a stomach stapling operation that will cost $10,000, or else her future does not look very..large. Desperate now to help her mother, Jennie asks Aunty Cassandra, who seems to have been quite entrepreneurial in the past, to help her fundraise and Cassandra suggests she sell 'bonsai cats.' Jennie then encounters her father Burt (guest star Brian Mannix), a compulsive gambler, and he recommends that Jennie should give him all of her savings, saying that he could turn them into $10,000 easily. When that gamble doesn't pay off, Jennie is forced to 'sell herself' in order to sell her bonsai cats at the re-opening of the local roller skating rink. Amy Lee believes though that Jennie is literally 'selling herself,' (i.e. gone into prostitution) and so she and Nigella skip the G.L.S. Spiritual Sleepover and rush to save Jennie from eternal damnation.

The Need for Mongs

Episode 5
November 03, 2008

After a sign from God, Jennie and her friends decide to enter the upcoming 'Let's Get It On' dance battle which has a first prize of $10 000. After initial rehearsals it appears that their dance abilities aren't nearly as good as their mathematical prowess so Jennie hunts around the school for people with 'mega mad dance skills' to join their squad so that they may have a hope of beating the school skanks: Tracy, Tizzneen and Tessa. Simultaneously Cassandra is sacked from her position as a professional carer due to her negligence but then discovers that one of her charges, Marilyn, has won a colouring-in competition and that Cassandra will need Marilyn's help if she's to collect the prize for herself. Additionally it is revealed that Nigella's mother has been poisoning her which is the cause of all her strange allergies and illnesses.

The Dance Battle

Episode 6 (finale)
November 10, 2008

In the final episode of series one, Cassandra uses Jennie as a 'replacement mong' in order to collect the prize for the colouring-in competition which Jennie learns to be $10 000. Jennie begs her Aunty to give the money to her mother for the stomach stapling operation but Cassandra insists that she needs it to go to Vanuatu and win back her husband. In order to help Jennie win the dance battle the hugely obese Berenice uses all of her willpower to get up and go on a mission to find Jennie some nice costumes. Yet before she gets anywhere she becomes lodged in the front seat of her car. Jennie prays with the help of the G.L.S. and enlists Nick into her dance battle team but will this be enough to win? Or will the now cashed-up Cassandra change her selfish ways and save her sister?