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Aired: Thursday, Sept 21, 1995
NSW: Wednesday, August 01, 2001
Screenplay by Ian David
Directed by Michael Jenkins
Cast (in order of appearance):
  • Steve Bastoni as Michael Drury
  • Laurie Foel as Pam Drury
  • Jake Blundell as Constable
  • John McNeill as Ron Daly
  • Vincent Ball as Dr. Cumberland
  • Michael O'Neill as Bruce Lyons
  • John Sheerin as Dave Perrin
  • Bill Hunter as Angus McDonald
  • Stephen O'Rourke as Jim Wallis
  • Paul Sonkilla as Noel Morey
  • Geoff Morrell as Les Knox
  • Kristoffer Greaves as Ken Bowditch
  • Gary Sweet as Christopher Dale Flannery
  • Richard Roxburgh as Roger Rogerson
  • Sascha Huckstepp as Nurse
  • Bogdan Koca as Lewis Roussos
  • Erin Smith as Belinda Drury
  • Stephen Leeder as Ron Stephenson
  • Ron Graham as Senior Officer
  • Peter Sommerfeld as Assistant Commissioner
  • Les Dayman as Commissioner Avery
  • John Walton as Jim Loomes
  • John Hargreaves as Chester Porter QC
  • Tony Martin as Neddy Smith
  • Gary Day as Bill Crofton
  • Dennis Miller as Bruce Kerrison
  • Skye Wansey as Kath Flannery
  • Marshall Napier as Tony Eustace
  • Bryan Marshall as Task Force Officer
  • Neil Modra as Detective
  • Peter Phelps as Abo Henry
  • Steve Jacobs as Mal Rivers
  • Loene Carmen as Sallie-Anne Huckstepp
  • Mervyn Drake as Jack Hiatt QC
  • Barry Donnelly as Judge Staunton
  • Richard Carter as Lyall Chandler
  • Marcus Graham as Alan Williams
  • Robert Noble as Huckstepp's Advisor
  • Damian Monk as Warren Richards
  • Ray Martin as Himself
  • Joy Smithers as Debra Smith
  • David Franklin as Glen Flack
  • Ken Radley as Doug Kelly
  • Kristina Bidenko as Joy Rogerson
  • Warwick Moss as Jim Brazel

As Michael Drury fights for his life, an investigation is launched. Investigating officer Angus MacDonald refuses to believe that Rogerson offered Drury a bribe, but Commissioner Avery prevails and Rogerson is charged.

Meanwhile, Rogerson continues his business association with Neddy Smith, planning a massive drug import, but their plans are uncovered and the shipment cancelled.

Flannery is becoming a liability, and plans are made for him to "disappear". At Rogerson's bribery trial, he manages to gain acquittal, but later Williams admits he ordered the shooting of Drury with Rogerson's help.

Lanfranchi's former girlfriend, Sallie-Anne Huckstep is making trouble for Rogerson, and her body is subsequently found in Centennial Park.

As justice closes in on Rogerson, he names Neddy as an informer in a television interview, and an attempt is made on Neddy's life. Days later, Rogerson is charged with misconduct and thrown out of the force.

With his "friendlies" gradually being removed from the police force, Neddy desperately tries to make the most of what is left of his "green light", but lands in more trouble, when he kills a man in a brawl.

On bail, Rogerson pays a last visit to Neddy in his hideout, as police prepare to storm the house. Neddy Smith's "green light" has finally gone out.

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