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Part 1

Aired: Thursday, Sept 14, 1995
NSW: Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Screenplay by Ian David
Directed by Michael Jenkins
Cast (in order of appearance):
  • Tony Martin as Neddy Smith
  • Ian Bliss as Bobby Chapman
  • Stephen Eley as Duty Sergeant
  • Richard Roxburgh as Roger Rogerson
  • Richard Carter as Lyall Chandler
  • Joy Smithers as Debra Smith
  • Peter Phelps as Abo Henry
  • Eleni Batley as Jaime Smith
  • Dion Mihajlovsky as Darrin Smith
  • Bruce Barry as Commissioner Abbott
  • Bill Hunter as Angus McDonald
  • Steve Jacobs as Mal Rivers
  • Gary Day as Bill Crofton
  • Alex Dimitriades as Warren Lanfranchi
  • Bogdan Koca as Lewis Roussos
  • Loene Carmen as Sallie-Anne Huckstepp
  • Ray Martin as Himself
  • Anthony Cogin as Steve Paully
  • Phillip Hinton as Ian Barker QC
  • Nicole Pottinger as Melinda Rogerson
  • Brigitte Lawson as Gillian Rogerson
  • Kristina Bidenko as Joy Rogerson
  • Jim Holt as Brian Alexander
  • Jeffrey Rhoe as Detective on boat
  • Jack Mayers as Detective on boat
  • Steve Bastoni as Michael Drury
  • John Jarratt as Jack Richardson
  • Graham Rouse as Frank Avery
  • Laurie Foel as Pam Drury
  • Robert Morgan as Brian Hansen
  • Frank Violi as David Mennie
  • Brendan Higgins as John Weel
  • Marcus Graham as Alan Williams
  • Tom Appleton as Victorian Patrolman
  • David Baldwin as Phil Dunn
  • Warwick Moss as Jim Brazel
  • Terrie Bowie as Stripper
  • Gary Sweet as Chistopher Dale Flannery
  • Skye Wansey as Kath Flannery
  • Aaron Jeffery as Bobby Williams
  • Marshall Napier as Tony Eustace
  • Erin Smith as Belinda Drury

When Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson arrests Neddy Smith for attempted robbery, they come to an understanding and Neddy is released, going on to become the biggest heroin dealer in Australia.

Neddy joins forces with Abo Henry and Warren Lanfranchi, but when Lanfranchi rips off a deal involving a mate of Rogerson's, Rogerson kills him, witnessed by Neddy.

At the coronial inquest, Neddy denies seeing the killing and Rogerson gives him a "green light" to commit any crime… except killing a cop.

Meanwhile, Detective Michael Drury busts heroin dealer Alan Williams, who seeks the help of Rogerson and hit-man Christopher Dale Flannery.

Rogerson tries to bribe Drury to change his evidence against Williams, but Drury refuses. Rogerson, Williams and Flannery then plan Drury's murder, and he is shot down in his own home.

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