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Episode 3.01 (13)


Wed, Sept 19, 2018
Written by David Woodhead, Nakkiah Lui, Dave Human, Nayuka Gorrie, Adam Briggs, Hiallie Jeffries, Gabriel Willie
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

The sketch comedy series Black Comedy is back! It continues an acerbic, witty and altogether unapologetic comedic exploration of what it means to be black in contemporary Australia.

In tonight's first episode, we meet Mark, a Torres Strait Islander man marooned on a desert island with the two whitest white people ever, encounter the Bondi Blackfella, an Indigenous lifesaver with an aversion to the sea, revisit Blakforce, and meet a girl with a challenging dying wish.

Starring: Wayne Blair, Aaron Fa'aoso, Nayuka Gorrie, Rarriwuy Hick, Maci-Grace Johnson, Nakkiah Lui, Dalara Williams, Gabriel Willie, David Woodhead

Guest Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Goodes, Elizabeth Wymarra, Lisa Hensley, Matt Day, James Fraser, Elaine Crombie, Meyne Wyatt, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Casey Donovan, Trevor Jamieson, Derik Lynch, Shaka Cook, Glen Thomas, Jenna Owen, Phoenix Cubillo, Donny Muntz, Kaitlyn Boye, Ryan McBain, Henriette Tkalec, Mathew Waters, Jack Yabsley, Alex Zamfir, Joe Zappia

Episode 3.02 (14)


Wed, Sept 6, 2018
Written by Nakkiah Lui, David Woodhead, Dave Human, Nayuka Gorrie, Hiallie Jeffries, Gabriel Willie
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

In tonight's episode, we pay homage to the 70s horror classic The Exorcist with The Cuzorcist, the tale of a family whose home is possessed by an unwanted Cousin. Desperate to rid themselves of the despised entity, they call in the help of Father Colin, a priest trained in the ancient rite of the Cuzorcism. With an eternity of unpaid bills and blocked toilets at stake Father Colin pits himself against the evil Cousin in a battle to the death.

Meanwhile, the Bondi Blackfella is forced to confront the question of why someone with no affinity for the ocean would want to become a lifesaver, Aunty Mary gives her niece Lou a manicure that's deadly in more ways than one, the Wigglymuyu Dancers celebrate the traditional art of driving and the Boomerang Brothers try and shift some bodgie looking beds. We also meet William and Steve, an old fella and his nephew who spend their days on the porch, watching the world go by while trying to avoid the requests of their scrounging uncle from up the road, and Trent, an exceptionally lit young man whose apparent over-supply of self-confidence is only ever seconds away from crumbling, leaving him a sobbing mess.

There's also a confused car robber, an overly colour-sensitive real estate agent, an unconventional bully, an overly euphemistic mother, a fight over a big black dick, and the long-awaited return of the world's most belligerent car navigation system, the Indigenous GPS.

Guest Cast: Jack Charles, Adam Briggs, Christine Anu, Elizabeth Wymarra, Matt Day, Zoë Coombs Marr, Dylan Hare, Trevor Jamieson, Derik Lynch, Shaka Cook, Glen Thomas, Tibian Wyles, Lincoln Hambrick, Rory Potter, Sam O'Sullivan, Steven McGregor

Episode 3.03 (15)


Wed, October 03, 2018
Written by Nakkiah Lui, Nayuka Gorrie, Adam Briggs, Gabriel Willie, Dave Human, Hiallie Jeffries, David Woodhead
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

In this episode an evening at home takes a very sinister turn when Nikki’s white boyfriend Anton decides he’s going to introduce her and her family to the board game Monopoly. What starts out as a friendly game soon turns serious, and before long it becomes apparent that all involved are playing for a lot more than just Monopoly money.

We also meet an Indigenous man on a charity walk around Australia who’s forgotten what he’s walking for, the Bondi Blackfella takes on a shark and wins — kind of, the Boomerang Brothers try to offload some water damaged electrical goods, the Wigglymuyu Dancers perform a smoking ceremony the likes of which has never been seen, Aunty Mary decides it’s time her niece Lou had a wax, and the occupants of the share house try their hands at a friendly, and very educational game of charades.

Meanwhile an Indigenous group finally get their land back — but aren’t sure what to do with it, we witness some pre-colonial electioneering, a white man breaks up with his Indigenous girlfriend because he’s too white, and a trip to the psychologist seems to do more harm than good for one black woman. We also see the return of Blakforce, as Officer Nath goes undercover — as a kangaroo — to stake out an Australian Day supplies store after a tipoff about suspected coconut activity.

Guest Cast: Christine Anu, James Fraser, Trevor Jamieson, Shaka Cook, Derik Lynch, Glen Thomas, Elizabeth Wymarra, Lisa Hensley, Dylan Hare, Sam O'Sullivan

Episode 3.04 (16)


Wed, October 10, 2018
Written by Adam Briggs, Dave Human, Nayuka Gorrie, David Woodhead, Hiallie Jeffries, Nakkiah Lui, Gabriel Willie
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

In this episode we revisit the men and women of Blakforce SCU: Special Coconut Unit as Detective Wagtail and Officer Nath try to identify a mole within their ranks. When good old fashioned Blakforce policing doesn’t prove effective, they turn to the one person who might know something, the Queen Coconut herself, Detective Graham, who’s been rotting in her prison cell, biding her time and plotting revenge since her arrest in series 2.

There’s also an appearance by the Tracker, who’s trying to hunt down an elusive remote control, the Bondi Blackfella, who finds himself torn between saving a life and enjoying a cup of tea, the Boomerang Brothers, who turn their hands to shifting baked goods, Aunty Mary, who gives her niece Lou the all-over tan she never wanted, and Trent, who visits the TAB to try his hand at gambling and loses bigtime.

Meanwhile, the Wigglymuyu Dancers celebrate the tradition of being broke, and things get heated when the occupants of the share house, Tasha, Nicole and Tyrone, argue the pros and cons of giving their white cleaner a pay rise.

Along the way we also meet a mechanic with a new-age spiritual bent and enjoy a game of scrabble in which an Indigenous player attempts to outsmart his opponents by using traditional words, the sort you can’t find in a dictionary, that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Guest Cast: Jack Charles, Leah Purcell, Adam Briggs, Daniel Amalm, Meyne Wyatt, Jay Laga'aia, Elizabeth Wymarra, Trevor Jamieson, Derik Lynch, Shaka Cook, Glen Thomas, James Fraser, Jenna Owen, Kyas Sheriff, Kim Hillas

Episode 3.05 (17)


Wed, October 17, 2018
Written by Nakkiah Lui, David Woodhead, Nayuka Gorrie, Dave Human, Gary Hamagushi, Adam Briggs, Gabriel Willie, Kiara Milera
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

In this episode we encounter an Indigenous supermarket self-serve checkout terminal with attitude, bear witness to an intervention by a family trying to help their father overcome an anti-social acoustic guitar playing addiction, meet a white lawyer willing to do anything to right the wrongs of the past — even if it means his client going to jail, and find out what happens to a white man when he ticks the ‘Aboriginal box’ on an employment form — clue: it’s not pretty.

We also spend time with Will, a white business executive who gets a little more than he bargained for when he engages the services of high class call girl Latoya, as he lives out his ultimate fantasy — an Indigenous girlfriend experience. From making cups of tea for her Aunty Shirl to babysitting her sister’s kids, to rubbing her feet while she watches ‘Selling Houses Australia’ there’s nothing so tawdry that Will won’t try it. Ultimately however, Will gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Meanwhile, the Tracker is tasked with finding some missing house keys, the Wigglymuyu Dancers turn their attention to spirits of the alcoholic kind, Blakforce respond to a whiteface complaint, the Boomerang Brothers find themselves down on their luck, and the Bondi Blackfella faces a dilemma — does he save the drowning man in the racist t-shirt or doesn’t he?

Guest Cast: Jack Charles, Dylan Hare, Adam Briggs, Billy McPherson, Ethel Anne Gundy, Matt Day, Lisa Hensley, James Fraser, Trevor Jamieson, Derik Lynch, Shaka Cook, Glen Thomas, Tibian Wyles, John Batchelor, Georgie Blackwell, Lincoln Hambrick, Eric James Gravolin, David Nicoll

Music: "Ten Guitars" by Engelbert Humperdinck

Episode 3.06 (18)


Wed, October 23, 2018
Written by Nakkiah Lui, David Woodhead, Nayuka Gorrie, Hiallie Jeffries, Dave Human, Tibian Wyles, Paul Ryan
Directed by Beck Cole, Steven McGregor

In the final episode of the series, the cast of Wake Up To Yourself invites a white woman onto the show to find out how they can be better black people, an Indigenous woman comes out to her parents with dramatic results, a young blackfella is forced to explain family dynamics to his white friend, and we discover Cuzmart, the only place to shop for ‘last year’s fashions instead of the year befores’.

We also hit the streets with Detective Nicky as she blows the lid off the illegal Confirmation of Aboriginality trade in COA, a gritty look at the underbelly of a thriving underground industry that stretches all the way from the mean streets to the top levels of Government. Nicky leaves no stone unturned and no butt unsearched in her fight to rid the streets of counterfeit Confirmations.

We also bid farewell to the Bondi Blackfella as he tries to impress Anna from Denmark, see Lou finally stand up to Aunty Mary when her latest attempt at beautification backfires terribly, enjoy one last beer with Trent as his attempt to woo a woman ends in abject defeat and humiliation, and say goodbye to the Boomerang Brothers as they find themselves out on the street discounting for their very lives. And to finish things off there’s a special visit from some old friends, although they don’t look exactly how we remember them...

Guest Cast: Jack Charles, Lisa Hensley, Ian Roberts, Simon Hall, Elizabeth Wymarra, Adele Perovic, Kyas Sheriff, James Fraser, Matt Day, Tibian Wyles, Dylan Hare, Georgie Blackwell, Greg Poppleton, Julian Pulvermacher, John Batchelor, Jon Hawley, Bec Bignell, Anya Kenner