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Episode 4.01 (19)


Wed, February 05, 2020
Written by David Woodhead, Donny Imberlong, Aaron Collins, Gabriel Willie, Nakkiah Lui, Dave Human, Nayuka Gorrie, Pearl Berry, Boyd Quakawoot, Rhianna Malezer
Directed by Steven McGregor, Nakkiah Lui

A full-on Murri has very strong opinions on how blackfellas should and shouldn't behave; meet a couple of cousins who are considering getting to know each other a lot better; Shane faces his first day of university.

Starring: Nakkiah Lui, Aaron Fa'aoso, Bjorn Stewart, Jalen Sutcliffe, Gabriel Willie, David Woodhead, Dalara Williams, Maci-Grace Johnson,

Guest Cast: Sean Choolburra, Aaron McGrath, Tysan Towney, Annie Maynard, Abbie-lee Lewis, Jimi Bani, Nathan Kaye, Meyne Wyatt, Nayuka Gorrie, Jenna Owen, James Fraser, Joachin Phillips

Episode 4.02 (20)


Wed, February 12, 2020
Written by David Woodhead, Nayuka Gorrie, Gabriel Willie, Rhianna Malezer, Jalen Sutcliffe, Dave Human, Sean Choolburra, Boyd Quakawoot,
Directed by Steven McGregor, Nakkiah Lui

We discover an Indigenous relic that isn't exactly what it appears to be, go outback to visit with a dusty old bushman who can't find his keys, and we hit the streets with Blakforce: Special Coconut Unit.

Guest Cast: Sean Choolburra, Shari Sebbens, Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Garth Edwards, Nayuka Gorrie, Tysan Towney, Billy McPherson, Abbie-lee Lewis, Joseph Althouse, Alec Harrison, Ethel Anne Gundy, Aaron McGrath, Wesley Patten Jnr, Wesley Patten Snr, Dylan Hare, Teresa Moore, Anya Kenner, Emily Knight

Dedicated to the memory of Ningali Lawford-Wolf

Episode 4.03 (21)

Wed, February 19, 2020
Written by
Directed by

Taon confronts the meanest inmate to make an impression on his first day in prison, we apply for an Aboriginal Starter Pack, and go back to the '70s as Alice and Melvyn attend Australia's first interracial swingers party.


Guest Cast: