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Kat tells Hal and Carlisle she wants to try and break out and they tell her they have learned “from a friend” about the old wartime tunnel beneath the hospital. She asks if it was her father who told them about it and they admit it was. She assures them she can get to the hospital, having done it before with Mandy. Kat now has all of Mandy’s possessions, including the homemade wooden key Mandy used to gain access to the hospital. During their next visit Hal and Carlisle pass Kat the map of the subterranean tunnel and they arrange to make a trial run on Wednesday — Hal and Carlisle will be waiting on the river at the tunnel’s exit.

Kat bribes the guard for two hours of time outside her cell and tries to get to the men’s section but cannot gain access — the time for the garbage pickup, which ensures the door will be open, has been changed. Out on the river waiting for her, Carlisle and Hal realise the rehearsal has failed. Meeting them at the prison the next day she tells them the new garbage pickup time is 6:00 a.m. They make plans accordingly and when Friday dawns she begins her escape. Using Mandy’s wooden key to gain access to the hospital, however, she cuts her hand badly on a mirror. She continues on, eluding the guards but leaving a trail of blood behind her. Using Hal’s map she attempts to find the entrance to the tunnel system but years of dirt and debris have buried it.

Out on the water Hal and Carlisle anxiously realise that her absence will soon be detected. Hal swims to the tunnel exit to look for her. Kat has finally found the entrance in the prison and is now in the tunnel. Hal flashes back to a war experience there before he and Kat find each other and quickly swim to the boat where Carlisle has a fake passport and clothing waiting for her.

Hal takes Kat to the airport where she has been booked onto a flight that is leaving immediately. A guard stops her and asks to see her passport. Hal tells him Kat is his daughter and she now releases that the solicitor Bill Worthington is actually Hal Stanton, her father. The guard lets her go and as she leaves she presses the locket with her mother’s picture into Hal’s hand. At the hotel in Goa, Hal watches Arki Ragan with his latest female victim. But she is part of a police sting, and as Arki is at last caught and led away in handcuffs Kat has a chance to look him in the eye. Hal and Kat walk on the beach, reunited as father and daughter at last.