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Having agreed to do “the leg work” on the case for Carlisle, Hal forces himself to go back to the prison to see Kat and immediately flashes back to an incident from his internment there under the Japanese. She objects to his drinking. He is touched when she explains she had been in London to find her father when she met Arki Ragan. When their visit ends she suddenly remembers there is a photo of Arki, still undeveloped, in her camera. Hal urges her to try and remember more about Arki. Carlisle quizzes Hal about his trip to the prison and visit with Kat. Hal indicates he plans to give up drinking. He visits the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and is able to learn from flight records that Arki did fly to Australia after he left Bangkok. Hal next meets the Charge d’Affaires and learns that Achmet Ragan is actually the name of someone who is dead — Arki has been using a false passport and a false name. All leads are cold.

Bribery and corruption thrive in the prison. Mandy (Joy Smithers), a young drug addict who has befriended Kat, buys them some time outside their cell and takes Kat to meet her mentally disabled younger brother Billy (Noah Taylor) in the men’s section of the prison. Hal and Carlisle visit Kat and break the news to her that Arky was using a false identity and that they have no leads on him. Hal travels to London and tries the police, the airlines and a news agency for leads on Arki/Achmet but with no success. Back in Bangkok, Carlisle learns that the justice officials will not change Kat’s charge from trafficking to possession: the death penalty is certain. Stymied for leads and not knowing what to do next, Hal returns to his old home, meeting his brother James for the first time in years. They reconcile.