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In London Katrina meets James Stanton (Lewis Fiander) who bitterly denounces his brother Hal and refuses to tell her anything of his whereabouts. Discouraged, she decides to fly back to Australia as soon as possible, however at the ticket agent’s she learns all flights are booked for the next several days. A young man offers her his seat on a flight in two days’ time. Arki Ragan (Jerome Ehlers) befriends the shy young woman, telling her he is a freelance photographer based in London. She tells him she is looking for a relative who was once a soldier. He offers to help and together they visit the war records office where she reads about the circumstances of Hal’s 1946 courtmartial. She also learns Hal was born in Bangkok and she believes he may now be living there again. She sees James Stanton again. After some hesitation he confirms that Hal does reside there. Arki offers to accompany her to Bangkok but since all flights there are booked he suggests they fly to India and then on to Thailand from there. Before they leave London he presents her with a gift — a camera and lenses in a metal attache case. On the Goa coast they share a hotel room and become lovers. Unknown to her, Arki places several bags of heroin in the false bottom of the camera case.

They fly to Bangkok. Kat telephones a solicitor, Richard Carlisle (Hugo Weaving), the contact she has been given for getting in touch with her father. Carlisle visits Hal, now a wasted alcoholic, and tells him he has a daughter who wants to meet him. Hal, utterly convinced his life has been a failure, does not want to meet her and instructs Carlisle to tell Kat as much. Arki suggests she fly home to Australia and perhaps Hal will change his mind in time. She accepts this idea and they go to the airport together. Arki manages to avoid having the metal case X-rayed. They obtain boarding passes together but when Kat moves on to the immigration counter Arki obtains a new boarding pass for himself. Meanwhile the camera case is picked out by a drug-sniffing dog. Customs officials take Kat away as Arki boards the plane. Narcotics officers find the heroin in the false bottom of the case.