Executive Producers: Mark Barnard, Virginia Lumsden
Producer: Virginia Lumsden
Writers: Richard Tulloch, Simon Hopkinson, Kris Wyld, Debra Oswald,
Libby Gleeson, David Evans, Moya Sayer-Jones
Directors: Ian Munro, Karin Kreicers, Michael Ailwood

Produced: 1992…

What happens when B1 and B2, two mischievous bananas, get together with their neighbours, the Teddies? Plenty! An engaging series for children aged 1 to 5-years-old which sees the bananas and their friend Rat-in-a-Hat get up to all sorts of high jinx.
Karina KellyNarrator
Ken RadleyB1
Nicholas OpolskiB2
Mary-Ann HenshawAmy
Taylor OwynnsLulu
Jeremy SchrivenerMorgan
Shane McNamaraRat in a Hat

Emma De VriesMaggie & Tolstoy
Sandie Lillington...
Duncan Wass...
Michael JamesB1 (motion, farmyard series)
Benjamin BlaylockB2 (motion, farmyard series)
cast photo

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