Bananas In Pyjamas: episode guide

Half Hour Specials

Wish Fairies

Written by: Richard Tulloch & Simon Hopkinson

The Bananas dress up as "wish fairies." The Teddies can't believe their luck when their wishes come true. Meanwhile, Rat-in-a-hat tries to catch the fairies in his net.

Singing Time

Written by: Simon Hopkinson

Join the Bananas, the Teddies and Rat-in-a-hat on a special "Singing Day" full of music, dance and everybody's favourite songs.

Bumping and a Jumping

When the Bananas In Pyjamas, their friends the Teddies, and Rat-in-a-hat decide to play "pretends" it means an extra special day of music, laughter and imagination. Features 14 original songs from the "Bumping and a-Jumping" CD.

Surprise Party

It's Bananas' birthday time in Cuddle Avenue! B1 is excitedly organising a surprise party for B2 and oh, dear B2 is preparing a surprise party for B1 too! Join us for the craziest birthday party in Cuddles Avenue yet.

Five Minute Episodes

Title (201 listed)Writer(s)
Adventure AmyRichard Tulloch
Amy's CastleSimon Hopkinson
Amy's TromboneSimon Hopkinson
B3Bruce Liebau
Banana CartAndrea Dal Bosco
Banana DayAndrea Dal Bosco
Banana Hiccups--
Banana Holiday --
Banana MagicRichard Tulloch?
Banana NewsRichard Tulloch
Banana PlumbersSimon Hopkinson
Banana RescueDebra Oswald
Banana Shop--
Banana's Birthday MondayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Banana's Birthday TuesdayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Banana's Birthday WednesdayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Banana's Birthday ThursdayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Banana's Birthday FridayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Beauty RatSimon Hopkinson
Bed Time--
Big ParadeSimon Hopkinson
BillycartRichard Tulloch
Birthday SurpriseKris Wyld
Broken TruckSimon Hopkinson
Buried TreasureSimon Hopkinson
Busker BananasRichard Tulloch
ButterfliesRichard Tulloch
Cafe Rat--
Car PolishSimon Hopkinson
Car SaleSimon Hopkinson
Chaising RainbowsSimon Hopkinson
Chasing Tuesdays--
Cinder RatSimon Hopkinson
Circus TimeRichard Tulloch
Crab CatchersRichard Tulloch
Cuckoo ClockRichard Tulloch
Cuddles AvenueSimon Hopkinson
Dancing ShoesKris Wyld
DecoratingBob & Lindsey La Castra
Dinner PartyRichard Tulloch
Dirty RatRichard Tulloch
Do it YourselfSimon Hopkinson
Doctor BananasRichard Tulloch
Fair Game--
Fancy DressSimon Hopkinson
Farmer RatRichard Tulloch
Fire! Fire!Richard Tulloch
Forbidden Fruit--
Gallery RatKris Wyld
Getting RythmRichard Tulloch
Gobbledy GookRichard Tulloch
Golden EggsRichard Tulloch
Goldilocks Bananas--
Green PawsBruce Liebau
Grumpy WumpyRichard Tulloch
Happy HolidayBob & Lindsey La Castra
Help! Help!Richard Tulloch
Hide & SeekSimon Hopkinson
Holiday TimeDebra Oswald
Home DeliverySimon Hopkinson
House GuestsBruce Liebau
Imaginary HolidaySimon Hopkinson
Invisible BananasRichard Tulloch
It's RainingBob & Lindsey La Castra
Jingly JangleyJenny Lewis
Joy FlightRichard Tulloch
Juggling BananasMoya Sayer-Jones
King RatSimon Hopkinson
Knitting BananasDebra Oswald
Lillipop RatMoya Sayer-Jones
Lost RecipeSimon Hopkinson
Lost ShowsBob & Lindsey La Castra
Lost TortoiseSimon Hopkinson
Lost Voice--
Lucky DayRichard Tulloch
LullabyKris Wyld
Lulu's MagicRichard Tulloch
Lulu's TutuSimon Hopkinson
Magic Carpet--
Magic HatSimon Hopkinson
Magic LampSimon Hopkinson
Magic PumpkinLibby Gleeson
Magic SackRichard Tulloch
Mermaid TeardropsMargaret Wild
Mermaid TearsMargaret Wild
Mirror Mirror--
Mixed Up TimeSimon Hopkinson
Model BananasSimon Hopkinson
Monster Bananas--
Moon RocketSimon Hopkinson
Morgan's Cubby--
Morgan's StorySimon Hopkinson
Moving BananasRichard Tulloch
Music BoxRichard Tulloch
Musical StairsRichard Tulloch
New TentDavid Evans
Night FrightBob & Lindsey La Castra
Noisy NightRichard Tulloch
Obstacle RaceRichard Tulloch
Odd JobsRichard Tulloch
Odd SocksBruce Liebau
OopsRichard Tulloch
Painted Bananas--
The ParcelRichard Tulloch
Pyjama PartyRichard Tulloch
Paper ChaseRichard Tulloch
Paw PrintsRichard Tulloch
Picnic ThievesRichard Tulloch
Pink MugRichard Tulloch
Pink SpotsRichard Tulloch
Play TimeRichard Tulloch
Pony RideRichard Tulloch
Pretty MaggieRichard Tulloch
Puppy LoveRichard Tulloch
Purple PencilRichard Tulloch
Quick GrowRichard Tulloch
Rain DanceKris Wyld
Rat CleanSimon Hopkinson
Rat PostSimon Hopkinson
Rat RaceRichard Tulloch
Rat SuitsRichard Tulloch
Rat WashSimon Hopkinson
Rat's HatSimon Hopkinson
Rat's TaleSimon Hopkinson
Rat's ZooRichard Tulloch
Ready, Steady, Go!Richard Tulloch
Rescue PracticeSimon Hopkinson
Ribbon HuntMoya Sayer-Jones
The RobotRichard Tulloch
Salon RatRichard Tulloch
Sand FestivalSimon Hopkinson
Sand PalaceRichard Tulloch
Say CheeseRichard Tulloch
ScarecrowKris Wyld
Sea SurpriseMaragaret Wild
See-SawRichard Tulloch
Seeing DoubleRichard Tulloch
Self ServeRichard Tulloch
Shadow Painting --
Shiny ThingsRichard Tulloch
Ship AhoyRichard Tulloch
Shoe ShineRichard Tulloch
Shop Shut!--
ShowbusinessRichard Tulloch
Silly StrawberryRichard Tulloch
Singing Bananasunknown
Sleeping TeddyRichard Tulloch
Slipper Fairies--
SnifflesRichard Tulloch
Snow StormKris Wyld
Something FishyRichard Tulloch
Space BananasRichard Tulloch
Special DeliveryRichard Tulloch
Special Treasures Richard Tulloch
The SpiderRichard Tulloch
Spring CleanSimon Hopkinson
Springtime PartyLibby Gleeson
StatuesRichard Tulloch
Stone Soup--
The StormRichard Tulloch
Strange SignsRichard Tulloch
Street FixersRichard Tulloch
Strictly Bananas--
StripesDebra Oswald
Sun Hats--
Surf's Up--
Super BananasSimon Hopkinson
Surprise DisguiseRichard Tulloch
Swamp LakeRichard Tulloch
SwitcherooJenny Lewis
Take OneRichard Tulloch
Talking TreesRichard Tulloch
Tall MorganDeborah Oswald
Tall StoryRichard Tulloch
Tangly TrickRichard Tulloch
Taxi RatSimon Hopkinson
Teddy ChaseSimon Hopkinson
Teddy PuppetsRichard Tulloch
Topsy TurvyMargaret Wild
Treasure HuntSimon Hopkinson
Tuesday DisguiseSimon Hopkinson
Twinkle TwinkleRichard Tulloch
Vanishing VegetablesMoya Sayer-Jones
Video ClipRichard Tulloch
Walkie TalkiesMoya Sayer-Jones
Wash Day--
Washing LineDavid Evans
Weather RatRichard Tulloch
Wet PaintRichard Tulloch
Whale SnailSimon Hopkinson
Wibbly Wobbly--
Wishing Pool--
Work ShedRichard Tulloch
Wrong SideSimon Hopkinson
Yee Hah!Richard Tulloch