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Diversification of Capital

Episode 4
Wed, September 26, 2018
Written by Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope and Gary McCaffrie
Directed by Robyn Butler

The Ammo belt success is short lived thanks to a Facebook video of the Cambodian manufacturer going viral. Don deals with the fallout whilst also attending mediation for the Yaytionery's pineapple rubbers class action.

After a Facebook video of the Cambodian sweatshop where the 'Ammo' is manufactured goes viral, the success of the belt is short-lived. Don deals with the fallout at the same time as he attends mediation for the Yaytionery pineapple rubbers class action. Ray is also forced to fend off a complaint about Don's Dirty Dog Wash and Sam manages Coco's meltdown after her brand is tarnished by the Ammo. While Leslie and Cody find comfort in each other, Don attempts to find comfort in Bridget.


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