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All Over Range Rover

Episode 1
Wed, September 05, 2018 (ABC)
???,000 viewers (23rd)
Written by Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope and Gary McCaffrie
Directed by Robyn Butler

Don's desperate to arrive at the Small Business Awards in a new prestige car. Following a financial setback Don works to quickly increase sales. Ray could solve the crisis by selling a franchise but only on one condition.

Don Angel is an aspirational small businessman who helms his suburban empire, the World Wide Business Group, with equal parts zeal and tax evasion. WWBG is a portfolio of frequently audited companies propped up by its flagship arm, Don's Dirty Dog Wash, sold by Don's business partner, Ray Leonard.

Success has afforded a large staff, and his five other companies are managed by the best that government subsidies and 457 visas can buy. Don is surrounded by ethnically diverse, culturally challenging and gender fluid employees. Embracing globalisation, several of the group's businesses proudly boast budget manufacturing in Asian countries. To market, Don turns to star employee, daughter Sam, a Kardashian-coated-chip-off-the-old-block who runs celebrity fuelled social media agency, InfluenZer.

Don knows 'the best things in life are free' is bullshit and the only thing that makes you happy is money. However in his incessant pursuit of cash Don is plagued by the consequences of both his business practices and his stunted emotional life. When Don feels unexpected affection for his business park family, he confusedly discovers that other humans might be what he needs to be happy.


  • Wayne Hope as Don Angel
  • Kim Gyngell as Ray Leonard
  • Aaron Chen as Ken Park
  • Molly Daniels as Sam Angel
  • Rick Donald as Cody Branson
  • Roman Hadley-Lund as Leslie Leonard
  • Liv Hewson as Ashley Piper
  • Roy Joseph as Vijay Kapoor
  • Elle Mandalis as Olivia Micheledes
  • Robyn Nevin as Celeste Di Nonno
  • Rachel Gordon as Bridget Kovacec
  • Adam-Jon Fiorentino as Todd
  • Russell Frost as Truck Driver
  • Danielle Horvat as Lilliana
  • Fiona MacLeod as Leanne
  • Nicolette Minster as Carla
  • Khan Oxenham as Jordie
  • James Saunders as Gavin
  • David Serafin as Darren
  • Slavko Zwirn as Parking Inspector