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Bad Influence

Episode 3
Wed, September 19, 2018
Written by Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope and Gary McCaffrie
Directed by Robyn Butler

Sam brings in Coco for a photo shoot with the ‘Ammo’, which has gone viral on Instagram. Don’s son asks for money to record an album and Ray avoids his ex as she tries to stop him financially assisting Leslie's transition.

Sam brings in Coco for a photo shoot with the 'Ammo', which, after being posted on Instagram, goes viral; the fashion belt sells like hot cakes.

When Don's son, Alex, wants money to record an album, Don is not interested. But while celebrating his 'Ammo' success with Bridget, Alex returns with what he says is proof from the tax office that Don owes him money.

Ray avoids his ex-wife and Leslie's mother, Yvonne, as she hunts Ray down to make him stop financially assisting Leslie's transition.


  • Wayne Hope as Don Angel
  • Kim Gyngell as Ray Leonard
  • Aaron Chen as Ken Park
  • Molly Daniels as Sam Angel
  • Rick Donald as Cody Branson
  • Roman Hadley-Lund as Leslie Leonard
  • Liv Hewson as Ashley Piper
  • Roy Joseph as Vijay Kapoor
  • Elle Mandalis as Olivia Micheledes
  • Robyn Nevin as Celeste Di Nonno
  • Marg Downey as Yvonne Giradoux
  • Rachel Gordon as Bridget Kovacec
  • Jane Harber as Coco
  • Ari McCarthy as Alex Angel
  • Laura Buskes as Morning TV Announcer (v/o)
  • David Serafin as Darren
  • Damien Vennell as Man With Dirty Dog