Australian Writers' Guild Awards

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The 40th annual AWGIE Awards will be held August 31, 2007 in Sydney

Major Award

  • Clubland by Keith Thompson

Kit Denton Fellowship

  • Ian David

Richard Wherrett Award

  • Hoods by Angela Betzien

Monte Miller Award

(for unproduced script over 30 minutes by Associate member)
  • The Man Who Saved Australia by Jack Brislee
  • Little Things by Nathan Fielding

Monte Miller Award

(for unproduced script under 30 minutes by Associate member)
  • Baggin' by Dean Friske
  • Near Syncope by Andrew Slattery
  • Ballet School by Samantha Strauss
  • Yeye & Yaya by May Yeung

Children's Television (P Classification)

  • Alien Friends, Rock It (Episode 24) by Robert Greenberg
  • Undone, New McDonald's Farm (Episode 3004, Series 3) by Clare Madsen
  • To Catch a Thief, New McDonald's Farm (Episode 3051, Series 3) by Michael Miller
  • Taste, Raggs (Episode 51, Series 3) by Gina Roncoli

Children's Television (C Classification)

  • Lost in the Desert (Episode 7) by Danielle MacLean
  • The Beagle Has Landed, Dogstar (Episode 9) by Doug Macleod
  • Angels and Monsters, Lockie Leonard (Episode 22) by Michael Miller
  • The First Test, Double Trouble (Episode 2) by David Ogilvy
  • Rome Wasn't Built in A Day, Mortified (Episode 24) by Steve Wright

Children's Theatre

  • Kese Solwata, Catch Saltwater by Therese Collie with Getano Bann, Fiona Elisala, Jeanette Fabila, Ruth Ghee and Tim Mullooly

Theatre for Young Audiences

  • Hoods by Angela Betzien
  • idotluvdotu by Sally McKenzie
  • Beautiful Words by Sean Riley
  • Trains of Thought by Shirley Van Sanden

Community & Youth Theatre

  • Maralinga by Paul Brown
  • Embers by Campion Decent
  • Smashed by Nathan Luff

Music Theatre

  • Electric Lenin by Janis Balodis
  • Tough Girls by Melissa Reeves


  • Constance Drinkwater & the Final Days of Somerset by Stephen Carleton
  • Construction of the Human Heart by Ross Mueller
  • Holding the Man by Tommy Murphy Requiem for the Twentieth Century by Tee O'Neill

Interactive Media

  • Electric Lenin by Janis Balodis

Documentary (Public Broadcast)

  • Good Neighbours (900 Neighbours) by Vanessa Bates
  • Constructing Australia: The Bridge by Simon Nasht
  • Fabric of a Dream by Dennis K Smith

Documentary (Corporate & Training)

  • Looking Within, Looking Beyond by Peter Campbell
  • Shifting Old North Sydney: Local Stories by Sue Castrique

Short Film

  • Button by Claire Tonkin
  • Edgar & Elizabeth by Renée Webster

Comedy (Situation or Narrative)

  • Integrity, Stupid, Stupid Man (Episode 3) by Mark C Burnett and Tim Pye
  • The Cobra, Stupid, Stupid Man (Episode 7) by Tim Pye

Television (Original)

  • Call Back, Two Twisted by Matthew Macknamara

Television (Serial)

  • Cop Ya, Neighbours (Episode 5175) by David Hannam
  • Home and Away (Episode 4227) by Fiona Kelly
  • Home and Away (Episode 4212) by Sam Meikle

Television (Series)

  • I'm The King of The Castle, Love My Way (Episode 1, Series 3) by Brendan Cowell
  • Family Matters, All Saints (Episode 376) by Louise Crane-Bowes
  • Cold Blooded Creatures, Love My Way (Episode 2, Series 3) by Tony McNamara
  • Dangerous (Episode 3) by Fiona Seres

Telemovie (Original)

  • Blackjack: At The Gates, Katherine Thomson

Television Mini-series (Original)

  • The Circuit by Kelly Lefever and Mitch Torres with Beck Cole, Jane Harrison, Kootji Raymond and Dot West
  • Bastard Boys by Sue Smith

Feature Film (Adaptation)

  • Unfinished Sky by Peter Duncan
  • December Boys by Marc Rosenberg

Feature Film (Original)

  • The Home Song Stories by Tony Ayres
  • Rogue by Greg McLean
  • Noise by Matthew Saville
  • Clubland by Keith