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The Call to Action

Episode 21
UK: Mon, March 17, 2008
Can: Thu, March 20, 2008
Aus: Fri, June 27, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver

Livingstone calls a meeting of all the citizens of Animalian to reveal that the Creeper is back. He journeys into the tunnels with Alex and Zoe to find the Creeper and the missing Superspore but the Creeper uses the Wind of No Return to foil the heroes' attempts. Iggy and G'Bubu's search for the Corespore of Cooperation.

The World According to Iggy

Episode 22
UK: Tue, March 18, 2008
Aus: Fri, July 04, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver

Iggy is asked to babysit Echo while her parents, Erno and Elni, handle a portal-guarding shift. To entertain the baby elephant, Iggy tells her tales of Animalia in which Iggy is cast as the hero. But the Creeper sweeps Elni and Erno into the tunnels in order to kidnap Echo, whom the Creeper believes stands in the way of him controlling Animalia.

Nothing But The Truth

Episode 23
UK: Wed, March 19, 2008
Aus: Fri, July 11, 2008
Story by Tom Ruegger
Written by John P. McCann

Tyrannicus plants a story that Livingstone is to retire. Livingstone refutes the rumour, but many Animalians believe Tyrannicus. When the Truth Corespore blasts off, Animalia can only speak in lies, so the kids must find the Truth Corespore before Tyrannicus tricks Livingstone into quitting.

The Dream-Weavers

Episode 24
UK: Thu, March 20, 2008
Aus: Fri, July 18, 2008
Written by Tom Ruegger

When nightmares plague Animalians, Alex and Zoe go to the Land of Over and Beyond, where they must find the Dream-Weaver and rescue Animalia from its dream troubles.

Getting Over The Glums

Episode 25
UK: Fri, March 21, 2008
Aus: Fri, July 25, 2008
Written by John P. McCann and Tom Ruegger

Livingstone and Reenie are struck by the 'glums', a rare Animalian version of the blues. There is only one cure for the syndrome: a good, long laugh. But those affected with the glums don't find anything the least bit funny, so Alex, Zoe, G'Bubu and Iggy must criss-cross the kingdom in search of the funniest joke in Animalia.

Tunnel King

Episode 26
UK: Mon, March 24, 2008
Aus: Fri, August 01, 2008
Written by John P. McCann

The Creeper is accused of stealing from the Animalians, but without any hard evidence, Livingstone refuses to blame it. Encouraged by Tyrannicus, the enraged Animalians rush into the tunnels. It's a trap, however, and they become stuck. Meanwhile, the Creeper tries to sabotage the Core but is thwarted by Allegra, the only Animalian not in the tunnels.

The Day Zoe Listened

Episode 27
UK: Tue, March 25, 2008
Aus: Fri, August 08, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver

Alex bets Zoe that she can't resist talking for a full day. It's a vow of silence. So Zoe spends the day listening to the amazing and magical world of Animalia, and makes new friends and huge discoveries. Animalia faces a water shortage just as Tyrannicus begins selling bottled water — taken from a well in an enchanted forrest.

Alex's Treasure Island

Episode 28
UK: Wed, March 26, 2008
Aus: Fri, August 15, 2008
Written by John P. McCann, Tom Ruegger & Bruce Johnson

Alex and the gang put on a production of Treasure Island, but a corespore blows mid-performance, sending Animalia into a treasure hunt frenzy. Alex and Zoe journey to Over and Beyond to find the missing corespore.

Taking a Guilt Trip

Episode 29
UK: Thu, March 27, 2008
Aus: Fri, August 22, 2008
Written by John Loy
Story by John Loy & Sherri Stoner

Ever since Alex helped the Creeper escape from the tunnels, he has been wracked with guilt. Now, he has the naive and unrealistic hope that he can convince the Creeper to turn over a new leaf. Tyrannicus advertises for a replacement when Fushia finally quits her job as his assistant. When no one applies, Zoe suggests he start by apologising to everyone he's been mean too in the past.

The Animal Within

Episode 30
UK: Fri, March 28, 2008
Aus: Fri, August 29, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver & Sherri Stoner

When Alex and Zoe share a meal with the Horrible Hogs at the Elephants' Eatery they're appalled by the Hogs' awful table manners, crudeness, and limited social skills. The Hoity-Toity toucan overhears, and puts a spell on Alex and Zoe, making them Neanderthal versions of themselves. Iggy organises a party to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Animalian Bill of Rights.