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Over and Beyond

Zoe and the dragon

Episode 11
UK: Mon, Dec 03, 2007
Can: Thu, Dec 17, 2007
Aus: April 18, 2008
Written by Sherri Stoner

Zoe travels to the land of Over and Beyond, a realm populated by fictional characters, to rescue Zee and Zed who have been captured by a fire breathing dragon named Dagmont. To rescue the zebras, Zoe must stay behind and entertain the dragon with her stories, like a latter day Sheherazade.

Being Peter Applebottom

G'Bubu as Peter Applebottom and Livingston

Episode 12
UK: Tue, Dec 04, 2007
Can: Thu, Dec 18, 2007
Aus: April 25, 2008
Story by Deanna Oliver & Tom Ruegger
Written by Tom Ruegger & Nicholas Hollander

When G'Bubu is hit on the head by a bongo nut, he assumes the personality of Peter Applebottom, a brilliant but pompous scientist who claims to know how to permanently fix the Core. Now if only he could fix his own personality.

Animalia's Talent-O-Topia


Episode 13
UK: Wed, Dec 05, 2007
Can: Thu, Dec 19, 2007
Aus: May 02, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver

When Allegra shows her vulnerability to Zoe and admits that she can't read, Zoe helps the gator write a song for her big solo in Animalia's talent contest. Iggy and G'Bubu also perform in the music competition.

Brain Drain


Episode 14
UK: Thu, Dec 06, 2007
Can: Mon, February 12, 20082007
Aus: May 09, 2008
Written by John P McCann

Livingstone is feeling overworked and under-appreciated. But he gets to take the day off when a Corespore blast results in Livingstone and Allegra exchanging intellects: Allegra becomes a bona fide genius, and Livingstone turns into a happy-go-lucky twit. But while their brain power may be flopped, their personalities remain true to their natures: Allegra is all about Allegra, while Livingstone ultimately puts aside his own worries and fears to save the day and help Animalia.

Save Our Swamp

Episode 15
UK: Fri, Dec 07, 2007
Can: Thu, Dec 31, 2007
Aus: May 16, 2008
Written by John P McCann

Zoe and Tyrannicus, for very different reasons, join forces to shut down and drain the swamp. They are opposed by Alex and Allegra, who want to save the swamp. When Alex is struck with a swamp fever that can only be cured by a flower found deep in the swamp, Zoe puts aside her aversion to the bog and teams up with Allegra to track down the elusive plant.

Tunnel Vision

Episode 16
UK: Mon, Dec 10, 2007
Can: Thu, Jan 17, 2008
Aus: Fri, May 23, 2008
Written by Sherri Stoner

Alex explores Animalia's tunnel system where he becomes trapped, along with an Animalian he has never met before, a weasel named TC. Iggy's new job has him reporting on all the latest gossip.

Iggy's Quest

Episode 17
UK: Tue, Dec 11, 2007
Can: Wed, Jan 09, 2008
Aus: Fri, May 30, 2008
Written by Deanna Oliver

On a visit to his grandfather's home, Iggy must come to terms with the fact that he is not a full-blooded iguana, but rather, is part chameleon. With the help of his grandfather Carmine, Iggy gets in touch with his 'inner chameleon' and overcomes his fear of a recurring nightmare. Alex and Livingstone search for the Core spore of Nature to reunite the restless Nature Spirits with Mother Nature.

What's The Good Word?

Episode 18
UK: Wed, Dec 12, 2007
Can: Mon, Jan 14, 2008
Aus: Fri, June 06, 2008
Written by Tom Ruegger and Deanna Oliver

Tyrannicus starts his own nation of Tyrannia and teams up with The Creeper to declare war on Animalia, with the goal of driving Alex and Zoe out of the kingdom. Livingstone hopes that the recovery of the Corespore of Peace will reunite Animalia.

Alex's Secret Code

Episode 19
UK: Thu, Dec 13, 2007
Can: Tue, Jan 15, 2008
Aus: Fri, June 13, 2008
Written by Nicholas Hollander and Tom Ruegger
Story by Bruce Johnson

Intent on taking over Animalia, The Creeper sabotages the Core by destroying a main root which causes the animals to revert to their original languages. Alex and Zoe must find the Origin Spore that allows the animals to communicate. Zoe stops talking to Alex when he won't reveal the secret behind his new magic trick.

Whistling in the Dark

Episode 20
UK: Fri, Dec 14, 2007
Can: Wed, Jan 16, 2008
Aus: Fri, June 20, 2008
Written by Tom Ruegger and Deanna Oliver

When the core is sabotaged, the search for the missing core spores leads Alex and Zoe to the Chamber of Legends, a dusty room filled with Animalian relics. Afterwards, Alex reveals that he helped a weasel escape from the tunnels, and only now does Alex learn that the weasel is none other than the notorious Creeper.