Produced by Seven Network and Crawford Productions

Created by: Nick Giannopolis, George Kapiniaris, Simon Palomares
Executive Producers: Ian Bradley, Gary Fenton
Producers: Stanley Walsh, Peter Herbert, Oscar Whitbread
Directors: Ted Emery, Pino Amenta, Peter Andrikidis, Kendal Flanadan
Original music, "It's A Sweet Life" written and performed by George Kapiniaris

Aired: 1989–1992 (63 x 30 min)

When Kostas Stephanidis came to this country 23 years ago with 20 pounds in his pocket, one suitcase and his fathers pants, he opened a small Greek café, Acropolis, where old men played cards and drank coffee. Now he has decided to retreat to an idyllic lifestyle in the Greek islands, leaving his one and only son, Jim, to uphold the café and family tradition. After careful thought however, rather than entrust his beloved Acropolis café to his only son, Jim, Kostas insists on putting someone more sensible in charge. Jim's pal, Ricky, he has brains - he's been a College Student! Amid cultures clashing - and crockery smashing - Jim and Ricky generate riches all right. But strictly in the form of laughs. The key writers of "Acropolis Now" are also in the cast. Nick Giannopolis, George Kapiniaris and Simon Palomares. The unique trio who were responsible for having staged Australia's longest running stage comedy, "Wogs Out Of Work".
Nick Giannopoulos Jim Stephanidis
George KapiniarisAgememnon "Memo" Hatzidimitropoulos
Simon PalomaresRicky Martinez (series 1-2)
Tracey CallanderElizabeth "Liz" Wilson (series 1-3)
Simon ThorpeGavin "Skip" Farrell
Mary CoustasEffie Stephanides
Nick CarrafaAlfredo (series 3-4)
Nicki WendtSuzanna Martin (series 4-5)
Georgie ParkerDespina Hatzipapadopoulos (series 5)
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