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Old Bar..... New Bar

Jim, Kostas and Ricky

Episode 1.01
Aired: 1989
Directed by Ted Emery

Twenty three years ago, old Kostas Stephanidis came to this country with 20 pounds in his pocket, one suitcase and his fathers pants. People called him 'wog', but he showed them. He made his beautiful cafeneo, the Acropolis—a little bit of Greece in a country full of 'skips'. Now Kostas has decided to go back to Greece for an extended holiday after 23 years in Australia. He leaves his son Jim in charge of his beloved "Acropolis". Once his father is out of the way Jim sets about yuppifying the cafe. You should see the Acropolis Now

Special Guest: Warren Mitchell as Kostas Stephanidis

The Proxy Blues

Jim and Stella

Episode 1.02
Directed by Ted Emery

Memo is still convinced that women don't make good waiters, nor can he get out of his habit of being rude to the customers; Manolis, the old chef, promises to kill Skip, the new chef; Jim's spending money like an Onassis; and Ricky just can't understand how the profits seem to disappear… and things promise to get a lot better when Jims mum calls from Greece. She's arranged for Jim's proxy to come to Australia.

Special Guest: Zoe Carides as Stella Hatzidimitropoulos

The Martinez Inquiry

Jim and Ricky

Episode 1.03
Directed by Ted Emery

Ricky's finding out what it's like to be financial manager of the Acropolis Now. Jim's "PR" is sending them broke. It seems everyone is getting free meals, free coffees, free anything at all!

With (uncredited): Gary Adams as Sgt Bonner, Alexis Anthopoulos as Mr Stemanopoulis

The Trouble with Mothers


Episode 1.04
Directed by Ted Emery

It's the day of the prestigiuos Waiters' Race, the one day of the year Memo has been looking forward to. In the past he's come third, second, BUT never first, always losing out to Alexander the Great, the feared Macedonian waiter. But this year's going to be different. This year Memo is going to win!

Special Guests: Marijke Mann as Joan Wilson, Mary Coustas as Effie, Irini Pappas as Mrs Stephanidis

It's Academic

Ricky and Sarah

Episode 1.05
Directed by Ted Emery

Ricky is quiet and shy and seemingly disinterested where women are concerned. Everyone notices that. Liz thinks it's a pleasent change in a man, whereas Jim's constantly trying to organise dates. It comes as a surprise then, when the staff at the Acropolis Now discover that Ricky has a past.

Special Guest: Nicki Paull as Sarah Burns

It's Not Unusual

Memo and Con Jones

Episode 1.06
Directed by Ted Emery

Once upon a time in the hey-day of Cafeneo Acropolis there were two singing waiters. One of them wanted to be the next "King", Elvis Hatzidmitropoulos. But on a fateful night he was struck down with fassolatha (baked bean) poisoning—and it was no accident—and the other half of the duo performed solo, only to be discovered, taken to Greece, and made famous. Now he's back in town and booked to perform at the Acropolis Now

Special Guest: Joe Spano as Con Jones

Key to Her Heart

Fabian, Jim

Episode 1.07
Directed by Pino Amenta

Because of a spate of break-ins in the area, the security conscious Ricky fits out the Acropolis Now with a complete set of deadlocks. The taverna is safer than the mint. No one can break in, nor, as it turns out, can they break out as Jim and Liz are quick to discover.

Easter Greek Style

Effie, Liz and Sophie

Episode 1.08
Directed by Pino Amenta

Easter is approaching and preparations Greek style are going ahead at the Acropolis Now. Red Easter eggs and Fasting top the bill. That means no meat, no cheese, no eggs or alcohol, these are all the good things a good Greek must do.

Special Guests: Mary Coustas as Effie, Sheryl Munks as Sophie, David Burnett as Customer

Three Skips and a Joey

Gavin and Margo

Episode 1.09
Directed by Pino Amenta

When Margo, a young pregnant woman turns up at the Acropolis Now, there are a tense few moments for Jim—is he the father of the child? He isn't, of course. But the big surprise is that the man Margo is looking for is none other than Gavin Farrell—SKIP!

Special Guests: Sally Cooper as Margo, Jeremy Stanford as Andy Farrell


Buck's night essentials

Episode 1.10
Directed by Pino Amenta

Jim learns he's supposed to be the best man for his cousin Bill's wedding, and being the best man means organising the traditional Buck's turn with all the traditional Buck's turn trimmings. Only problem is, Jim's never been to one, let alone organised one. And to make matters worse, liz decides that what's good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander - or in his case hen - and in competition with Jim, organises a hen night.

Special Guests: Mary Coustas as Effie, Sheryl Munks as Sophie, Giordano Gangl as Bill, Eugenia Fragos as Gina

Writer's Block

Liz and Epsilon

Episode 1.11
Directed by Pino Amenta

Epsilon is a famed Greek poet and when he walks into the café one day, Liz falls hopelessly in love with him. Things go smoothly until Jim reveals that he knows Epsilon as an old school buddy—Themmy Parkyakarkus. But even this information cannot dissuade Liz from believing Epsilon is the perfect man. Both Ricky and Jim look on in (jealous) horror as Liz laps up every word of the celebrated wordsmith. Memo shows his book to Epsilon in hopes of being published, an autobiography entitled "All By Myself". Jim tries his hand as an artist.

Special Guests: Mary Coustas as Effie, Sheryl Munks as Sophie, Mark Pennell as Epsilon