2121: episode guide

3 Minutes, 12 Seconds

Episode 1
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Briar Rose

Mia is a Border Control Officer sitting her annual citizenship test, a test where she’s required to explain all of her actions and behaviours throughout the year. She looks poised and in control — but Mia is hiding a secret that will see her expelled to the Outlands if it’s uncovered.

That’s because Mia is a member of Defiance, a rebel group determined to bring down the system and create a new world. To make matters worse, Mia’s testing officer is Jackson, her fanatical ex-lover, whose sole mission is to break her and find out what she’s hiding. They face off in a tense battle of wits, overseen by the all-knowing AI Counsel, which will ultimately decide Mia’s fate — and the fate of the city.

Cast: Briar Rose as Mia, Adam Rowland as Jackson, Maria Tevelis as Security, Lilia Reis as Security

Glass Half Full

Episode 2
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Thomas Petrakos

Silas, a high-ranking Counsel officer, lives a double life — dutiful officer and loving husband by day, and overwhelmed drug addict by night. Silas is forced to see drug dealer Rick to keep his habit fed and his secret a secret. Normally, Rick is pleasant enough, even giving Silas drugs on credit. But not this time. This time, Rick wants a favour. And in this world, a favour is the sort of thing that can easily destroy your life…

Cast: Jeffery Richards as Silas, Liam Howarth as Rick, Michaela Celeste as Cassie, Maree Barnett as Elaine

Patsy’s Decline

Episode 3
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Jenna Cosgrove

Patsy is a dutiful Counsel officer who has spent three months completely alone at an isolated outpost, guarding a vital piece of Counsel tech. When officer Ray shows up for a final inspection that will allow Patsy to return to the city, something seems a little off. More than a little off — Ray pushes and pulls at Patsy, looking for her weak spots. Trying to break her. But will she succeed — and what does Ray really want?

Cast: Daisy Masterman as Patsy, Jeni Bezuidenhout as Ray

We Are Defiance

Episode 4
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Briar Rose

Karen is the leader of rebel group Defiance, who have been putting their plan to take down Counsel into action. But their plan is starting to fall apart, and Karen is much, much less than pleased about it. She smells a rat — and there’s only one way to deal with a rat… isn’t there?

Cast: Sandy Morrison as Karen, Liam Howarth as Rick, Michaela Celeste as Cassie, Jonathan Weir as Andrew, Malith Jay as Finnegan, Chloe Towan as Beth

Welcome To Counsel

Episode 5
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Jenna Cosgrove

Geoff Maxwell is one of the highest ranking Counsel officers in the land — which makes sense, given that he’s the son of Meredith Maxwell, the creator of Counsel. Geoff has every privilege, every luxury known to man. And yet, he’s unhappy. Why? Probably because he’s started to think too deeply about what Counsel really is. And he’s starting to remember something from the day Counsel was switched on — something that could change the world…

Cast: Gary Sweet as Geoff Maxwell, Abigail King as Meredith

The Day of Reckoning (Part 1)

Episode 6
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Jenna Cosgrove

Defiance have spent weeks laying the ground work for their plan — now, it’s time to see it through to the brutal, bloody end.

Cast: Sandy Morrison as Karen, Liam Howarth as Rick, Michaela Celeste as Cassie, Briar Rose as Mia, Jeni Bezuidenhout as Ray, Jonathan Weir as Andrew

The Day of Reckoning (Part 2)

Episode 7
Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Director: Jenna Cosgrove

The aftermath of Defiance’s plan, and the end of the story (for now…)

Cast: Mitchell Brotz as Samuel, Kadey Mcintosh as Brianna, Daisy Masterman as Patsy, Benji Groenewegen as Percy, Malith Jay as Finnegan